Longhairs of the WWE

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The Pre-Show

World Wrestling Entertainment’s 31st annual SummerSlam is around the corner, so it’s time to tap in your tag-team partner and recognize some of the finest longhairs of the WWE.

These are the men who have left their mark on wrestling and rocked their majestic manes from the turnbuckle to the top rope. Here we count down the all time top longhairs of the WWE, sooooooooo LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLE!



Ric Flair “The Nature Boy”

A 16-time world wrestling champion, The Nature Boy is synonymous with big money trash talk, the knife-edge chop and mid-length ultra-platinum flow, WOOOOOOOOOO!


“Macho Man” Randy Savage

OHHH YEAAAAAHHHH, the cream rises to the top and the mop on this shock top will never stop! With attitude and pop, the Macho Man was made for this list.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart

The Montreal Screwjob may have been one of WWE’s most controversial events; but there is nothing controversial about the Hitman’s signature flow, blades and the sharp shooter.


The Undertaker

One of the most respected and loyal wrestlers to grace WWE’s mat, this longhair has proven time and again he is worthy of inclusion on any wrestling list. If you don’t remember his hair whip, tongue flip pin, you aren’t remembering wrestling history.

The Ultimate Warrior

The only wrestler to simultaneously hold the WWF World Heavyweight Championship and the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship, The Ultimate Warrior, his bursting bicep cords and mid-length mane were participants to some of the most iconic battles in world wrestling history.


Hulk Hogan “Hulkamania”

At one time the most recognized wrestling star worldwide and regarded by many as the greatest professional wrestler of all time, The Original Hulkamania was known for ripping his shirt to ribbons, a thunderous leg drop and a golden halo of hair, which sadly left him much too soon.


Mick Foley

Whether wrestling as Dude Love, Cactus Jack or Mankind, the “Three Faces of Foley” all included an epic flow of dark curls.


Roman Reigns

One of the most popular wrestlers on the active WWE roster and a cousin of the Rock, Roman Reigns would have to miss a Superman Punch not to land on this list.



The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

Undoubtedly one of the most entertaining tag-teams in recent memory, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have both the skills on the mic and the talent of the mane.


Uso Brothers (Jimmy and Jey Uso)

Debuting as not only the Rock’s cousins (because who isn’t he related to), twin brothers Jimmy and Jey are a formidable duo working their way into tag-team history with their ruthless attitudes and heads of lettuce.

Edge and Christian

They may have since lost their locks, but in their heyday it would have been hard to find a finer pair of streaming blonde manes in wrestling or anywhere else in the world.

The Hardy Boyz (Jeff and Matt Hardy)

Two bros with flow, The Hardys have not only remained a tag-team over the years but have stuck with the long hair through the long game. True longhair wrestling veterans.


DX (Triple H and HBK)

This iconic long haired tag-team duo changed the WWE starting in 1997 by helping usher in the Attitude Era. The Heart-Break Kid and Triple H each had amazing manes in their own right, but together they formed an unstoppable dual hair threat.

The Three Count

When the bell rings and the shoulders are down, these are the longhairs I want at my turnbuckle. All of them have changed wrestling or on the road to make their mark on the WWE mat.

What wrestlers do you think should have beaten the three count and been on this list?

Comment with your favorite longhairs of the WWE!

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