The Longhairs Strength Training Program

Created by Jesse Marvin

Longtime friend of The Longhairs, professional trainer, coach and badass powerlifter Jesse Marvin has created a strength training program specifically for our longhaired brethren.

Designed to build strength and improve your athletic performance, Professor Marv has agreed to offer his certified Longhairs Strength Training Program free to our community.

Jesse Marvin - The Longhairs Strength Training Program - Fitness

Professor Marvin-certified Longhairs Strength Training Program

  • 8-week training series
  • 10 workouts with over 75 movements
  • Optimized for maximum gains
  • Proven to increase your strength and performance
  • Guaranteed to increase your deadlift, bench press & squat
How It Works

You’ll alternate between two different weeks of exercises. We call these Work A and Work B.

On Week 1 you do Work A. On Week 2 you do Work B. Continue alternating until you have completed eight weeks of training.

Jesse Marvin - The Longhairs Strength Training Program - Fitness

Proven Results

Used exclusively by El Rubio and El Moreno in preparation for their appearance on Shark Tank, The Longhairs co-founders hit personal records in bench press, squat and deadlift after eight weeks of training with this program.

Whether you have experience training or just beginning your fitness journey, this program has something to offer. Follow the complete eight week program and we guarantee you’ll be stronger than you’ve ever been.

About the Professor

Jesse Marvin aka “Professor Marv” is a trainer, coach and powerlifter. He’s been training professionally since 2011, accredited in exercise science, human physiology, biomechanics and nutrition at the National Personal Training Institute.

With over 20 state and national records in his powerlifting career, he is one of the strongest men in the world. Lifting heavy and rocking the flow, he is a proud regular contributor for The Longhairs.


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