The Core Four: Get to Know The Longhairs Team

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Get to Know The Longhairs Team

You know the boys: El Rubio, El Moreno, El Gustavo and El Chuckarino. It’s become the Core Four.

But do you really know them? What do they actually do for The Longhairs? What’s it like on the day-to-day? Where do they see this whole thing going?

Go behind the scenes and get to know The Longhairs team on another level with an ultra-exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview with each member of the Core Four.


What questions do you have for the boys?


  1. I had my hair cut two (2) weeks ago? I have seven (7) tails of unbleached, not dyed grey hair. To whom shal I send it so that it can be used for wigs?
    I would like to belong to a community of long haired bros to advise me and encourage me on this long hair journey.
    I am taking a pic of myself each day of this journey. I would like to show the progress I am making for the first two (2) years of this journey.

  2. Abbey Road! That staircase and walkway will be a tourist attraction one day. Folks will be retracing the steps of The Core Four and taking selfies while walking the walk!

    Their patience is unbreakable – I have put that to the test. They absolutely do create strength and confidence, as well as unleashing creativity in other people.

    What started as a quest for a solution to the awkward stage, for me has become a mission to be a better person by learning from them.

    El Gustavo – You’re an artist, hermano!

    El Chuckarino – Put some Wood Shop Premium Hair Serum in that lettuce! (Good to know I’m not a brah.)

    El Moreno & El Rubio – Don’t stop until long hair is the prevailing hair style for men around the world. Dominate!

    1. El Camaleón hell yes man! Thanks for watching mate and we WILL NOT STOP!

  3. les quatre mouquetaires
    un pour tous,
    tous pour un !!!
    ( the four musketeers; all for one, one for all)
    but, his wig denounced d’ Artagnan…lol

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