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A Righteous Interview with Lane Pittman

If you don’t recognize the name Lane Pittman, it’s time to familiarize yourself. He’s the longhaired ginger who’s made such national headlines as:

Jacksonville Man Shreds National Anthem so Hard, Cops are Forced to Arrest Him,

Guitar Hero: Charges Dropped Against Man Who Blasted ‘Star Spangled Banner’ on July 4,


Meet the Shirtless Headbanger Who Rocked Out to Slayer During Hurricane Matthew

You will likely recall his viral internet sensation (which about 100 people sent to us and we re-shared on Facebook) where he defiantly hairwhips in the face of Hurricane Matthew, shirtless, blasting Slayer with the American Flag in hand in the driving rain.

You may have also heard about Lane being arrested for ripping the National Anthem so hard on the 4th of July he was arrested by local police, only to reject a plea bargain en route to charges being dropped completely.

Beyond the headlines, Lane is a longhair at heart, devoted to faith and character, with a voracious enthusiasm for life and emitting a volume and intensity of energy capable of withstanding catastrophic weather events and local law enforcement agencies.

We had the good fortune of interviewing him on the Longhairs Professional Series.

Listen in as we rap with VIP hair whipping sensation Lane Pittman, where you’ll hear about his accounts with mother nature, the Neptune Beach police force, Dave Grol and getting turnt up with the Jacksonville Jaguars hype posse.

This is one podcast you don’t want to miss. So listen up.

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  1. Just got my hair ties in and it exceeded my expectations! I have been growing my hair since 2013 so the mane is pretty strong, it comes down to the middle of my back just about. As a student in college about to intern, these ties look very professional and I plan on wearing them to work everyday! Also great for just chilling at home. Absolutely awesome product and glad to be part of this club

    1. Author

      DUDE! So happy to hear that and congrats on getting dialed in with the internship. Appreciate the feedback on the ties and we’re stoked you are here!

  2. Hey guys. Got my new ties yesterday. Had to wear one right away. Loved it. Was really comfortable. Liked how it wouldn’t pull any hair out to when I took it out. Awesome product. All guys should grow long hair. Keep it growing guys.

    1. Author

      SWEET Mace great to hear! Pumped you are diggin them. Let us know how they perform for you after a couple weeks.

  3. un mec qui en a !!!!
    de l’ audace an audacious man
    du patriotisme a patriot
    une sacrée crinière a majestic mane

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