Let Ride Episode 59: A Fireside Reading of “Whisky, Rock & Roll and Men’s Hair Ties”

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Making Friends Everywhere

In this case 30,000 feet above the ground traveling at 600 MPH while drinking heavy doses of whisky and bumping Pantera on an iPhone. Quite possibly the best time two long hair bros who just met can have on a 45-minute flight.

This week’s fireside reading takes us back to a story that was submitted to us from our boy El Mysterioso, titled Whisky, Rock & Roll and Men’s Hair Ties. It’s a tale of two longhairs from two parts of the world coming together and forging a bond while flying over Europe.

The beautiful thing about this story is how it clearly illustrates the brotherhood that is long hair. It starts with noticing another guy flying the universal flag of flow. You think to yourself, “I should go say what’s up.” You find your moment and BOOM! You instantly make a connection.


Within a few minutes and a little conversation you realize you have much more in common than just hair. Before you know it you’re having drinks, sharing laughs and talking shop.

More often than not this is the case; maybe you’re into the same music, traveled to the same countries, like the same sports teams, who knows. That’s why it’s always a special moment when you reach out to another longhair because you’re going to find out. You’ll make a connection, share an experience and have a memory.

At the end of the day there is one undeniable fact. We all have a bond. It starts with the hair but it goes deeper. So when you’re out there traveling the world or just walking down your street, don’t miss the opportunity to make an experience. Say what’s up, give the nod and if you’ve got them, share a referral card...and make a guy’s day.


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Have you ever had any longhair encounters in the wild?

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