It’s A Christmas Miracle

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Flashback to Christmas at The Longhairs 2016

We made this video on Christmas Eve 2016, when a single box of orders was the “holiday rush,” and a shipment of inventory was a Christmas Miracle.

It was the arrival of Hair Ties For Guys V2.0, the first ties with a sleeve and our logo, and the first release of The Black Ties.

It was just in time for Christmas, when our inventory and shipping facility was in El Moreno’s 400-sq ft apartment, and his wife was pregnant with their first daughter. 

The Longhairs is a bigger company now, but this video shows the excitement, authenticity and the sheer energy that has been The Longhairs’ signature since we sold our first hair ties. 

We hope you enjoy watching this blast from Christmas past as much as we did.

Christmas 2016

The long awaited Hair Ties For Guys V2's finally arrived and what better day than Christmas! Follow El Moreno on his journey to pick up the stash, stock up the ties and ship them out to all who pre-ordered. Merry Christmas & happy holidays to all you Longhairs!


  1. Yeah a good Wet Brush would be awesome! I placed an order of ties this week and can’t wait to try them out! Keep up the great work.

    1. They’re coming your way man! Thanks for ordering and hope you love them. Look for a wet brush further down the road, we’ll keep it up on our end.

  2. Hair ties have finally arrived and are great – thanks guys! For the record, I showed them to the ladies in the post office, who really liked them and both said they hate the pink fluffy girly stuff that’s out there. “Hair ties for guys AND girls” perhaps!
    You were asking for more ides… hair clips? There are very few small, plain clips here in the UK (round me at least!).
    Anyway, you guys are fabuloso – keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Stoked you got ’em Adam! Thanks for the idea too. Tell the gals at the post office they’re strong enough for a woman, but pH balanced for a man.

      Actually, they might not get that one in the UK. But thanks for writing in!

  3. I received mine! The Good, the P,aid and the Flannel are awesome, just like your vid. Thanks guys (and gals, and babies)!

  4. It would be really awesome to see some natural and/or sulfate free shampoos and conditioners with manly scents. Great job on the V2s. They look SICK!

    1. Author

      Thanks Hayden and yes they are super SICK! Lots of requests for the shampoo and conditioner here and on youtube. We’ll be working through this

  5. El Moreno!! Awesome!! And entertaining, like always.
    Really excited about ordering and receiving my HT4G’s!!
    Keep up the amazing work, I support you guys!!
    Bring on 2017!!
    Here’s to a Happy New Year Longhairs!!!

  6. Nice video—glad the new order arrived!! What a great way to start out the new year, no? YES
    Here’s a suggestion: how bout a shampoo and/or conditioner? I think that would be great if you found a product that you liked and felt that your tribe would like as well.

    1. Author

      Tim killer man thanks! Yea seems as though shampoo and conditioner is high up on the request list. We’ll be figuring this out.

  7. If I were to leave a suggestion it is that I would love a grooming cream created by long hairs for long hairs. I have tried scheme cream by Hanz de Fuko and the Extra Light Cream by V76 but I don’t know these products do not convince me. I would love something ultra light that I could put in my hair and make it look really natural but still help me manage it a bit.

    1. Author

      Erick interesting…we’ll need to check in on this type of product a bit more. Is it more like a styling cream?

  8. Thank you guys for putting in so much time and effort in making The Longhairs lagit. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  9. Awesome! Stoked to get the V2s! I think brushes would be an obvious product, but what about towels? I would think like a full size towel for shower, and a smaller one to wrap around your hair post-shower. Hell, beach towels while your at it, and with a HUGE Bound Shears logo in the middle. Feliz Navidad!

    1. Author

      Sam sick! That hair drying towel would be SOOO useful cause most of us don’t use a hair dryer at least not very often. I think you are onto something there man!

  10. I love you guys best hair ties and you really care about us keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Fantastic video! El Moreno; a natural born entrepreneur. The next Donald Trump 🙂
    You guys definitely need to build up your product range now, you have started with the right thing as hair ties for guys are so difficult to come by but you have nailed it with this offering, the designs/choices really are great. I’ve had two packs of the version ones but I’m going to order the new ones as the new colours are just so good! (And the extra length makes good sense)
    I’m from the UK and everything you need (as a guy) is difficult to come by, I buy my shampoo (Kerastace Homme) from a Spanish website (I’m told it’s important to use a good shampoo), I buy a (leave in)conditioner (Shea Moisture) from a high street chemist and I still don’t really know which is the best brush to get. Why not get say 2 or 3 (for different hair types) really good brushes in stock and market/promote these as you have done with the ties? You will know what hair brushes are best, source a supplier who would be willing to supply you a branded (longhairs logo) version and market them through the site.
    I’m just about to get to the 12 month mark and without a metal head band I’m not sure I would have got this far, why not get a few of these on the site aswell? I’m sure these would sell well.
    Finally (sorry to drone on) at some stage it has to be a good idea to market your own range of good quality men’s shampoo’s and conditioners, this is obviously an important aspect of long hair and it would be great to be able to buy these products from one place (from guys that know the score) rather than surfing the net in the hope that you come across the right stuff.
    Hope this helps guys, good luck with everything, have a great Christmas and succesful 2017!

    1. Author

      Nick! Awesome feedback man and really appreciate the kind words. You make excellent points here and we will for sure take all of this into consideration. Love the idea of multiple types of product tailored specifically for certain hair types, that is killer! We’ll be getting to work for you this year, stay tuned.

  12. Proud of you guys and thankful for the support of your wives and greatful for your product. Keep up the good work. (I liked the BELIEVE sighn above your door)

  13. Those look awesome ! Can’t wait until I’m hair is long enough to buy some of these! And I think some manly hair brushes and hair products would be awesome! I mean look at the success of those items in the beard culture! Keep it up You guys rock!??

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