Introducing “The Mane Cave”

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A Brand-New Approach

The Longhairs’ YouTube channel has been helping guys grow, learn about, maintain and live with their long hair since we published our first video way back on December 11, 2014.

We’ve created many different types of videos over the years, from polished, full-production features, to more rugged, vlog-style pieces. We’ve always been proud of everything we put out there, but one thing we haven’t emphasized is consistent uploads.

Today, that all changes.

Consistency Is HERE

We are excited to announce the launch of a new YouTube series, The Mane Cave. With a focus on inspiring confidence, developing masculinity, and fostering a sense of community amongst men with long hair, The Mane Cave is both a casual conversation and informative resource for guys who embrace their locks.

Each week we’ll release a new episode featuring tips and tricks for hair care, styling, and overall grooming. In addition to practical advice, the series will delve into the deeper, psychological aspects of long hair, exploring its impacts on self-esteem, masculinity, identity and more.

Be A Participant

Growing and maintaining long hair is a journey, and we’re here to provide a supportive, welcoming and congenial space for guys to share their experiences and learn from one another.

“We believe that long hair is a unique and powerful expression of masculinity, and we want to help guys embrace it fully and confidently,” says Elefante, The Longhairs Creative Director. “We can't wait to engage with the community in this new style.”

The Mane Cave will be exclusively available on The Longhairs YouTube channel. Tune in every week, engage in the comments with your thoughts, experiences and topic suggestions, and participate in a community of guys growing and celebrating their long manes.