Getting to Know El Rubio & El Moreno

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Some of you have wanted to get to know El Moreno and El Rubio, the founders of The Longhairs, a little better. We come bearing good news: now, you can.

Your longhaired brethren have been working on their side projects to their side projects, and they’re READY FOR LAUNCH. Check them out now and get to know the homies better!


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At 30 years of age I left my comfy corporate employment to travel the world.

With job, home and family, I left behind my identity: the classic, buttoned up, high-and-tight, clean-shaven, all-American businessman. For the first time in life I successfully grew my hair long, a year of travel serving the perfect transition.

El Rubio, one of the founders of The Longhairs

Republished here are the writings from my transcendent journey and the year that followed, with a new home and a new place for things that should be written.

I don’t know what they’re going to say when it’s all said and done. But they’re not gonna say he played it safe.

One of the founders of The Longhairs, El Rubio's signature
Lindsay Barto Blog, one of the founders of The Longhairs

Yo Barto

What up dog! I’ve been known in certain corners as Joker, others as Lindz and on this site as El Moreno. I thought it was time I had a place where I’m just free flowing Lindsay Joe Barto. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time but never actually made it happen. You know what a wise man once said:

“The only difference between thinking it and getting it done is doing it!”
Wise Old Man

So this new project will be a place I share my thoughts, perspectives, personal writings and challenges through audio, video, photography and notes. If you want to become even closer homies follow me over there.

This is not one of the founders of The Longhairs

Just like the founders of The Longhairs, do you have a personal project? Link it up dawg!


  1. El Rubio!
    Hey brother, I am so proud of you for going the distance with your idea. First , just the guts it took to follow your bliss, and secondly the humor and humility that comes through when you are on screen is very genuine, funny and heartwarming. Good to see young men finding solidarity and commradery in such a simple thing.
    Caring for your hygiene and keeping it real is very attractive. So thank you and yours for classy and strong simplicity a thing.
    P S
    What is the salute at the end?
    Spell it for me please
    All my best, Cat

    1. Hi Cat! Thank you for the kind message and feedback. It’s great to read your comments.

      The salute? We say…. C’YA! An abbreviated version of, “see you.”

      Courtesy of the late Tim Beaudry.

      Thanks again for reading and writing in.

      1. Yo el Rubicon brah, you’re such a rad inspirational dude my guy. I hit the gnar every darn day dude with my long hair flowing in the wind. Longhair brethren forever. Peace , love and positivity all the way dawg. Can we find you somewhere in the sunny confines of LA? Hit me up – big love from the longhair society in LA yo!

        1. Yo TREY! Thanks man, glad to have you here hombre. I do make it to LA from time to time, but why not make a quick trip down to the sunny confines of San Diego?? Just hop on the ol’ surfliner and you’ll be down here catching some cosmic rays in no time. Thanks for the comment man, keep lettin it ride!

    1. Author

      So cool Andy! Thanks for sharing and stoked to get your second awkward series post published here. Keep crushing!

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