Portraits of The Longhairs Part IV | AI Edition

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Men’s Long Hair Portraits Created By A Machine

Every image you see within this post was created by Artificial Intelligence (AI). These AI portraits of men with long hair were made with the AI engine Midjourney. I won’t go into a full explanation, but essentially this tool creates images from textual descriptions, better known as “prompts.”

Its ability to take the text you input and manufacture something completely unique is honestly mind-blowing.

As cool as it seems, this raises ethical concerns about the use of AI in the content creation process as well as business applications.

The Burning Questions

Can AI-generated content be considered "original?" Is this technology a tool to help optimize, increase, and improve processes?

With one of our core values being Creativity and Authenticity, it’s critical that we question the legitimacy of these emerging AI systems. What do they mean to us as content creators and business operators, and how is the business landscape using them to advance and improve?

Businesses are already utilizing Artificial Intelligence, from writing articles and blogs to creating videos and social media content. AI is being deployed to automate the production of a wide range of digital materials.

Does that make it ok? I think no, but it’s also too early to say for certain.

In fact, I don’t have answers to any of these questions because all of it is just so new. This amazing technology has emerged for public consumption and it has the power to transform life as we know it. Very similar to the dawn of the internet.

Will it be a net positive or net negative? If we look at what we know from the 40-year history of the internet, we could say net positive. The internet has altered our lives in incredible ways. Giving us the ability to have instant information, connection, mapping, banking, selling, convenience and collaboration to name a few.

With all the positives there has been a cost. Addiction, bullying, spam and advertising, porn and violence, inability to disconnect, identity theft, hacking, extortion, and the list can go on.

The real concern lies in the fact that when compared to the internet, AI is an entirely different beast. What will the cost and unforeseen negatives of integrating it into our content creation, businesses and eventually our lives be?

What is Creativity?

Here’s something I’m asking myself while creating the images for this blog:

"I have a vision for a portrait of a man with long hair. I write a clear textual description so the machine can best try and create what I’m envisioning. Is that using my creativity? Is the result authentic?"

The honest answer is I don’t know.

With all of this being so new, it is going to take time to figure out when and if these tools have a real place in the process of content creation and business operation.

Some are quick to just say yes, but it should be something we question and carefully consider at every turn.

AI Portraits of Men With Long Hair

The approach to developing these AI portraits of men with long hair was to explore the range in which the machine can create portraits from a combination of original photography and text prompts.These are the results.
  • ai portrait of asian man with tattoos and long black hair with ear ring in right ear. Light goatee and mustache.
  • ai portraits of man with long brown hair
  • ai portrait of surf style older man with blonde hair and goatee
  • ai portrait of viking style man with long blonde hair and necklace.
  • ai portrait of young skater boy with beautiful long brown hair
  • fantasy style ai portrait of men with long braids and brown beard with light brown eyes
  • ai portrait of older man with long braids in motorcycle club looking mean af
  • ai portrait of sean horton looking like a school boy viking in flannel shirt and wearing glasses
  • ai portraits of mexican man with long black hair
  • surreal ai portrait of extremely tough looking man with incrediable braids and braided beard
  • ai portrait of young asain man from world war 2 black hair
  • ai portraits of men with long hair
  • ai portraits of men with long hair
  • ai photography portrait of man with long hair
  • photography style ai portrait of man with long hair
  • realistic ai photography portrait
  • ai portrait of black man with long locks and gold chains with jacket open
  • ai portrait of asian style aritst with long black hair and goatee in photo studio

Final Thoughts on AI

While AI has the potential to revolutionize the world, it is important to consider the ethical implications and potential consequences of relying too heavily upon it.

As content creators, we should know the tools, understand their capability and explore how they can further advance our own authenticity and creativity—all with a cautious and mindful approach.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on AI. Original? Ethical? Share in the comments and we can really geek out on this.


  1. I think broad AI from a creative standpoint definitely has harsh grey areas, but if when the technology advances, the ability to either site sources or input specific references you’d want to derive it from make a little more sense to me. Just like an artist signs their work or a journalist captions their images, maybe there could either be source water mark on images, or the source material is linked within the code of the generated image. I think using AI for creative work and passing it off as solely your own is absolutely not cool, but using it as a tool I think is the right implementation, at least for where it is right now.

  2. I know I’m with a group of intelligent guys when they question the integrity and ethics of A.I. Yes, long hairs are brilliant,

    El Timbo

  3. artificial intelligence, i’ve some doubts for a computer is a machine ; and a machine is ( french expression) bête comme un penis ( as stupid as a penis) and more…
    the intelligence is this of the engineers who have written the programs an learned the machine to remember what the human had accepted to reproduce those choices
    but i must admit that, in this case, the pics are very realistic, with a ageing program and the order to grow out at terminal length the hair….
    it could be an good tool to see how your own hair can be longer on your head with a better quality than much ” virtual hairstyles” ; to experiment at Julia Roberts salon…, and then online

  4. With anything new there is always the good and the bad, as you made a great analogy of the Internet. The portraits in your blog show the issue is who can tell what is real what is AI? ….in a real portrait can you then modify or enhance with AI? It should be two categories of what was created with AI and what was organic, but you will always have those that want to push the boundaries….and isn’t that how we ended up having AI?????

    Good lord it’s exhausting – I need to put my feet up and pour a glass of wine –

    1. Author

      lol! I feel you…I’m also pretty nervous about the future of this stuff.

  5. I like seeing all the beard styles… I’m thinking about trying one out. Thanks guys!

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