How To Clean Your Hair Ties

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Clean Your Filthy Hair Ties

Over the years we’ve received dozens of comments and emails from our customers asking how to properly clean hair ties. If you’ve had a hair tie for an extended amount of time, you’ve probably wondered if you should wash it or not.

Here we’ll answer all your questions and show you two proven tactics for how to clean your hair tiesfor guys.

Stack of dirty hair ties looking brown and nasty and probably stink, featured in how to clean hair ties

How Dirty Are Hair Ties Really?

If you’ve never thought about cleaning hair ties, they’re probably filthy. Just like clothes, hats and shoes, hair ties collect grime. Think of your sweaty boxer briefs or your stank-ass socks. They're absorbing oils, sweat, dust and funk from all the elements you put them through.
High-density scan of actual bacteria growing on a hair tie:
j/k that’s from your boxer briefs…🤣

The Importance of Keeping Hair Ties Clean

Your hair ties go a lot of places. In fact they’re probably one of the few items you take with you everywhere you go. They’re in your hair, on your wrist, shoved in your pocket, dropped on the ground and left around the grimy shifter in your car.

That filth builds up over time, and eventually makes its way into your hair. If you wear your hair tied up when you sleep, that gunk will get onto your pillow and ultimately your face.

Bottom line…it’s a good idea to wash your hair ties.

El Moreno holding up about 5 stank ass hair ties, featured in how to clean hair ties

When To Wash Hair Ties

How often you wash your hair ties depends on personal usage and preference. If you’re a guy with that ride-or-die hair tie you wear every day, you might clean hair ties more often than someone who rotates through hair ties.

We recommend rotating your hair tie on a daily basis. With four ties on a pack of Hair Ties For Guys, this rotation will get you maximum longevity and cleanliness from your hair ties.

Many hair ties have lasted over 12 months
old dirty hair tie, Connor used for over a year. Featured in how to clean hair ties
Customer holds open a 2 year old, heavily used hair tie from the Old Glorys set. Featured in how to clean hair ties
If you’re a collector with a lot of hair ties, you can treat them like laundry. Keep the dirty ones in a cloth bag or cup, and when it’s full, it’s time for washing.
Depending on your usage and preference, it’s safe to clean hair ties every 1-3 months.

Two Effective Methods

Depending on the amount of hair ties you’re going to wash, we recommend one of the two proven methods to get the job done.
  • Washing Machine: best for bulk load. 10+ hair ties that need cleaning.
  • Sink Washing: ideal for small batch cleaning. Five or fewer hair ties.

How To Clean Hair Ties

Select your method for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Keep It Clean

If this was the only article you could find about how to clean hair ties, that’s because we’re the only company that makes hair ties worth cleaning.

70+ collections. Weight tested for 100 lbs. Over 19,000 5-star reviews. And we keep ‘em clean.

How do you keep your hair ties clean?

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  1. I keep the current tie on my wrist at all times until it’s time to tame the mop. Been that was since my teens so goin on 20 years. It gets washed when I hit the showers by staying put on my wrist. It gets washed every time my hands do too lol. Even if I try to keep it dry it still gets a quick wash.

  2. Soon to be a owner of some of these today in fact, but I’d like to add another pro tip that I’m going to do with mine, and that’s if you have a laundry bag for delicate clothes or a washable ‘mask bag from the Covid Days’. Put the ties in that and then toss them in the machine with your regular clothes. The bag will protect them and keep them from stretching or getting wrapped up in other clothing, allowing them to wash properly and last longer.

    As for how often that depends, mine (store bought) don’t last long enough to wash, but I’d say if you get it dirty or spill something on them, wear them outside while doing yard work or a very heavy workout you’d probably wanna wash that one. If you wear only once in a while then you can probably get away with a lot more. If you wear the XL band as a headband then probably every couple weeks or if it gets really sweaty from your face and neck. Clearly situational, but after seeing this, that’s what I’m going to try.

    1. Author

      Hell yea Steven. Create methods there and thanks for chippin in. Stoked for you to get your pack.

  3. I toss them in the washer in a garment bag for delicates along with my headbands and cloth masks. Then I let them air dry after washing.

    1. Author

      Women can absolutely use them. If fact we have thousands of women who swear by them. We often hear “these are the best hair ties I’ve ever used”. Our ties are strong enough for a woman…pH balanced for a man.

  4. Directions don’t populate – when you click on washing machine or sink nothing happens lol?

  5. This is awesome. My hack is to get one of those panty/jockstrap/delicates mesh laundry bags and put a bunch of hair ties zipped up in there on a high-temp/sanitary laundry mode.

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