Insider’s Guide to Our Best Deals This Memorial Weekend

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How to Get The Absolute Best Deals From The Longhairs This Weekend

Good times are coming this Memorial Day weekend with a different deal on The Longhairs products every day.

Below you’ll find the daily deals, how they work and a strategic approach to getting the maximum value on each.

NOTICE: deals are valid while supplies last!


Free Item Friday

Spend $25


Spend $50


About The Deal

Spend $25, get a free pack of hair ties.

Spend $50, get a free pack of hair ties AND a free pair of Knockaround “Let It Rides.”

How It Works

Add $25 worth of products to your cart to unlock a secret coupon code. Add any pack that you want and use the coupon code at checkout to get 1 pack of hair ties for FREE!

Increase your cart value to $50 and your free Knockarounds will automatically be added to your cart.

How To Get Max Value

You definitely want to get the free Knocks ($30 value) and free hair ties ($12 value).

You can reach a $50 cart total with any combination of products, but you’ll see better deals later this weekend on headbands, headwraps and hair care.

Honestly this is your best chance to buy apparel. Since we can’t really discount apparel, you can get a couple summer t-shirts or tanks—with all new designs available—and take advantage of $42 worth of free gifts!

Best chance on apparel. Ends Friday night at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.


Hella Sick Saturday


About The Deal

Buy More, Save More on any combination of headbands & headwraps.
  • Buy 2 - 20% OFF
  • Buy 3 - 30% OFF
  • Buy 4 - 40% OFF

How It Works

Add any combination of headbands & headwraps to your cart. When you reach checkout your discount will be applied automatically.

How To Get Max Value

Add at least four items to your cart to get the full 40% off. For example:

2 Headwraps ($16 ea)
+ 1 Thick Headband ($9)
+ 1 pack Thin Headbands ($12)
less 40% off –$21.20
Total   $31.80

Best deal on headbands & headwraps. Ends Saturday night at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.


Hair Care Sunday

About The Deal


Buy Shampoo & Conditioner set + any serum, get 30% off.


Buy any two serums, get 30% off.

How It Works

Add a set of shampoo & conditioner and any hair serum to your cart. When you reach checkout your discount will be applied automatically.

How To Get Max Value

This is your SHOT to get a hold of our new shampoo & conditioner at the best price. If you’re lucky enough to already have those, get a double dose of serum.

Best deals on shampoo, conditioner & hair serum. Ends Sunday night at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.


Memorial Monday

About The Deal


How It Works

Pretty simple. The entire store will be 25% off.

How To Get Max Value

This is your chance to buy hard lids (we only have about 7 left, sorry), soft lids and anything else you’ve missed. The more you buy the more you save on whatever is remaining in inventory.

Best deal on lids and hair ties. In observance of Memorial Day this deal is extended through Tuesday night at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.


Cash In Big Time

Deals are optimized for maximum stoke! Work the angles this weekend, take advantage of all the deals and you can really rake it in.

You know when you shop with us, your money is going to a good place with $1 for every sale going to Children With Hair Loss.

Longhairs Do Care - Donating our hair to charity