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What Do You Want To See?

It’s 106º F right now at The Longhairs Global Headquarters, and El Gustavo has been slaving in a heat locker designing the new hair ties. As this post is being published he’s literally wearing full length slim-fit khakis, sweating his juevos off.

Don’t let Gustavo suffer in vain. Tell him which hair tie designs you want to see move into production for the next version of Hair Ties For Guys™.

Vote on the New Hair Tie Designs

We’ve got a bunch of new collections designed up for ya, and now’s your chance to tell us what you like. For each of the new designs you can choose between:

  • Must Go
  • So-So
  • Hell No


Along with these dope new designs, we’re working on different sizes and variations of your favorite Hair Ties For Guys™. We’re still a few months away, but you can begin mentally and physically preparing yourself for a tectonic blockbuster drop later this year—featuring the designs you just voted on.

Got any other design ideas? Why not share those in the comments?



    Loving some of these new designs!

    Some not so, but that’s what votes are for!
    Rubes, man, thanks a bunch for the chat earlier today man. So great to hear from the legendary hair flippa

    But yeah, can’t wait for that new thing you were talking about too 😉😉😉

  2. It would also be great to see some more music inspired ties like some others have said. Like acoustic guitars, pianos, mandolins, and more.

  3. I agree let’s get some Viking designs in here! Axes, Thor lightning stuff, Odin, boats, etc. etc. You guys are killing it! Keep at it! Can’t wait to get outer limits, island vibes, and the natives!

  4. Soccer themed like the crest from different club/national teams, yoga themed for the yogis out there, maybe have ones that you can customize a word or phrase.

  5. How about barbed wire and rebar styled ties. Or concrete and asphalt would be sick

  6. The outer limits, 1987’s, and the natives are all must please! Maybe even put some of them into the headbands??

  7. Love the Dead inspired…will be anxiously awaiting those. How about travel or outdoor inspired? Airstream, globes, tents and trees etc. Also more primary colours for work days..if I could get some navy blue to match my uniform that would be great…heck thin blue line design even.

  8. Dang gonna order those outer limit hair ties.

    How about some oriental stuff for asian long hairs?

  9. Received many positive comments on my tie dye design hair ties at recent Dead & Co. shows so the Deadhead hair ties would be a big hit. Set up a table in Shakedown Street between the grilled cheese sandwich and hemp shirt vendors!

  10. Love the Dead Heads, Natives, and Island Vibes. I’ve been purchasing products from you fellas for quite some time now. It’s past time we Nordic people got our due. Vikings are a must, shark designs for the beach are a good idea, Celtic would be be pretty cool as well. Another that I see no one mentioning would be an old WW II Pin Up style variant (though that might make a better hair band instead) kinda like your mermaids you already have. You keep making brothers, we’ll keep repping them 🤙

  11. So here’s my 2 cents: I agree with some of the previous comments re Viking designs. And to that I would add Celtic (lots of cool Celtic knots), and Pride (variations on the rainbow flag). I would DESPERATELY avoid anything to do with ANY form of religion or politics. There. That’s my 2 cents’ worth.

  12. We need some viking inspired designs! Give some of the original long hairs some credit!

  13. I mean, you can’t sell a new product without some beta testing *wink wink* would love to get my hands (and hair) on some of those Outer Limits!

  14. Christian symbols… Jesus is the greatest man to ever walk this planet

  15. Love your product. Need them to be a little bigger for my thick and long mane.

  16. We need some celtic designs. I want to see some epic braid work and symbols.

  17. Damn, you guys have some killer designs in the works! I love how you guys want our options in on this and let us get to see sneak peaks as we vote! You guys just keep crushing it!!!

  18. The island guys and the outer limits are my favorite ones I think that most are pretty rad but make sure to keep the classics like the adios banditos 👏🏼👍🏼

  19. Nice selections in there, I’ll be ordering. No designs for LGBTQ Pride month??

  20. How about concentrating a bit more on masculine designs. You seem to be making a shift toward feminine/sissy type hair ties. Men who want those styles are welcome to do their shopping in the women’s department of their local Macy’s.

    1. These all seem pretty badass to me. What are some of your ideas? What would make them more masculine?

    2. Tim must be a little insecure. Bet he wants to make ‘merica great again. Bet the ladies love his tiny little pee pee.

    3. I’m a lady who loves these so I’ll welcome some floral prints. Also, men can like pink & flowers. Only an insecure man would pick on someone for wearing a certain color or print. This is 2018, not 1945.

  21. We. Need. Sharks.

    All shark hair ties. Each one with different sharks, repeating designs. I will buy a million shark designs.

  22. Denny
    You guys are doing a great job.
    I’m old school and you have helped me
    get through the rough spots.
    Love the Island vibes and the Natives
    would go over well with the Indian men in Oklahoma.

  23. I like bright colors. Biker style and Hippie style hair ties.

  24. Love to see some

    Viking Designs
    Roman Numrals

  25. Yo I need like 3 sets of the outer limits like now. Love em. Maybe more SoCal designs?

  26. The “I can’t see you’s” and “the natives” are in my cart and soon as they come out!!

  27. * With the upcoming political season how about some Green, GOP, and Democrats.
    * How about one with mustaches?
    * What continents; this is a global movement
    * LGBT pride colors…trans, bi, leather communities, etc.

  28. Red white and blue hair bands singles and also one in the set with all three colors.

    Pot leaf ones would be cool too.

  29. What about different styles of tattoo art? Lots of possibilities there.

  30. Love the new designs! How about an “Acoustic Set” (acoustic guitars, ukuleles, etc.) as a counterpoint to the Heavy Metals?

  31. I buy your ties for my nephew, a proud long hair and varsity lacrosse player. His goalie gear bag is a custom embroidered “Dancing Bear” logo. The Deadhead choice is right on!!

  32. Go ahead and add Outer Limits, Island Vibes, Yah. Mons, 1987’s, Deadheads, Beasts, and Natives to my shopping cart! 🙂

    1. I had trouble figuring out how to vote. At first, I thought Hell No don’t get rid of the design. Then I saw the thumbs. So Must Go in my vote means I like them.

      Who ever designed these did an excellent job. Very creative. Impressive.

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