Let it Ride Episode 33: A Fireside Reading of “Confessions of a Shorthair”

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Before Chuck Had An El

One fine day we were talking about the direction of the Let It Ride podcast and we thought, “why not read and record our blog posts.” We all loved it.

So here on episode 33 of Let it Ride we’re introducing our new audio blog series, “Fireside Readings,” where we’ll read one of our favorite blog posts next to a crackling fire. We’ll throw a Fireside Reading into the podcast mix every few weeks as a fun way to catch up on past hits and a different way to experience our written content.

"why not read and record our blog posts."

For this exciting series debut we turn to the soothing voice of El Chuckarino, reading his inaugural post on The Longhairs blog, “Confessions of a Shorthair.”

Long before Chuck had and “El,” before he was even a Chuckarino, Chuck has been The Longhairs’ social media manager who works at home, went to art school, lives near the Longhair capital of San Diego, Ocean Beach—yet still won’t grow it out.

Find out why in The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 33: A Fireside Reading of “Confessions of a Shorthair.”


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What’d you think about the new Fireside Readings? Any suggestions for the next post we should read?