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As you know, last week we celebrated the hair ties launch at Long Manes & Candy Canes. Many of you couldn’t make it due to the long distance, but we know you were down for it.

At the party we held the premier screening of the newest video. It shows a little different side of The Longhairs.

You see, Hair Ties For Guys was the first idea that was ever conceived. It was only later we realized it’s about much more than a piece of elastic…it’s about why guys with long hair need hair ties for guys.

It’s the story of The Longhairs.


Oh. By the way. At long last, the hair ties are live. You can get them right now.




  1. Keep Rollin guys hair ties and more.good time watching the other night. So pumped hats came in. Got 2 cold hair_in boston. Keep up the good work long hairs rock

  2. Hi! I’ve ordered a couple of packs of ties for my lovely longhaired fiancé, do you know how long I should expect to wait for them to get to me in the UK? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Maggie! Will respond to your email direct. Thank you for ordering hair ties! 🙂

  3. I’ve been a fan for several months now and just wanted to say, THANK YOU! The tips and video are real helpfull, and you dudes are very entertaining. Looking forward to getting some hair ties that actually work. THX!

  4. Stoked on the hair ties bros, ordered the Outdoorsmans (which seem to be an instant favorite) along with the Old Glorys.
    I’m sure you guys get pitches pretty regularly but have you considered a line of men’s hairbrushes or hairclips? I’d instantly snag a wooden hairbrush with an emblazoned Longhairs logo on the hilt, I bet you guys could get some cool concept designs for men’s hairclips too. One step at a time I know, I’m just pumped to see what you dudes have in store for the longhair community. Might I suggest a Military themed hair tie pack? Digital camo in standard forest colors along with desert, snow, and aqua? Could do one specific for each branch too. So many possibilities. Anyway keep up the good work and thanks for everything you’ve done up to now and all you’ll be able to do in the future for longhairs worldwide. Longhairs Worldwide… has a nice ring to it.

    Let it ride!

    1. Author

      Zach, loving the ideas man! We have definite plans for the products you’ve mentioned, but yes on step at a time we’re just stoked to have the hair ties finally! Really appreciate the feedback, it’s awesome to hear such a positive response. Those Outdoorsmans are coming in hot man, please give us your feedback after you’ve had a chance to tie it up! Thanks again, happy holidays, let it ride!

  5. Awesome job guys. Gonna order up the outdoorsman pack, maybe a firefighter pack in the future? When is the shampoo and Conditioner coming out?? Just a thought anyways. Merry Christmas longhairs!

    1. Author

      Yo Justin! Thank you man, the Outdoorsmans will do you right! We’ll keep the fireman pack in mind, shampoo and conditioner might be a ways out still. Merry Christmas to you man and Happy New Year!

  6. Hey guys. These new ties for guys look awesome. Any chance the list of countries you can ship to will expand? I can’t find my country on the list so I don’t see how I can get them 🙁

    1. Yo Niels! We’ve made an update and opened it up to all countries. Give it a try, if you have any problems just reply here.

  7. Everything works now for me, ordered The Outdoorsmans ones, have a nice week guys!

  8. Fellow Longhairs, man nothing can more true about men with long hair haha. While watching your awesome video I felt like y’all are ushering in a new age, an age of freedom! I bought the Outdoorsmans Hair Ties for Guys pack yesterday, your designs are unique and sure to catch people’s attention. I found your website this summer and loved reading the blogs, watching the videos, listening to the “hitting reset” podcast, I ordered the Longhairs cards and spread the word about the Longhairs by telling my longhaired friends about y’all and giving Longhair cards to longhaired men I met along the way. Quick Longhair tip- get some coconut oil, it helps when tying back hair to keep it slicked back and your head of hair fly away free, it is good for hair health and does a lot more. Gratitude for being a positive role model for men with long hair, and giving the long haired community steadfast representation. Keep letting it ride! Merry Christmas, and a Longhaired new year!

    1. Dude! That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever read on this blog! Man….fired up! Really appreciate the love and the support and thanks for the tip. If you ever have any interest in writing let us know. We really want to bring in more contributors. Your Outdoorsmans are in the mail and headed your way, stoked to hear what you think about them.

      1. Yo El Moreno! The hair ties for guys are top grade, very durable (wore one while running and it absorbed sweat and still maintained its tightness, regular elastics have a tendency to get loose with a lot of sweat over time) and comfortable to wear. I like how the ties are much thicker than regular elastics, it feels like the Longhair ties give more support and holds the hair in place better than normal ties. I ordered another Outdoorsmans pack for my longhaired friend’s birthday present, told him about the Longhairs and to keep letting it ride haha. Thanks!

        1. Anthony it’s great to hear your feedback. Happy they are preforming well, super pumped your digging them and you got your homie some. Rock on!

  9. I’ve got the same problem like James “invalid shipping method”, but the country is Poland, any help would be appreciated.

    1. I think we got you sorted Marcin. I see that your order came through. About to go drop it off at the post. They’re COMING IN HOTT!

  10. Your Nohair bro here.

    Well done on another solid video. You guys continue to make me second guess my Lex Luthor look. I also look forward to your future products including the one that helps me regenerate my mane.


    1. hahaha!! D-MONEY thanks for the kind words bro. Really appreciate you stopping by.

  11. Sup brothers, I’m getting “invalid shipping method” when trying to ship to the UK? Sorry to leave a comment here about it, I couldn’t find how to contact you.

      1. I’m from Australia and am also encountering this problem when trying to order.

        1. Ok Guys!

          We got the international shipping all figured out. If you can just refresh your browser and give it a try it should be all good. If not just hit me back on this thread.

  12. While watching this video, this image popped up in my mind:
    Years into future, as I walk around somewhere to buy some hair products, trying to decide which Women’s Care shop would be less awkward to venture, I see it. A huge door with the symbol of Longhairs on it, opening to a 3-story building, dedicated to Men with Longhair with an elegant yet manly design. A place that I can go through every product without awkwardness, asking other Longhairs for advice that knows about being a man with longhair…

    You guys are doing an amazing job. 5-6 weeks since I started following you and my hair got to a point that I get lots of compliments from variety of people when I let it out and walk through a hall and you know what? That is thanks to you. Keep it up, gentleman. I salute you all the way from Turkey.

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