Let It Ride Episode 42: Would Facebook Make Liam Cut His Hair?

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Would Mr. Z. Say No to the Flow?

He’s a computer programming and business major at San Francisco State University, a retired amatuer muy thai fighter and lifetime martial arts student and competitor. And he’s got the dope flowing locks.

But most recently Liam was offered a job in the tech field, an ideal internship position at none other than Facebook, Inc.

The offer came with a single contingency: he would have to cut his hair.

AT FACEBOOK?? Say it ain’t so!


What Would Happen at The Big F?

Liam was faced with a dilemma not uncommon among the ranks of longhairs: do I have to cut my hair to get the job? Not the first and certainly not the last, Liam’s quandary is all too familiar in the family of flow. It’s a deeply personal issue forcing us to choose between a vocation and self.

Most of us are compelled to choose an occupation best suited to provide for ourselves and our families. On the other hand, the decision to live with long hair can be very personal and deeply connected to one’s identity.

The conventional and conservative approach would be to “do what’s best,” and simply cut your hair. But does it have to be one or the other?


Brown v. The Board of Education, Obergefell v. Hodges...Facebook v. The Flow?

In our first documented instance of a man facing an occupational hair hazard at a major company, Liam shares his experience with The Longhairs.

How did he approach the situation? Is there a personal grooming policy at Facebook? Would he be forced to cut his hair to get the job?

In our exclusive interview, The Longhairs dive into the issues with Liam, his experience with long hair at Facebook—and dialing the direct emergency hotline to El Rubio himself.

Listen to The Longhairs Podcast Episode 42.


What you'll hear about:

  • Does Facebook have a personal grooming policy?
  • Three cardinal tactics for approaching a job where you’re asked to cut your hair
  • Taekwondo, Muay Thai and competing in martial arts
  • The three fundamental maneuvers of tricking
  • Delivering on a “hair whipping, karate kicking charity event”

Does Facebook Make Employees Cut Their Hair?

Would Liam cut it? Would he hold strong? ARE THE LOCKS INTACT??!



Kick It With Liam

Liam is a computer programming and business major at SF State, a retired amatuer muy thai fighter and lifetime martial arts student and competitor. You can find him tricking in the South Bay, or just follow him on IG @liamtricks
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