Stop Making These 5 Hair Growth Mistakes

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I’ve Made These Mistakes Too…

When I started my hair growth journey 2.5 years ago, I wanted to grow my hair as fast as possible. I bought all the supplements I could get my hands on and rubbed all the growth oils on my scalp I could find…

And it was a waste of time & money.

Not to mention, if you’re not careful, it can backfire on you.

Hair Growth Mistakes Can Be Mental Or Physical

If you’ve read any of my writing before, you know I love to dive into the science of hair growth and hair health, but the mistakes outlined in this post aren’t scientific.

They’re more philosophical. They are mental blocks and paradigms that made my hair growth journey stressful. I was chomping at the bit to speed through to the end, which is not the best way to accomplish anything. I wanted shortcuts. I wanted hacks. I didn’t want to go through the process of change. I just wanted the results.

My hope is that you can avoid the mistakes I made so you can have an enjoyable & healthy hair growth journey.

Let’s get into it.

5 Hair Growth Mistakes Men Often Make

Hair Growth Mistake #1: Not Having A Goal In Mind

Lucius Seneca once said, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

I agree with this 100%. When you have an end goal in mind it’s easier for your barber or stylist to shape your hair as it grows. Does it need layers? Is it all one length?

If you don’t know where your destination is, then you’re growing your hair out aimlessly and you may get to a point where it’s either, A) unmanageable, or B) you have to take a few steps backwards to move forward again.

When I first started growing my hair out there was a guy I followed on Instagram, Renan Pacheco, who inspired me to start growing my hair.

Lucius Seneca

I took the image to my stylist and she shaped my hair to grow out in that way. But eventually, I hit that goal and I wanted to keep going. This was right about the time The Witcher dropped on Netflix and I said, “ok I want to look like Geralt of Rivia.”

I’m really close to hitting that length and now it’s about managing it and keeping it healthy. So I would encourage you to begin with the end in mind.

Trav White Hair Inspiration

Hair Growth Mistake #2: Not Understanding YOUR Unique Hair Type

Knowing this will save you money and help you discover what products work best for your hair. There are lots of factors that make up your hair type. For example, your hair profile is made up of:
  • Curl pattern
  • Hair texture
  • Hair density
  • Hair porosity
  • Scalp moisture

If all that sounds like gibberish to you, then check out my video, ULTIMATE GUIDE To Men’s Hair Types. I explain everything and break down how you can discover your own unique hair type.

There could also be hormonal factors that play a role in changing your hair type.
For example, before I hit puberty I had curly hair. After I hit puberty my hair straightened out and became fine-textured.

Trav White In Puberty

If you know your exact hair type, you can pick the right products (or at least skip buying the wrong ones). For example; coconut oil works wonders on my medium porosity hair. But it might cause your low porosity hair to dry out because it’s too heavy to penetrate it.

So if you understand your unique hair type you can start to research the best shampoo & conditioners for dry hair, or oily hair, or high porosity hair. Then you will really start to see results.

Hair Growth Mistake #3: Comparing Your Hair To Someone Else’s

I’ve had people message me saying I inspired them to grow their hair out, but when they tried it, it didn’t look like mine. They decided to give up and cut it.

What they failed to see is that their hair is unique to them. This culture of comparison can drive you into anxiety. And stress is not a lifestyle optimized for healthy hair growth.

So grow your hair out for you. And if you want to pick someone to emulate, that’s great, but I would suggest choosing someone with a similar hair type.

Hair Growth Mistake #4: Buying Hype

You see these hyped up videos all over YouTube.

Grow your hair an inch in a week!

This oil did THIS!

This oil is AMAZING for that!

Enter exhibit A:

Hair Hype Formulas That Do Not Work

Guys, there is no magic pill. One of my goals is to separate facts from the hype so you can make the best decisions possible. You don’t need to buy 20 different oils or supplements or have an hour-long daily hair care routine. Don’t waste your time or money.

Yes, there are some amazing products for your hair, but in order to pick the best products you need to understand your hair type and your genetics to know which products will be best for you.

I’ve had tons of people ask me what my daily hair routine is, and the reason I haven’t made that video yet is because it would be really boring and about 30 seconds long. My daily routine basically consists of brushing twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.

Here’s how I brush my hair:

  • I start mid-shaft to ends with a wide-tooth comb to detangle my hair
  • Then I brush from my scalp all the way down with a boar bristle brush to spread the natural oils

That’s it!

I don’t use any other products daily in my hair. On the days that I wash, I use coconut oil pre-wash, then shampoo & condition, and then coconut oil or hair serum after washing as a leave-in conditioner. And I only do that once or twice a week.

The products you should pay close attention to honestly depend on your hair types. If you have dry hair, you may want to use leave-in conditioners. If you have oily hair, you might not need any oils at all. In fact, you might need a stronger clarifying shampoo to fight the grease.

It all comes down to the individual. But I will tell you my real hair care routine is a lifestyle and diet optimized for hair growth.

  • Eating plenty of vitamins
  • Sleeping 7-8 hours per night
  • Minimizing stress
  • Daily exercise
  • Hydration
If you really want to make the most of your hair growth journey, buy into a healthy lifestyle—not into the hype.

Mistake # 5: Not Enjoying The Process

You should have a goal in mind, but often people see the end result they want and look for a million hacks to get there. In my experience, if something good happens too quickly, it’s not sustainable.

Taking shortcuts often leads to the opposite result. Popping too many supplements can actually backfire on you and cause hair loss. Check out this video where I go into the science of what vitamins you need for healthy hair.

Growing your hair out takes time & patience just like most things in life. When you can sit back and enjoy the process, it becomes an enjoyable journey. And it’s a great life lesson. Good things in life take time & dedication.

Don’t Chase Destinations...

You can’t hack your way into long hair just like you can’t hack your way into long term sustainable success. Growing your hair out is a great analogy for doing anything great in life. It takes time, it’s not always what you expect, and the plan may change.

But that’s all part of the process, and true happiness lies in the journey. Have a goal in mind, yes, but enjoy the process, because that’s where life is lived and that’s where the most growth happens.

I hope you avoid these hair growth mistakes and enjoy the journey to long hair. Until the next article, peace!

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