Drew Freed AKA El Druberado takes us into the depths of your weirdest hair dreams.

Hair Dreams and What They (Could) Mean

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Are You Having These Hair Dreams?

Have you had a dream about your hair and wondered if it meant something? Or perhaps contemplated whether deciphering your hair dreams could be the key to unlocking your ultimate destiny?

Your intuition could be right. The human mane is a powerful dream symbol not to be ignored, often representing your thoughts, ideas and willpower in the dream world. Here are some common hair dreams, and what they could mean for you.

Hair Cut Off?

This is a classic hair dream and anyone who has patiently grown out a set of long, lustrous locks has probably woken up in a cold sweat after having it all cut off in their dreams. What does it mean?

It could mean you’re experiencing a loss in strength. Has someone been stifling you? Keeping you from being yourself? In this case, try to remember who cut your hair as it may be important information. Was it you? Get out of your own way then!

Whatever you do, DON’T CUT YOUR HAIR! That’s NOT what this dream is saying. Instead, cut whoever or whatever is holding you back out of your life.

Long Hair Dream?

Long hair in dreams is usually a good omen. It can be a sign of spiritual and physical strength, or the enjoyment of sexual pleasures (much like having long hair in real life).

If your hair is so long that you’re stepping on it though, or it’s getting in your way and frustrating you, then you may have spent too much time thinking about an important decision and it’s time to take action. A wise man once said, “not taking action is taking action.” And that’s usually not the action you want to take.

Tangled Hair Dreams?

Like the Disney movie, but not as fun. A total nightmare enmeshed in the gnarliest of tangles and snarls. Time to take some deep breaths and detangle your life, much like you would detangle your hair: with patience and combing.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused these days, and this can be made worse by not having your priorities in order. Slow down, practice some mindful breathing, and comb through that to-do list. Figure out what is most important to you, and organize your list accordingly. Then, take it one step at a time.

El Druberado diving into his hair dreams.

Dyed Hair Dream? What Color?

A drastic change like dying your hair in your dream could signify you are about to experience a big change. Your dream could be especially noteworthy if you dyed it red.

This could mean that you desire more passion in your life. If you’re single it’s probably time to mingle. If you’re in a committed relationship, maybe spice things up with your Halloween costume this year.

Hair Turned White?

Stop stressing, Gandalf! White hair in a dream could mean you’re feeling too much stress. Easier said than done, but try to find ways to reduce the stress in your life.

Eat better. Sleep more regularly. Meditate. Quit your job and become a monk? Take a one year vow of silence? Food for thought, but if you’re having white hair dreams it’s time to assess the stress—then take action to alleviate it.

Hair Falling Out?

If your hair is falling out in your dream you might be concerned about your health. Remember, action is the best medicine for worry. Get off WebMD and go for a checkup.

Hair falling out in a dream can also be attributed to the fear of ageing or growing older. Relax. You’re exactly the age you’re supposed to be.

The Spanish language has it right when they ask how many years you have instead of how old you are. Age is experience. Experience is wealth. Years are like Pokemon. Try to collect them all.

Hair On Fire?

There are a few different interpretations for this hair dream, but my favorite is that you are about to come into money. Go ahead and max out your credit cards because cash is on the way, you’re good for it!

However, it could mean success is coming in a non-monetary way. Hair on fire can also signal that your emotions are running high. Or that an upcoming trip you have planned may be postponed or cancelled, so maybe start planning your “staycation” just in case.

Choking On Your Hair?

This hair dream may indicate you are not expressing yourself in some way that you want or need to. Maybe you are holding something in, an idea or an opinion that needs to be shared.

Or there could be some artistic project you’ve been circling, but alas you “haven’t found the time.” Is there a blog or video channel waiting to be created, a photography class or music lessons calling you? Whatever it is, make it happen. Spit it out!

Darth Vader Takes His Helmet Off And Underneath Is Your Father With Long, Beautiful Hair?

You’re not alone, this is a super common one. It means if you start working out now you’ll have abs by next summer.

Dream On!

Dreams are personal, unique and sometimes unexplainable. Ultimately only you can decipher your own hair dreams, but I hope these examples have served as a good jumping-off point.

The human mane is a powerful dream symbol. Pay special attention when you dream about yours. Sweet (hair) dreams!

El Druberado currently living his hair dreams.
Drew Freed breaks down the meaning of hair dreams in his guest blog post for The Longhairs.

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