Trying Dry Shampoo with El Moreno

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Because you can’t use regular shampoo everyday

If you’re an OG you totally understand why you can’t shampoo everyday. If that’s news to you make sure to read this post here.

Back in July EL Rubio gave us some solid instruction on working out with long hair. His post covers some excellent techniques for dealing with your oily, sweaty, post workout hair. All of which are great, but there are times when you’re just going to say, “DUDE, my hair is just TOO greasy and grimy this ain’t gonna fly.” That’s when dry shampoo comes in. Whether you’re working out or not, dry shampoo is a great option to keep your hair looking fresh in between washes.

I had heard about dry shampoo a lot, most of the women in my life rave about it, but I’d never given it an honest shot. So I thought it was time to see if this stuff really lives up to the hype. Follow along as I explore dry shampoo with special guest, La Rubia.


Have you tried dry shampoo? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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  1. They usually spray on white so you gotta make sure to brush it in. They do make ones for different hair colors but your drug store might not carry it. I guess you can also use unsweetened cocoa or something.

  2. I’ve been using one for the past 10 days or so and basically it solved my most important hair-care problem; washing it everyday. I have to say, my hair never felt so smooth and manageable!
    One thing : I recommend using it in a wide, well-aired area/room. I’m not sure if its the one I’m using (Batiste) but its very powdery and if you are in an enclosed space you kind of end up inhaling it. Not fun. Otherwise, I just wish I used this throughout the years I’ve grown my hair!

  3. How often do you guys use dry shampoo?! I find that my hair gets greasy after 2 days of shampooing it and conditioning. When do you guys use dry shampoo? I am almost 8 months into my hair growth journey and I right to you guys all the time on YouTube, twitter, Instagram, etc. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

    1. Yo Jack! Thanks for following us on all the channels man! Use dry shampoo in between shampooing, just as you’ve described, every two days or so or when it’s getting greasy.

      Thank you man, glad to have you in the community!

  4. Only negative effect is it can, over time, build up slightly on the scalp. But most people wash their hair often enough that it doesn’t get to that point.
    And I agree with Jason, spraying it in before bed is a great trick.

  5. Dry shampoo has been a close friend of mine for many years now. I’m a hair stylist and have tried high end, low end and everything in between. I prefer a very powdery, almost gritty aerosol dry shampoo for max oil absorption and volume. That being said, my favorite brand is Batiste which can be found at any drug store, WalMart, Target etc for less than $10. The “original” formula is great, not super feminine and does the job. The “wild” formula is my personal fav, despite its leopard print packaging, because it has an awesome fragrance with hints of patchouli. Use at the first sign of greasiness for best results. I literally wash my thick, wavy nip-length hair once every two weeks, on average, thanks to dry shampoo. Pardon the length of this post but I just want to emphasize how freaking awesome dry shampoo is. Everyone do your hair a favor and try some out.

    1. Author

      Awesome El Daveed! Have you noticed any negative effects? I have’nt used it long enough to know.

    2. the most simple dry shampoo: arrowroot powder and, if you let the dry shampoo on your hair the night, put your hair in a shower cap…
      using a powder dry shampoo will add volume at your mane
      i agree: the Batiste is the same ingredients list and a similar effect
      take care, El Moreno: La Rubia is a so nice woman that she could be dangerous… lol

  6. Wow, you really put the dry shampoo to task by trying it on your hair in that state! 😛

    Someone once recommended to me to use dry shampoo in the evening, before bed. This allows the powder to absorb more of the oils during sleep, rather than applying it in the morning and waiting the hours necessary for the “long-term” effects.

    Have fun!

  7. Dude, dry shampoo = life!
    Saved my life on many occasions. Absolutely vital backup tool for greasy hair situations and freshness emergencies.

  8. The significant other uses it all the time…
    I’ll scope out her brand and report.
    BTW she raves about it too.

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