Let It Ride Episode 50: Lead From The Front With Marcus Filly

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Honesty. Commitment. Persistence.

Marcus Filly embodies most every institution The Longhairs stands for. His commitment to a concrete set of core values and approach to experiencing life have proven bold and rewarding.


With a continuous pursuit of fitness as way of life and 20+ years of dedicated training under his belt, he’s in as good of shape as anyone and absolutely jacked.


With every opportunity and a clear lane to becoming a doctor, he quit medical school after completing his first year to pursue a more fulfilling existence.


He’s built a successful business in an industry saturated with competition where it’s uniquely challenging to differentiate a brand.

Spiritual Awakening

Through discipline and humility he’s forged a path for himself that’s made room for tremendous spiritual growth and guidance from places he never thought imaginable.


His story and his success are evidence of what a man can achieve when he resolves to follow his own course with courage and commitment.

Lead From The Front

There are a lot worse people you could look up to than Marcus Filly, and he joined us on Let It Ride. Listen to Marcus Filly on The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 50.

Connect With Marcus Filly

Marcus is a strength and fitness coach, 6X CrossFit Games competitor, husband and father who is actively choosing to live out his essence and pursue his dream through sharing, leading, discipline, vulnerability and perseverance. Get to know him better, access his Awaken Training Series and learn about his remote and onsite coaching programs at Revival Strength, or connect with him on IG @marcusfilly
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