Longhairs Strike Mission to Austin

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And Your Questions Answered

Yo Longhairs!

At the time of this post, your boys El Moreno and El Rubio are en route to a classified, strategic, tactical drop zone strike mission to the Lone Star State, and it’s capital city of Austin.

First, hats off to all you longhairs in Texas who have been tuning in, making it the #2 longhair state in the union in terms of website visitors and Hair Ties For Guys shipments. We see ya boys!

During our 1301 mile drive from San Diego we took some time for this week’s post, where we bring you into the Subaru, talking ‘cross country driving, the great state of Texas, and taking long hair questions from our Instagram and YouTube channels.

Questions you’ll hear us answer:

  • I’m growing it out. Should I trim the sides?
  • What shampoo and conditioner should I use?
  • How do I deal with the curly-hair frizz?
  • Why is my hair thinning?
  • How do I deal with kids picking on me as a young lad with long hair?

Plus we’ll kick it off with a colorful recap of the first mishap that occurred on our trip at a certain US Border Patrol inspection station.

Don’t miss this one boys. And don’t mess with Texas.