Long Hair Street Cred

11 Places Long Hair Gets You Street Cred

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Street Cred
Commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments.

Long hair might not fly in a job interview or with your girlfriend’s parents. So where is the flow acceptable? Where do the locks fly freely? Where does long hair get you street cred?

Refreshingly, such havens exist. Here are the top 11 places where long hair is not only tolerated, but respected...and maybe even appreciated.

1. Surfing

When you paddle out with long hair it will be assumed you know what you’re doing. If you’re this kid you can even snake waves with zero questions asked.

2. On the Mountain

“What up man!” Can be expected when sitting down on a chairlift full of hip local skiers and snowboarders.
Long hair is always appreciated on the mountain.

3. The 60’s and 70’s

From the hippie era of the ‘60’s to the anti-establishment of the 70’s, long hair gave you instant street cred with the in-crowd.

4. Cannabis Dispensary

Whether or not you smoke weed people think you do. Step right in and get a little extra hook up from the crew.

5. On the Dance Floor

People know they can expect more from you on the dance floor. Plus you have hair whips in your arsenal which immediately brings another level of intensity.

6. Middle Earth

Universally approved by Legolas, Aragorn and all the free peoples of Middle Earth.

7. At a Concert

There is no question you’re here to party. And you’re probably in the band.

8. The Sturgis Biker Rally

Besides owning a motorcycle, nothing says “I’m in the game” like long hair and leather at the world-renown biker rally.

9. Tattoo Shops

Do guys with long hair tend to have tattoos, or do guys with tattoos tend to have long hair? Whether it’s the chicken or the egg they just seem to go together.

10. Shark Tank

It’s hard to get more street cred than hair whipping and high-fiving with The Markaledon on Shark Tank.

11. At The Longhairs Global HQ

When you show up at The Longhairs Headquarters, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Remember, for every place your hair gets you funny looks, there are places where long hair gets you street cred.

Where else does long hair get you street cred?