Let it Ride Episode 41: A Fireside Reading of, “Respect the Combover”

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In another throwback fireside reading, here in Episode 42 of Let It Ride we revisit a foundational community post where we hold the line on the combover and other conspicuous hairstyles.

While others may snicker or sneer, we simply offer a nod of approval. Because man, you gotta let it ride any way you can.

We don’t just respect the combover, but all hair styles and configurations, long or short, and those who can’t or choose not to grow their hair, for whatever reason.

Besides, who cares how another man wears his hair? Or a woman for that matter?

Sure, there might be some funny-looking hairstyles. But who cares? We don’t have to like it. We can still respect it. Because what it really comes down to is...


Hair Equality

Every man and woman should have the right to grow their hair however long they wish, without being denied employment, education or opportunity due to the length of their hair.

And to Guide Us Through Our Philosophical Ruminations

In his impassioned reading, El Gustavo implores us that whether it’s the combover, the full cue ball, or even the undercut, let’s show respect to all.

Because long hair… long hair lives in the heart.

Listen to Gus on The Longhairs Podcast Episode 41: A Fireside Reading of, “Respect the Combover.”


Our Guy

El Gustavo is a guy. When you order from The Men’s Aisle, he examines your order, carefully packages the contents, and ships to you without error or delay. He’s the lead designer for Hair Ties For Guys and The Longhairs apparel. And he had short hair when he started working for us, if that’s an indication of his commitment.

A husband and father of two, he makes an instrumental contribution to The Longhairs and our community—and he does it all awkwardly. He’s our guy. Follow Gus at www.instagram.com/gustavoluna

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Hey, this was Gus’ first fireside reading, leave him a comment why don’t ya?!

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