Starting Your Streak

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In the beginning we made a commitment to post a blog every week. It’s been one hell of a streak, and it’s changed our lives.

In this podcast we talk about streaking, and not the running naked kind. Here we highlight a few of our own personal streaks, what they mean to us, and why you should consider starting your streak.

Featured in this podcast are El Moreno, El Rubio, El Gustavo & El Chuckarino.

What You’ll Hear:
  • Our current personal streaks
  • Addressing some of the negative comments we’ve gotten
  • Answering some of your hard hitting questions
  • Our relationship with Children With Hair Loss
  • El Chuckarino on neighborhood watch
  • More on The Great Cut
  • Wearing short shorts


  1. I was thinking you meant you guys was going streaking outside. Lol. Just kidding

  2. usually, i can ear all the podcasts, but, that time, on soundcloud, i’ get; a message ” try later”
    i have only very old computer with the ubuntu distributionand browser or app are for me so understable as the yewish translation of the bagavad gita…lol

  3. there’s a problem with soundtrack; i cannot access to earing the podcast

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