The Greatest Hair Ties Release in History

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Hair Ties For Guys™ V3.0

Welcome to the greatest hair ties release in human history: Hair Ties For Guys™ V3.0 are LIVE and available now.

Besides 13 new dope collections, we’ve made significant upgrades to the overall design, hence the full version upgrade to 3.0.


What You’ve Told Us

Since we launched V2 we’ve revisited the same issue a few times.

V2 was where we introduced the sleeve: a black fabric strip wrapped around the hair tie, covering up the seam, with the bound shears emblazoned thereon.

After some time we discovered this sleeve was coming off on a small percentage of hair ties. This would expose the seam and the adhesive, which could then stick to your hair, and in some cases the tie would even snap. We found this mostly happened when the hair tie got soaked or immersed in water.


Regardless of why it happened it was a poor customer experience, especially for hair ties we claim are the best in the world. We’ve done our best to make it right in these cases, but if you’ve gotten a defective hair tie and you haven’t contacted us please do so here.

We addressed this issue in later versions by adjusting the amount and the type of adhesive. It was an improvement, and the problem was appearing less often, but not entirely solved.

So after four years of perfecting the men’s hair tie, we came to the conclusion the ONLY weakness was the sleeve—and we needed a better solution.


How Is V3.0 Different?

We got rid of the adhesive and we’ve stitched the sleeve to the hair tie.

We had tried this previously, but the product didn’t come out clean and wasn’t up to standard. Using a different stitching technique and a little extra care, our manufacturing facility finally nailed it.

Not only is the sleeve now stitched onto the hair tie, but as a corollary benefit the entire unit is now considerably stronger than ever before. Testing is currently underway to measure the exact weight-bearing capacity, but in technical terms the new hair ties are fuckin bombers.


We Are So Confident in V3.0

We are hereby proclaming the greatest hair tie guarantee the world has ever seen:


The Hair Ties For Guys Guarantee™

If you don’t love Hair Ties For Guys™, we’ll buy you a pack of your favorite crappy hair ties.

Chances are you’ve already used our hair ties and you love them. But if you’re a rare skeptic and you’re still holding is your chance to give us a shot!


What A Time To Be Alive

Millions of years of evolution have brought us to this moment, where humanity will come together and celebrate the finest hair ties the world has ever known.

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