Let it Ride Episode 36: A Fireside Reading of “How a Traveler Became a Longhair”

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Before El Rubio was El Rubio

He was a guy with short hair. Very short. And spiky.

The classic, buttoned up, high-and-tight, clean-shaven, all-American businessman led a comfortable life with a good corporate job and neatly-blended fade long before he was blessed with the flow.

But he left that all behind in 2012, departing the United States for what would be a transformative journey around the world, spanning 11 months, touching down in 28 countries and landing him squarely on this side of the awkward stage.


This epic journey was chronicled by The Longhairs in their 2015 blog post, “How A Traveler Became A Longhair,” featuring a video montage and metaphorical narrative of the story behind his fateful adventure. Here on The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 36, El Rubio narrates a fireside reading of this post.

There never would have been The Longhairs without long hair. And there wouldn’t have been long hair without the trip around the world. Listen to El Rubio on The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 36: A Fireside Reading of “How a Traveler Became a Longhair.”


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Your Boy

El Rubio is co-founder of The Longhairs. He's a traveler, a writer and an athlete. Get to know him better and read about his trip around the world at followchris.me

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  1. What an epic journey, thanks for sharing. As the clips progress you can see something changing in you, not just your hair.

    I also started growing my hair out when I left my corporate law job to be a freelancer, I’m now past shoulder length and get told I look like Jesus all the time, much better than looking like a lawyer…

    Planning my own solo round-the-world trip at the moment, but I’m not going to return to England to live, going to find somewhere simple and beautiful and set up shop there. Freedom is the one of the most underrated life-paths, people are just too busy competing over meaningless status-symbols to realize.

    1. Author

      Yo Aaron! Thanks for writing in mate, appreciate your comment. Awesome to hear about your path and upcoming journey. Send your mane updates through our social media for #maneupdatemonday and keep us posted on your travels!

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