Let it Ride Episode 49: A Fireside Reading of “What’s The Deal With Split Ends?”

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Go Deep

Ten years ago if you’d have asked me what’s a split end, I’d woulda told ya it’s the guy on the football field running deep post routes and blocking downfield.

That was before the term became common vernacular in The Longhairs huddle. In this episode of Let It Ride we bring you another Fireside Reading, this time from blog post #78, What’s The Deal With Split Ends?

Originally published on February 17, 2017, it was our first attempt at tackling this dangerous perimeter threat. Turns out split ends are bad for morale, leaving you with few options but cutting them from the team.

Let’s dive into the game film, so look alive and pay attention to The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 49: A Fireside Reading of "What’s The Deal With Split Ends?"


Shut Down Split Ends With Blanket Coverage

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Are you dealing with split ends? Got any trick plays up your sleeve?


  1. hi guys
    been growing my hair for 3 yrs. Buuut i want to shave it all off
    the reason i want to do that is because i am from a country where women salons are separated from men’s and most the barbers ( probably all of them) don’t know how deal with long hair. i know the split ends grow and may even reach the root but i can’t help it. lots of tangles lots of hairs after shower and … and the keratin treatment is so pricey and i can’t afford it which i know it could help a lot.
    This is my long hair story for now but i want to REGROW it back cuz i want to move to us someday soon and i’m going to enjoy the flow yeaaah 🤘🏼

    1. Author

      There are lots of tips and advice here that should help you man. If you do decide to cut it we hope you’ll grow it back out!

      PS: what country are you from?

      1. I Love You Man
        you guys were the inspiration and make me feel comfortable and educated as well in these years
        I am from Iran.
        I definitely will grow it back even longer . i promise you

        1. Author

          Heck yeah man. Glad to have you here. Keep lettin it ride all the way in Iran!

    2. after a buzzcut,the akward stage will be much longer; you ought buy a leave in detangler, or make a grated avocado kernel tea ( one for half of a liter water; bowl 10 mn, use as a rinse out conditioner; it is also a little curl regulator
      and, for the split rends cutting, you ought ask your wife’s hairdresser doing it a yours ( officially she will go for her…lol)
      and don’t do it, you will regret it long time !!!

      1. why would awkward stage be longer ? if i do it the next time i grow i watch and protect it like a baby! 🙂
        and besides I’m only 22 i have time to grow it back and right on time i don’t a wife or a GF to help me out. SO a hair clipper is the only thing that i can trust right now

        1. nobody can avoid split ends, and, whatever you take care of your hair, you will get as your hair grows out
          as you begin the journey from a buzzcut, you will have hair at the same length around your head, and it will as it growth give you a very layered haircut
          i know that, with the mollahs , it is difficult finding an unisex salon…
          that’s for it i give the tip meeting a female hairdresser in a private home where live a woman ( a married friend and officially a private meeting…) to cut the split ends only
          if the religious police find your longhair ” no islamic”, you can anwer them that, in a Dubai Museum, is exhibited a plait from the prophet Muhammad, who was a longhair man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vWiJ3tNTTg

  2. Great podcast. I do search and destroy pretty much every other day to snip those splits. I tend to focus on the longest strands because those are the ones who have sustained damage for the longest time.

    Other than that, the trick is to eat well, exercise and sleep properly and keep a trustful water bottle with you in every moment of your day. Hydration = Longevity

    1. Author

      Heck yeah Rui, thank you! Appreciate the extra tips too mate, keep lettin it ride!

  3. Bro! Thanks for the help. I have started the journey and definitely feel out of my league when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. I am a fitness coach so I sweat a lot and need to shower often. The quick tips and blog have been helpful. Love what you guys do. Can’t wait to use the Hair Ties For Guys and also to be able to donate some hair to kids in need one day.

  4. an excellent site for haircare made by two french Rapunzel with an english version available at that address: http://isaetno.free.fr/indexeng.html
    by clicking on the button ” split end”, you will get a complete explanation and a ” horror gallery”

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