Trying Dry Shampoo with El Moreno

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Because you can’t use regular shampoo everyday

If you’re an OG you totally understand why you can’t shampoo everyday. If that’s news to you make sure to read this post here.

Back in July EL Rubio gave us some solid instruction on working out with long hair. His post covers some excellent techniques for dealing with your oily, sweaty, post workout hair. All of which are great, but there are times when you’re just going to say, “DUDE, my hair is just TOO greasy and grimy this ain’t gonna fly.” That’s when dry shampoo comes in. Whether you’re working out or not, dry shampoo is a great option to keep your hair looking fresh in between washes.

I had heard about dry shampoo a lot, most of the women in my life rave about it, but I’d never given it an honest shot. So I thought it was time to see if this stuff really lives up to the hype. Follow along as I explore dry shampoo with special guest, La Rubia.


Have you tried dry shampoo? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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