Let it Ride Episode 37: A Fireside Reading of “Cutting off 4 Inches”

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Just How Did El Moreno End Up Here?

Many of you have wondered how long El Moreno has been growing his hair. Truth is, at the time of this publication it’s been over six and a half years. But rather than reach for terminal length, he’s opted to live in a consistent mid-long range for the past several years.

What compelled him to stick with his current length? When did he make the call? How did he come to grips with saying goodbye?

Listen to The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 37, where El Moreno reluctantly but dutifully cuts his hair, and reflects on parting ways with his last four inches.


This blog post was originally published in 2015. With The Great Cut just around the corner, you might hold off on any major trims until then.

Your Boy

El Moreno is co-founder of The Longhairs and creative director for all things design, development, photography, video, audio and technology. He’s a family man, an athlete and a lifetime contributing member at the Bank of Iron.

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El Moreno
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Have you had a significant trim? Were you glad you did? Have you treated your hair differently since then?