The 2016 All Hair Team of Major League Baseball with Nick Claghorn

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Long Hair in Major League Baseball - 2016 Edition

You've been asking yourself...who has the best long hair in major league baseball in 2016? We've been asking ourselves the same question.

You’re in for a treat today kiddos. That’s because MLB insider and The Longhairs beat correspondent Nick Claghorn is reporting from inside the clubhouse to bring you the 2016 All Hair Team of Major League Baseball.

From Justin Turner The Worm Burner with his Texas Tornado of Tendrils, to Johnny Cueto dealing hot cheddar, Claghorn lays down some cheese of his own with a performance of ages, striking out 12 en route to a masterful complete game shutout.

Watch this exclusive rundown of the most elite long hair in the majors, as we proudly present the 2016 All Hair Team of Major League Baseball, narrated by the one and only Nick Claghorn.

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Major League Longhairs on This List

Derek Norris, Catcher
San Diego Padres

Colby Rasmus, Outfielder
Houston Astros

Johnny Cueto, Right Handed Pitcher
San Francisco Giants

Jacob DeGrom, Right Handed Pitcher
New York Mets

Bronson Arroyo, Right Handed Pitcher
Washington Nationals

Andrew McCutcheon, Outfielder
Pittsburgh Pirates

Jayson Werth, Outfielder
Washington Nationals

Coco Crisp, Outfielder
Oakland Athletics

Justin Turner, Third Base
Los Angeles Dodgers

Brandon Crawford, Shortstop
San Francisco Giants

Clayton Kershaw, Left Handed Pitcher
Los Angeles Dodgers

John Jaso, Catcher
Pittsburgh Pirates

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Nick Claghorn narrates long hair major league baseball 2016
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Nick Claghorn

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