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Best Time In History

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Dear Friend,

Hope you’re doing ok. We’re thinking about the people most impacted right now, from bartenders and servers, hair stylists and barbers, to folks in hospitality and healthcare and lots of others.

As for our team we are partly working from home while one or two of us are going into the office each day to fulfill orders. We’re feeling grateful for a livelihood that hasn’t been hit hard up to this point.

While we aren’t taking things lightly, we do expect to continue operating as usual, from publishing fresh content every week to getting your orders delivered quickly.

Like Never Before

As we live through these unprecedented times, we’ve become acutely aware that never before in history has there been a better time to grow long hair:
  • Working from home
  • No school grooming codes
  • Salons & barber shops closed
  • Swanky affairs postponed
  • Seldom going outside

Removed are the frivolous limitations and archaic restrictions on hair length, making way for the best time ever to grow your hair.

When we do finally go back to work and school, they’re not gonna be thinking much about hair, and by the time they do ask it will be too late. You’ll be halfway through the awkward stage when you hit ‘em with the dear boss letter.

We have a feeling this global event we’re experiencing is going to bring about some changes, hopefully for the better. Maybe the powers opposing long hair will realize, “’s really not that big of deal.”

The Longhairs

Growing With Purpose

In any case, with the 1-year anniversary of The Great Cut having passed a few days ago, we kicked off our campaign for The Great Cut 2024.

Though it’s a long way out, we can’t help but think the timing is meaningful. Here everyone has a chance to start growing their hair over a timeframe that would put every person in a perfect position to cut and donate in 2024.

Read into it what you will, we are full steam ahead for another world record attempt, and everything that goes along with it. Definitely check out the 1-Year Anniversary post if you haven’t already.

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Keep Your Distance

Do what you need to do out there to keep yourself and your family safe and in high spirits. Be kind. Do the right things. We’ll be here doing the same at The Longhairs HQ.

And keep lettin’ it ride. C’YA!

El Rubio, El Moreno & The Longhairs Team


  1. The perfect time! I donated with you guys during the first Great Cut, been rocking the short hair for the last year, and I’m ready to grow it again for a great cause! Stay safe and healthy! I’ll be buying hair ties before long!

    1. Author

      Yo Adam! We can never thank you enough for donating for The Great Cut! The next one will be incredible, can’t wait to have you there. Thank you man, time to LET IT RIDE!

  2. Hey longhairs, im writing this from Colombia and here all the contry is in quarentine. I have 10 months of grow sufering the awkward stage, like you say this is a very bad situation for the Word, but is also a greate oportuniti for grow the hair.
    This 19 days my hair is going to grow a lot and when i go back tô school my hair ias going to be long.
    By longhairs and good Luck for you during this crisis.

    1. Author

      Hola Federico! Your English is good man, keep practicing. We are in quarantine here also, making the best of it. 10 months, keep going! Glad to hear from you in Colombia, thank you for writing in. Salud amigo, KEEP LETTING IT RIDE!

    1. Author

      Same to you Chamane, wishing you health and good hair. Stay safe in France ami!

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