How The Longhairs Blew It In The 9th

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El Rubio’s fiery intro

You Can’t Hit A Home Run Every At Bat

Last week our stoke levels were near an all-time high. We were coming off a huge win after publishing a co-lab post with Westside Love, chronicling the story of two San Diego bros starting a campaign that fundamentally changed a $1B professional sports franchise.

We were riding the wave of victory, feeling great about the product we had put on the proverbial field. The game plan heading into the week was to stream the biggest live show in the history of The Longhairs.

"Jor-DZ" Jordan Stark breaks down the brown

Swinging For The Fences

We started a brand spankin new YouTube channel. We had a six page script dialed in with arguably the most epic intro El Rubio has ever written.

We had two big league slingers from the San Diego Padres lined up to join, along with the founder of Knockaround Sunglasses, Adam ACE Moyer. Jeffersaon Jay would be patched in LIVE from Petco Park and to top it off we had the Co-Founders of Bring Back The Brown, Jordan Stark on the mound with T-Money Martienez getting loose in the bullpen.

Why brown?

Heading Into The Game

Technical systems were tested, we had a complete pre-game walk through and the team was confident. As far as we could tell we were the most prepared we have ever been. The timing, the people, the tech.

Baseball was back, the brown was back and the bases were loaded with The Longhairs up to bat! We were DIALED…what could go wrong?

Padres lefty Matt Strahm stoked on the brown

Until All Hell Broke Loose

Sitting in the studio with a minute to gametime, all systems were green. The clock struck 7:00 PM, El Moreno initiated the stream, El Rubio launched into his fiery intro…and immediately red alarms started firing.

The video froze, the audio dropped and no one who was watching could see or hear anything. El Rubio continued to put all his energy into his delivery as El Moreno frantically tried to make a save with our backs against the wall.

The bros rap on the importance of team identity

A Quick Recovery

The early setback threw us off in the first two minutes. Errors in the first inning are tough to bounce back from, and we were shaken. Even so, after a rocky start we took a deep breath and got back on the field.

This time things were clean, no technical issues but the mood was dampened. We just got the shit kicked out of us and it took a moment to regain our composure. Things started grooving though, and we got into a rhythm.

Inning after inning with no errors and things were looking good. The show was going smooth and we were just having fun out there. We might pull this thing out after all.

Jefferson Jay reporting LIVE from Petco Park

Then We Hit The 9th

In the final 20 minutes we had a complete meltdown.

Prior to the show we upgraded to four HD cameras, running exponentially more data through our stream. It held up for a while, but eventually the system overheated and we fried the GPU, causing the video to lag and the audio to cut out entirely. The remainder of the show was virtually unintelligible.

Everything we had trained for, the hours of preparation, the early success on the field collapsed. Our show was literally toast.

The Co-Founder of Bring Back The Brown, Tony "T-Money" Martinez

Sometimes You Take An L

The moral of the story here is that you’re not always going to win at everything you try. Doesn’t matter how well you prepare or how pumped you are, sometimes shit is going to happen that’s gonna take you out.


It feels lousy. Makes you sick to your stomach. Makes you feel like you’ve lost your stuff.

The truth is, how you handle these situations is what really matters. Are you going to quit? Or get better? It comes down to your attitude and perspective.

In this case, we know we put our best stuff on the field. There was no lack of great content, preparation, or even testing. It just didn’t go our way.

Promo video for the Knockaround Friar Knocks giveaway at Petco Park

You Keep Putting It On The Field

We might have taken a loss on this one, but you know what? It’s motivating. Makes us eager to get back out there and show the people we got our stuff. And we’re already back in the training room, getting ready for the next Let It Ride LIVE.

While it didn’t go as planned, most of the show still came out great. Most importantly we were pumped to have so many awesome appearances. Big thanks to Matt Strahm, Adam Moyer, Tony Martinez, Jefferson Jay, our featured guest Jordan Stark, and of course El Chuckarino.

So go to our new YouTube channel, watch the clips we could salvage, and subscribe for upcoming episodes. Because we are gonna keep pounding the strike zone with hot, brown, extra spicy mustard.

Founder & CEO of Knockaround, Adam "Ace" Moyer, stoked on the brown
Until next time boys…keep Lettin’ It Ride!

Have you taken any L’s lately? Tell us in the comments.

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