A Very Festive Yuletide Let It Ride

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El Moreno and El Rubio Ending the year happy and festive

Both Holly AND Jolly

We did it, we made it through the year, and we capped it off with the return of Long Manes & Candy Canes. A week after pulling off the big party, and the last day we’d all be together this year, it was the perfect night for our annual Yuletide Let It Ride.

In a year that started with moving into a new warehouse and hasn’t slowed down since, we finally got a chance to sit amongst each other, let our hair down, take stock of everything that’s happened, and reminisce on some of the great moments.

El Sicario, El Gnarstavo, Elefante, El Travieso and El Garvinski in the lounge ending the year with a final podcast

Featuring all seven of our in-house headquarters staff, each man shared a highlight from the year, starting with an introduction to the newest member of The Longhairs staff team, Flowfillment Specialist Travis Nishiyama, now known as El Travieso.

It was a night to remember, filled with fraternization, flow, and festive holiday cheer. Don’t miss the 2022 Yuletide Let It Ride.

What you'll hear about

  • Elefante’s braids inspire juice
  • The most eloquent thing Gus has ever spoken
  • Appreciating each other’s effort
  • Owning issues with our hair care packaging
  • Bringing it all together for Long Manes & Candy Canes
  • The new guy’s perspective
  • Why El Rubio finally feels at ease

Yuletide Let It Ride 2022

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This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by The Great Cut 2024, where The Longhairs will attempt another world-record charity hair donation for Children With Hair Loss.

Bros On This Episode

El Moreno | Lindsay Barto

El Moreno

Co-Founder, President & Chief Follicle Officer for The Longhairs, El Moreno is a husband, father, athlete and creator. He makes most of what you see and interact with on The Longhairs websites.


El Rubio | Chris Healy

El Rubio

Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Manetenance Officer for The Longhairs, El Rubio is a writer, traveler, avid skier and athlete. He writes most of the words you read from The Longhairs. IG


El Gnarstavo | Gustavo Luna

El Gnarstavo

Gus has been with The Longhairs since the beginning, and even before that. He is our Senior Designer, profound philosopher, and the hair envy of our entire staff.


El Garvinski | Garv Ha

El Garvinski

Media Producer for The Longhairs, El Garvinski is a media solutions expert and active health advocate. If he’s not at the HQ, he can be found outside hanging at the local pullup bar or completely off grid. He directed/produced the iconic Hair Ties For Guys commercial in 2014, and continues firing off heavy content for The Longhairs.


El Sicario | Jose Mejia

El Sicario

A former Reconnaissance Marine native to San Diego, El Sicario is The Longhairs’ Warehouse Manager. In touch with his Chamorro heritage, he’s an avid supporter of hair equality and saving bros from the treacherous grasp of inferior hair ties.


Elefante | Sean Horton


A 12-year filmmaker, advertiser, educator and illustrator, Elefante has spent his career working for some of the top names in journalism, technology and entertainment. He now serves as Creative Director for The Longhairs, setting the bar for creativity and execution.


El Travieso | Travis Nishiyama

El Travieso

Flowfillment Specialist and the newest member of The Longhairs HQ staff. When he’s not packaging your orders, El Travieso can be found skating, camping, surfing, or anywhere in between. He’s the youngest longhair in the warehouse, but his desire for growth and work ethic puts him right at home amongst his longhaired brethren.


Share one of your memorable moments from 2022 in the comments!