Vote on the New Hair Tie Designs

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What Do You Want To See?

It’s 106º F right now at The Longhairs Global Headquarters, and El Gustavo has been slaving in a heat locker designing the new hair ties. As this post is being published he’s literally wearing full length slim-fit khakis, sweating his juevos off.

Don’t let Gustavo suffer in vain. Tell him which hair tie designs you want to see move into production for the next version of Hair Ties For Guys™.

Vote on the New Hair Tie Designs

We’ve got a bunch of new collections designed up for ya, and now’s your chance to tell us what you like. For each of the new designs you can choose between:

  • Must Go
  • So-So
  • Hell No


Along with these dope new designs, we’re working on different sizes and variations of your favorite Hair Ties For Guys™. We’re still a few months away, but you can begin mentally and physically preparing yourself for a tectonic blockbuster drop later this year—featuring the designs you just voted on.

Got any other design ideas? Why not share those in the comments?