“Hair Is Precious” with Teddy Benson on Let It Ride

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Last Loc

The last time we saw San Diego recording artist Teddy Benson in 2021, he had a full set of mighty, thickset locs tumbling unrestrainedly about his head and shoulders.

In a dramatic change in semblance, he arrived at the warehouse for his 2023 appearance on The Longhairs podcast high and tight, with a single, solitary remaining dreadlock issuing from the base of his neckline.

This begged the inevitable first question in our interview with Teddy Benson: why’d you cut off your locs? And why did you keep just one?

Teddy Benson standing next to El Rubio, four or five inches taller.

Acknowledging that hair is precious, imparting its organic nature in that it both receives and emits power and essence, Teddy reveals that in the end, much like his music, it’s about the energy.

Receive the energy, with lessons in life and hip hop music, when you listen to Teddy Benson on Let It Ride.

What you'll hear about

  • Hair is a super database and processing server
  • Receiving and storing life experience & energy
  • Open up a dread and you can see the life you’ve lived
  • When to release the negative energy
  • Losing identity but gaining peace
  • The change in how people treat you
  • Navigating the hip hop industry

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“Finding My Zone”
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Teddy Benson

Teddy is a San Diego artist and rapper. His vision is to give people the energy, through music, that they need at that very moment in their lives…and to spark the fire inside of those aspiring for greatness. He pours his soul and his life experiences into his music.


Headshot of Teddy Benson


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This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by The Great Cut 2024, where The Longhairs will attempt another world-record charity hair donation for Children With Hair Loss.

Bros On This Episode

El Rubio | Chris Healy

El Rubio

Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Manetenance Officer for The Longhairs, El Rubio is a writer, traveler, avid skier and athlete. He writes most of the words you read from The Longhairs. IG


El Rubio | Chris Healy

El Garvinski

Video Producer for The Longhairs, El Garvinski is a media solutions expert and active health advocate. He directed/produced the iconic Hair Ties For Guys commercial in 2014, and continues firing off heavy content for The Longhairs.


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