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Diving Deep With The Longhairs

We had the splendid opportunity recently to be inaugural guests on The Forte Podcast: “featuring individuals that are defining the future of what it means to put people first.”

In the show’s much-anticipated Episode 1, host Matt Forte interviews El Moreno and El Rubio about The Longhairs community and how it’s enabled connections both close to home and around the world.

In this riveting episode you’ll hear about:

  • How El Moreno and El Rubio dreamed up running a business together
  • Fighting to survive
  • Believing from the first moment
  • How the name, “The Longhairs” was conceived
  • A Longhairs coupon for Forte listeners
  • Urban guerilla tactics
  • How to get Hair Ties For Guys for life
  • How this could have been nothing

Not only did we have a great time rapping with El Forte, but we uncovered some deep truths about what this community really means.

We were honored to be the inaugural guests on the show. So grab a chair, kick your feet up and listen to The Longhairs on the Forte Podcast.

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  1. Your support is AMAZING. Thanks for the inaugural episode and all that you guys do for the flowing manes!

    -Matt “El Forte”

    1. Hell yes man! Thanks for having us on the show!

      Now to start growing your hair out….

  2. Boom! Amazing energy boys!

    I especially liked hearing Sigma Nu so early, ahh who am I kidding, I liked hearing the shout out to “Why Did Sam Do It?” And it wasn’t for free hair ties!

  3. A great listen boys and good to hear that there are lots more products on the horizon, get busy creating that storage space and try to stock up well as the demand will be high!

  4. Hmmmm. Maybe I should have the longhairs mark embellished upon my body.

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