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The Friar of Flow

It’s not so often you meet a #1 fan. There’s something pure about it.

No disappointment, no catastrophic meltdown, no monumental collapse will dampen their sheer dedication and commitment to the team. Undaunted they bend their willpower towards victory, flexing and straining each muscle and synapse to the maximum extent of human capability.

It’s no surprise we met the San Diego Padres number one fan at Petco Park, a tall and somewhat gangly, youthful, hair whipping, dancing maniac with cascading curly brown locks by the name of Ryan Cohen. He’s known for turning up with frequent and epic performances at Padres games, coaxing along a cadre of rabid friar fanatics, with more appearances on the jumbotron than El Rubio himself.

The color commentator for the Padres' television broadcasts designated Cohen a ‘top 5 Padres fan,’ while local media have dubbed him ‘The Superfan’ ...but as far as we’re concerned he’s unequivocally the #1 Padres fan.

Being also a man with long hair we thought it both relevant and timely to invite him on Let It Ride, square in the midst of the National League Division Series pitting San Diego against the longtime archrival Los Angeles Dodgers.

The lineup was stacked and the bats were hot. It was like Slam Diego out there.

What you'll hear about:

  • The tough life as a Padres fan
  • Getting the crowd lit
  • The Padres new brown uniforms
  • A seemingly impossible coincidence
  • The power of vision
  • NLDS Game 2 predictions

Listen to Ryan Cohen on The Longhairs podcast. Go Pads!

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Ryan Cohen

The Friar of Flow

A San Diego local and lifetime Padres fan, Ryan Cohen is a student at UC Davis, a member of Camp Kesem, and duly initiated fraternity brother to El Rubio and El Moreno in both The Longhairs and Sigma Nu.


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