Let it Ride Episode 34: Gale Force Wins Predicted for The Great Cut

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When Only GALE FORCE Will Do

Have you ever planned a party, organized a mixer or hosted a soiree? You know that feeling right before it starts, when everything is done (or not done) and all you can do is wait?

That’s when you need Gale Force Productions, an event and live music company producing events and music shows from a one-night solo band at Mother’s Saloon to a multi-day festival in San Felipe.

Founded, owned and operated by Nebraskan-turned-San-Diegan and card-carrying longhair Gale Hopping, GFP knows what it takes to make a show happen. From booking the bands and the venue and getting the contract, to the stage, lighting, sound and promotion, Gale Force Productions gets it done.

In addition to producing shows, GFP is the go-to resource for finding live music shows in San Diego. Here on The Longhairs Professional Series we dive into the San Diego live music scene, what it takes to produce a successful show, and why someone always misses the party bus.

From the grand vision to the minute details, get the full live music production breakdown with Gale Hopping on The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 34.


What You'll Hear About:

  • What it takes to produce a successful live music show
  • The San Diego live music scene and up and coming bands
  • Why there is no feeling in the world like witnessing a live music performance
  • Homemade pyrotechnics with PVC piping
  • Why we’re expecting Gale Force wins at The Great Cut

Predicting Big Wins

Not only did we cover all this ground, we gave Gale the hard sell on full production of the live music and entertainment program for The Great Cut. So when you show up and you’re blown away by the entertainment...you’ll know it was Gale Force Productions, delivering big wins for The Longhairs.

He’s not huffing and puffing, but he is a True. Music. Guy. Listen to Gale Hopping on The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 34.


Gale Hopping is the founder and owner of Gale Force Productions.

MAY 26

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What bands should we invite to The Great Cut?


  1. Falling Doves, Matthew Phillips, Bart Mendoza, Ease Up, Electric Mud, Spice Pistols, Crucial Blend, Oceans, New Leaf, Roses Cantina, Modern Day Moonshine, Hardwired, SoundSlave, Lacey Younger, the moves collective, Quel Bordel, AssPocket Whiskey Fellas, The Routine, Flipside Burners, SickStrin Outlaws, Jimmy Lewis, NO Kings, Rebecca Jade, KL Noise Makers, PsydeCar, Whitney Shay, Vokab Company, Mittens, the farmers, the creepy creeps, nick bone and the big scene, Johnny Deadly trio. Get through those first and call me so we can get crackin and lock down our line up Gentleman!

    Thanks for the OB Stylee interview. See ya real soon.

  2. What a fun vocation. It doesn’t sound like a “job.” I’m not saying it’s not challenging, just “Do what you love and you never work a day in your life.” Wish there was a party bus for my last Yanni concert. 😉 The Mother’s-father thing is a total myth. My mother’s father was a cue ball. I get my hair from my dad. He’s 84 and his hair is as thick as mine, no balding. Gale’s voice is pleasant and engaging. He’d make a great emcee if the need arose.

    Another DOPE Let It Ride production…




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