Cruising US 395 with El Rubio

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Talking Long Hair, Awkward Stage, Future Products and More

In the early days of 2017, El Rubio completed a snow-filled, 17-day, 1,700 mile journey through California, circumnavigating the Sierra Nevada mountain range and distributing Longhairs referral cards throughout the Golden State.

Join him for the final stretch on a ride down the US 395, answering questions from the blog, talking long hair, awkward stage, future products from The Longhairs and more.

Questions you’ll hear answered:

  • How do I make it through the awkward stage in a professional setting?
  • How much longer will I be in the awkward stage?
  • What if my parents insist I cut my hair?
  • Should I cut the sides?
  • When are you going to cut your hair?

Listen in and we’ll also give you a coupon for 20% off one (1) pack of Hair Ties For Guys V2


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  1. Preach El Rubio! It has been seven or eight months since I had a solid haircut and I am rocking the awkward stage, but I let it ride with pride. I have learned that it’s all about confidence and keeping it clean if you work in a professional setting. I am in my second year of law school in LA and recently landed a job clerking at a successful law firm in Pasadena. I got the job despite being in the full-on Beatles stage when interviewing with the firm. I am a believer that the longhair journey will not hurt you professionally if you rock the confidence, leverage your credentials, work hard, and keep that awkward-in-your-eyes hair clean. Keep those podcasts coming brotha!

  2. U guys r great.just got another set of the new ties luv em…. i like my shirt though better .lots of 61 i dont give a rats ass what anyone thinks about long hair i work with guys that still say looks a girl… 3 of these guys r bald and 2 have wiffles…. stay with it guys live and grow your hair the way u want

  3. I love the longhairs!!!! One thing that would be nice is to have a series of shorter videos for quick hair tips or hair showcase (showing off certain styles). Also would be dope to have some tips for longhairs for curly hair. For example I used to brush all the time, but I slowly reduced my brushing because it tends to get rid of my curls. Otherwise this company is dope I really hope that The LongHairs stays for a very long time. Currently writing up a piece of my own about things to expect/tips on growing out hair. This month marks about 2 years worth of growth. Thanks for all the content and creating a community that is much needed.

    If there is anything I can do for the community let me know! About to snag me a pair of v2’s soon!

    1. Author

      Yo Steven! Thanks for the great ideas man. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for The Longhairs let us know, we’d love to publish a piece like that!

  4. Thanks for helping me keep my hair long and luxurious friends

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