It’s A Christmas Miracle

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Flashback to Christmas at The Longhairs 2016

We made this video on Christmas Eve 2016, when a single box of orders was the “holiday rush,” and a shipment of inventory was a Christmas Miracle.

It was the arrival of Hair Ties For Guys V2.0, the first ties with a sleeve and our logo, and the first release of The Black Ties.

It was just in time for Christmas, when our inventory and shipping facility was in El Moreno’s 400-sq ft apartment, and his wife was pregnant with their first daughter. 

The Longhairs is a bigger company now, but this video shows the excitement, authenticity and the sheer energy that has been The Longhairs’ signature since we sold our first hair ties. 

We hope you enjoy watching this blast from Christmas past as much as we did.

Christmas 2016

The long awaited Hair Ties For Guys V2's finally arrived and what better day than Christmas! Follow El Moreno on his journey to pick up the stash, stock up the ties and ship them out to all who pre-ordered. Merry Christmas & happy holidays to all you Longhairs!