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Blog Post #156: Three Years Long and Strong

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Longhairs Roll Call

This is blog post #156, and it’s a special one.

It’s special because we have published a blog post every single week since the beginning, which means this post marks three straight years of original, quality content, direct from the heart. We’ve never missed.

When we first started, we only had two people reading our blog: our moms. After a while some of our friends started reading, because we made them. Over time, as we talked it up at bars and handed out hundreds of referral cards, others started reading.

We wrote a few posts that started attracting organic traffic. We started publishing on YouTube and getting a little traction. We found that guys were searching for the stuff we were putting out there. Still, our email list and social media following grew painfully slow.

A year after we started producing content we launched Hair Ties For Guys™. Though we still had a pretty small following, the hair ties started selling.

We can’t say exactly where or when, but somewhere between years two and three we started getting real action. You guys started leaving comments. Asking questions. Saying thank you.

The hair ties picked up, we added more collections and products, launched the commercial and kept grinding. Today we have tens of thousands of readers from all over the globe.

Through everything, the content machine has produced. Every single one of those 155 blog posts has as story behind it. Every one took some heart, and some hours. Some were exceptionally grueling, encroaching into Monday, Tuesday, and once even Wednesday.

We’ve had lots of guests contribute some great posts, but even those require hours of editing and production.

Estimates will show the fastest posts in history still took at least five or six hours between the two of us, the longest ones easily over 100. But the machine carries on, fueled by an unwavering determination to achieve greatness.

There are more highlights than we can highlight, but you can find some gems sifting through collections like these:

Yet every time we hit publish, the next week’s post looms: the content, and it’s demands. We’re ready for it, and shall tire not.

The lesson here: if you do anything meaningful for 156 weeks in a row, good things are going to happen. People will start paying attention. It’s the long game.

Don’t be fooled by promises of get rich quick, rock-hard abs in days or overnight success. It’s all bullshit. With very rare exceptions, anything worthwhile takes time, dedication and perseverance. Poetically, it’s just like growing out your long flowing mane. There’s just no quick & easy way.

When you start, no one is going to read. Except maybe your dear old mother, and she counts. You won’t see results for months or years. Stick with it. When you make it to 156 weeks you’ll have something.

We have something, but it would be nothing if it wasn’t for you guys. It would still be just two bros making blog posts with our moms reading them. Which wouldn’t be so bad…but now it’s so much more.

To commemorate this benchmark we’re asking you to sound off with an official Longhairs ROLL CALL. Let us know you’re here. Write something like this in the comments:

  1. Your Name and/or Alias
  2. Where you live
  3. How long your hair is

If you’re feeling extra zesty, answer one or more of the following questions in your comment:

  • Why did you start growing your hair out?
  • How did you first find out about The Longhairs?
  • What was the first blog post you remember reading or seeing?

Just for a little example, and since we’re part of this community too, both of us have commented on this post below.

Lastly, follow us on our social channels if you don’t already. Show some love.

And we can’t wait to read your comments.



  1. 4 months in. Read all the how to’s out there. In for the long hall. I’m from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺

  2. My name is Blayne Massengill, I live in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have been growing out my hair for about 7 months and I’m about half an inch away from being able to tie all of my hair up (the sides are the only thing not long enough). When I started growing my hair out it was about an inch on top, and completely shaved on the sides.

    I had always wanted to grow my hair out, but I was always afraid of what people would think, especially my parents. I had always seen these guys with awesome, long hair, who had the same hair texture as I did. I always wanted to look like them, so one day I decided to grow it all out.

    Nobody really said anything at first, not until my hair got to about 5-6 inches, then came the comments.

    “When are you gonna get a hair cut”

    “How much longer are you gonna let it grow”


    I started wearing the top of my hair tied up to keep it off of my face. This is when a lot of criticism came my way, there were a lot of people who made fun of my hair, or said that I needed to cut it. Especially my parents. My father is a very traditional guy, he believes men should have short, neat hair, and that women should have long hair. When I told him I was growing it out he flipped. After several months of fighting, and him threatening to cut my hair, we came to an agreement. As long as I maintained straight A’s in my Highschool classes than I could grow my hair out.

    It’s been around 7 months since I started my long hair journey, and since then many people have switched from hating the idea of me with long hair, to absolutely loving it! While I still get a fair amount of hate, most people love my man bun, and more importantly, I love my hair! I’m so happy I made the decision to grow it out, it was definitely worth it!

    I was ecstatic to find out about the Longhairs, it’s nice to know that there are people just like me, who went through the struggle of growing it out, who dealt with the awkward stage and the Nay-sayers. I also love that there is a place for some sweet long hair merch for men. The LongHairs is definitely a brotherhood.

    1. Author

      Blayne dude! Your story is the reason we do this man! Super stoked to read your comment, especially that you were finally able to reach an agreement with your parents. Keep up those straight A’s amigo. And keep lettin it ride. We’ll be here.

  3. My name is Aaron, I’m 27 from the London area in England.

    I’ve wanted to grow my hair long for a while but been working in a corporate law environment since entering work, I’ve been working from my home office for a little over a year and figured screw it, time to let it ride! I’m 11 months from my last hair cut with most of my hair about an inch from my shoulders, but still awkward as shit because my old style had some hair much shorter in some areas. I get a lot of social pressure to cut it as most people I know are from the corporate environment.

    I’d almost caved in before finding El Rubio’s & El Moreno’s content, you guys are awesome and have inspired me to keep going. Can’t wait for it to hit my shoulders, and can’t wait to get my hands on the hair ties I’ve ordered!

    1. Yes Aaron! Way to go for it man so pumped you have committed. Can’t wait for you to try the ties!

      1. Thanks dude, so psyched to hear from El Moreno himself! *celebratory hair-whip*.

        I’ve been sharing your content all over the place and already two of my short-hair friends have decided to join the flow. Turns out that a lot of guys have had the dream, but until now there was never a place to feel at home – your mission is truly a global one fellas.

        I owe you both some beers if you ever find yourself in England!

  4. I’m Dave from Mariposa, Ca (just outside the gates of Yosemite National Park)
    I started regrowing my hair 4 years ago because I wanted to return to my hippie roots (pun intended) and at age 60, I was finally able to (after 35 long years of suffering under the shears)
    I was wearing it loose and letting it flow one fine summer day about 2 years ago, when I was given a card by one Lowell Young, and have been a fan of the Longhairs and this community ever since.

    I’m expecting to see Mark Cuban going through the awkward phase in a few months!
    Keep rockin it, guys.

  5. Austin
    Reno, NV

    Started growing it out in my sophomore year at college because I don’t like my hair short, but it behaves very poorly at that awkward intermediate between short and long, growing forward straight in front of my face. Two years later, we’re at about 24″, and totally loving it. Thanks for all the work you guys put it, this is really an outstanding resource and community.

  6. Hey Boys, an idea for your site.. it needs a forum so that your growing band of followers can comunicate with each other (and you) 🙂

  7. Name’s Jaymz
    From Ocean City, MD
    Hair is mid back length
    Started growing my hair out when I was 13 (I’m 31 now!) Around the same time I picked up a guitar because all my heroes had long hair (Eddie Van Halen noteably haha). It caused major arguments with my Pops including a time early in my journey where he inadvertently had me get a mullet as a “compromise” talk about an “awkward stage” haha. But eventually at 16 I had a full flowing mane. Since then I’ve only trimmed it never fully cut. I wish a site like this had existed back then. I’m sure I’ve done untold damage to my hair over the years with the blow dryer and bad brushing techniques. Just discovered you guys a month ago on Instagram and my first order is en route. Can’t wait!

  8. El Nico (or Nicolas anywhere else) 🙂
    From (& live in) the UK.

    Hair is currently 1” long, bear with me.. reached 50 years old in 2015 and decided to grow my hair out for he first time, not entirely sure why other than just fancied a complete (badass) change, I am quite impulsive and when I make my mind up about something I usually see it through. It got to my shoulders and I was loving it but a week ago I inexplicably decided that I’d had enough of it and wanted a new look.
    Rule one after two years of doing something.. take at least a week to think about it before making any quick f***ing decisions that you might f***ing instantly regret! The drive home from the hairdressers was absolutely horrendous as the enormity of what had just happend was properly sinking in. However, mr positive I am and unless my hair falls out overnight this evening is a great time to start the whole gad dam process again!
    I WILL NOT BE MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN my comrades and this time round I will at least have some experience of what’s in store, no more mass bleaching episodes and no more cutting the back, just a full on ‘let it ride’. I did seem to get through the awkward stage pretty easily believe it or not, gel and further down the line metal hair bands seemed to do the trick okay. Daft as it sounds i’ve been pretty down about it over the last week and i’ve woke up at least 3 times in the night thinking it’s just been a bad dream! But I’m looking at it as a new challenge for 2018 now and maybe all that bleach did need cutting out 🙂
    Found out about this wonderful place when I first started growing out my hair, just by chance on google and over the last couple of years i’ve always kept up to speed with what the guys have been up to, have had a few things from the site and I will be back for more as my locks start taking shape again! Love El Rubio & El Moreno!

  9. Whiskers
    Live in Lowndes county, ga
    Hair is 8 inches.

    Why long hair? I always wanted a tail.
    I found you guys from a review of hair products on YouTube.
    First post was I guess your commercial.
    Inspiration as always…

  10. I was a 41 year smoker and decided it was about time to re-assess my mortality. With two left in the pack, I chucked them in a dumpster. They now lie in the soil of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. I had a #2 buzz cut at the time and my daughter suggested I mark my quitting date with something special.

    So, I broke up with my barber. I’m sure she didn’t lose any sleep. The first 16-18 months I had to cover my mirrors. To be brutally honest, my hair was a pain in the @$$. Then, one evening when sharing a few adult beverages at the local watering hole, an attractive middle age woman (10-15 yrs younger) came up behind me and grabbed my locks and whispered LOVE THE LOOK…KEEP IT GROWIN.

    I’m 61….Sold! Was recently near the front rows at a Garth Brooks show and had 3 different women ask what my job was with The Band? Can you get me backstage? What instrument do you play? It was truly shocking and flattering at the same time. If I had a buck for every time some chick pulled on my ponytail, I would own a YACHT!

    Although it’s somewhat wavy, it now flows to the bottom of my rib cage, front and back. It’s trimmed every 8-10 months. Other than an occasional rat, easily managable. Last buzz cut was 2-5-13. My grandkids fight over brushing it and are now learning to braid it. They’ll bury me with it, I assure you!

    I ran into you guys via a web search for ‘mens hair ties’. Love the comradary, posts, wraps and ties. Love it ALL.
    Thanks, and KEEP IT GROWING

  11. Hey guys! Eddie X from Bridge City, Texas here!

    My hair is shoulder length to just past my shoulders in the back. Been growing it out because I was tired of the short hair styles and it seems I attract the kind of chic’s I dig.

    I just found y’all a couple of weeks ago doing a search for hair ties for guys, I was surprised to actually find what I was looking for and found so much more! Y’all are doing a great job with the products and tips, I think I was doing good to my hair but y’all helped me kick it up a notch!

    Thanks for the work y’all have put in to THE LONGHAIRS!

  12. My name is Michael from Miami, Fl and i been growing my hair for 3 years but length wise im at almost 2 years. Im roughly at the 22 month mark and had some trims every 3-4 months, some that didnt turn out good because the stylist cut too much. My hair is on track right now past the shoulder blades and im looking to grow it to collar/collar bone length.

  13. The name is Tim, I’ve been growing out my hair for roughly a year and a half now almost. I live in Valparaiso, Indiana. Currently my hair reaches my shoulders, or atleast some of it can rest on my shoulders now but not quite all of it yet. My ultimate goal is 2 years so it’s nice getting closer and closer.

    I started to let it ride because my hair grows extremely quickly and I was having to get it cut roughly every 2-3 weeks which cost me about 15 dollars each visit. So I started to do it as a way to save a couple bucks and then after about a month I made the legitimate push to see how long I can go. I’ve loved the look with every month that passes more and more. NO plans on cutting it! I found out about The Longhairs from a YouTube video about shaping your sideburns that I accidentally came across. Now I can honestly say you guys are a motivation, and some.

  14. Name’s Ethan, I’m currently living in Maryland, and my hair’s about 7” at the moment. I started growing it out in April of this year, but had about an inch trimmed off for my sister’s wedding in August. Definitely in the awkward stage right now.

    I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out, but this is the first time I’ve been allowed to because, until now, I’ve always had a dress code to abide by.

    I first discovered the Longhairs while googling how to care for long hair. Within the past month, my hair finally grew long enough that my normal shower routine wasn’t cutting it, so I took to google for some info and happened on this site. Best thing I’ve learned so far: when conditioning, rinse with cold water—my hair’s never been so silky smooth, and I love it.

  15. Hi Hombres,

    Russell here from Melbourne, Australia. Always liked long hair, but main phase started in about 2003, as a result of being called to a criminal jury. Defence selected me because I was seen as a conservative, conventional person on account of my work-enforced short haircut. I became the only person to differ from the unanimous verdict of the very conservative traditional older-middle-aged blokey codger geyser types which were the other 11. I completed an acting course shortly after that, and it was mind blowing to observe how easily I could sway the perceptions others had of me by the hair and clothes I wore, and also the way I walked and talked. With Polish/Spanish/British/Finnish genetic roots my hair is unusually thick, and brown, not much grey, even at 62. So I’ve always had lots of hair on my head. Never bullied at school, only later in life, but some boys said I looked like a girl!, not feminine, just bushy hair when school and Father didn’t want me to have that! One teacher said I was the only boy he ever met who had “barbed wire for hair”: clearly my haircare regimen was below par. Often get tapped on my shoulder from people who think I’m some famous actor or rock musician. Once a young American guy walked past and said, in a bully rude way, “get a haircut”! A uni professor insultingly said “I see you’ve grown your hair, I thought long hair had come and gone”! This was in say 2005, from a nerdy scientist who presumed he was an expert in style, and seemed to believe he had a right to tell me what to do! I suggested that perhaps he buy a mirror, to see what he looked like, and that I was too much of a gentleman to comment on his hair.

    Love to here what some of you guys think about these comments.

    Shoulder length now, I like my hair, and its good for you: warmth in winter, protection from sun on your neck and ears in Summer, and really cool in hot weather if you wet it or tie it back. Must get some of your colourful ties, but use helically coiled springy things (which look like a little donut) at the moment.

    Love dancing and music, so get out to good clubs, even at my age, and get quite a few nice comments from younger people, and even kisses, from some of the girls, and even guys (doesn’t scare me).

    Gotta comment about the US lingo; took me a while to work it out: What we call a fringe, you call bangs! What we call plaits, you call braids; what we call “growing our hair”, you call “growing it OUT”. I want to leave it in. What you call ties, we call bands! Cute!!!!!!

    Fascinated by some of the others’ comments re stares: as Oscar Wilde once said, “There’s only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is, NOT being talked about!”.

    To finish on a philosophical note, I suspect that guys wishing to embrace their natural selves, including their hair, is a logical concomitant of women seeking to be themselves, since the early feminist days of say Germaine Greer, who went to the same school in Melbourne my sister did. So girls seek a career, or play football, if they want, which is entirely natural: I for one don’t see substantial difference in abilities of males or females to do the same things in life. Asmuch difference within as between genders, and much determined in first 3 months inside Mummy! So I think it’s good boys and men grow their hair if they want, and colour or whatever they want to do. The next step would be, for example, for news “anchors” to have long hair, and to be able to wear good, masculine stylish sleeveless tops or t-shirts and shorts if they want, just like women can.

    All comments welcome!

    Just remember: LONG HAIR, IT GROWS ON YA!


  16. Sup guys. My name is Jeff. I had long hair before as a teen and now back at it again. It’s down to my mid back after two years. I hate getting hair cuts and always knew I would grow it out again. Turns out it’s really a lot of work but well worth it! That sense of individualism is so cool. Love your stuff and use the hairbands everyday. I found you on How I Built This podcast. Amazing work and drive and something to be proud of for sure! Cheers!

  17. Well then… My name is Junior, I’m 35 y.o, from Brazil, and my hair is below my shoulders now. The longest part is 18″. Should be longer, but a few cuts here and there with very wrong people took it almost 4″. But it’s okay for a 3 years growing, right? I’ve already made a very long statement about the reasons of start growing my hair and the problems surrounding it on a post about “why you shouldn’t cut your hair” (or something like that), when Chris wrote about a guy he tragically met on a bar. The simple reason is: because I’ve always wanted. And until 3 years ago I used to cut my hair because I tried to be what people expected me to be (or what I thought people expected). Awful living that way. You feel tied. And when I realized that what I was doing was only bringing to my life nothing more than emptiness and sadness, that was when I thought things should change. That point of my life was crucial, because that was when I started to live my life fully and commited only to myself. Things changed for good drastically since then and I have no regrets. And when my hair was long enough to have fun with it, I did a quick search on YouTube about how to make different looks, that how I found TLH channel, but I don’t remeber the first blog post I read or saw, but I do remember 2 of them that really moved me somehow, because some facts on both posts were similar to my life in some past occasions. The first blog post I’ve already mentioned, and the second is about children suffering prejudice in school because their hair is long. But what does really matter is that you guys are doing a wonderful job on keep saying that long hair is not a case of race, gender, sexuality or anything else. Doesn’t matter who you are, your hair is yours, and so are your decisions, hopes, wishes and all. Above all great things you are doing, you also give space to anonymous people share their personal experiences so we can all feel related someway, somehow. Peace!

  18. Hey my name is josiah and i live in dayton ohio
    I first started growing my hair out 5 years ago beacuse i was lazy. After the awkawrd stage i started to realize how cool it was. My hair is now hangs down to my lower back . I found this place when i was looking how to braid hair. I am really glad i found it .

  19. Wattfly from Mentor, Ohio
    Hair just below shoulders
    Wanted to get back to my college days in Ann Arbor. Still employed in the corporate
    Engineering world.
    Forget where I first saw your post – old age? Doesn’t matter!
    Keep on blogging!

  20. The name is Darrell, I’ve been growing my hair for about 3 years now. I have very thick hair which has its own set of obstacles. I started growing it sort of as one last hurrah before I felt like I was too old to be able to get away with it (and getting accused of a mid-life crisis). I was going to let it grow and then keep it long for a year or so and then cut it but every time I mention the idea of cutting it, everyone (well, most people) says that I should definitely not cut my hair.
    I found The Longhairs just a couple of weeks ago because I was Googling how to sleep with long hair because I will often wake up with hair all over my face and it can be annoying. I found a video from The Longhairs and instantly became a fan of the site. I’ve ordered hair ties and a head wrap and am thrilled with the quality of them. So glad I found this site.

  21. Hey fellow longhairs. Mark here. Haven’t had a cut since October of 2015, when I told the girl to leave it on my ears and a little longer. Now, it’s down to that lower point between the shoulder blades. Found this website about 7 months later. Was just looking for any info on long hair and how to handle all aspects from shampoo to conditioning and how to make it healthy, etc. You guys were a riot. Glad I found some fellow lovers of mane, which has helped me stay strong in times of doubt.

    Along the way, I read about young guys and their moms dealing with the hassle and pressure, and felt their pain. Then I watched as my own normally “progressive” daughter and her “non conventional” husband CAVED and pushed my grandson to cut his hair. So much for progress…………

    I made it through my youngest daughter’s wedding, where I was under enormous pressure to “just trim it” one year into this journey. But I hung in there and stuck to my guns. Thanks for being there guys. Just knowing there are others out there, who have hung tough, really does help.

    So, now I find myself actually thinking of getting a slight trim or cleanup, 2+ years in. Although my general motto is that cutting your hair to grow it out, is counter intuitive. Then assuming you can reconcile that, you’ve got to find someone to cut your hair that you actually trust. And, while there are some very cool moms and ladies who cut hair out there, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a woman try to “fix” you. Factor in that I live in tiny Wales, Wis. where everyone will offer to shear you along with the other farm animals, and you can see why I might hesitate to venture into any place with scissors, electric or otherwise. (Love your Logo!)

    I can’t forget the horror story my mother told us about my older sisters long beautiful hair being chopped off in what can only be described as an extended “bowl” by some “well meaning” person, when my sister was about 7. Obviously it grew back, but what right did that person have? And if they’ll do that to a girl?………….

    So, here is my suggestion guys; create a place where longhairs (men and the women who love them) can post the places to trust. No judgement, just good and friendly service. I was in an “Ulta” with the wife recently, and saw that they cut and style hair. Surely they must be cool, so I thought “maybe???” But boy did a chill run up my spine when I dared to ask about getting a trim. Those ladies stared at me like I had six eyes. Even though they did get friendlier, I crossed that one off the list. So I’ve retreated back to my “no trimming zone”. I just don’t think flyover country will ever live up to their potential.

    I’ve started and stopped this journey a few times in my life, I wasn’t sure how long I would or even could grow it, and now? This time,……….I’m looking for Terminal (with or without a trim).

    Rock On Cody, Kai, Hayden, Josef, Marcin, Phillip, the “El” brothers, and all the rest of you lovers of Mane!

  22. 15 months…. I thought at one year it’d be the end of my journey, but clearly its gonna take 1.5 to 2 years, great thing I found The Long Hairs to bring me to the final destination!

  23. I’m Cody.
    I’m from Huntsville, AL.
    My hair is about three inches below the nipples. With hopefully eight more inches to go.
    Out of the past 12 years, my hair was short for maybe 2 of them about halfway through. That wasn’t me. I’ve lived a life of people trying to force me into a mold. Cut your hair. Wear these clothes. Go to school for this. Think like this. I always had to fight my way to being an individual in my youth. No one could just accept me as me. My hair is a reminder that I will always be my own man and walk my own journey. I control my destiny.

  24. Marcin from Poland;
    Second journey of longhair, almost 3years in right now(full 3years at 25 of march 2018).

    You might ask why did i write second journey, well let me explain it a bit.

    Everything started in the last year of my highschool, back in the second part of 2014. when I decided to grow my hair, what was mine reason?
    Simply because I wanted to let it ride, and see how is it like to have long hair. You could say that my hair were at the “awkward stage” when i started to really look forward for long hair look. Few months later, like ~9 i was able to make some sort of fold over ;)(at the time i didn’t really call it like that, didn’t discover Your Youtube channel). But I got frustated with them over time. You might ask why? Well it was some quite long time ago, but I think the overall hustle with wash cycle, and just taking care of them make me fell about cutting them. At this point I started looking for some Youtube videos about long hair journey, that’s how I discovered few channels with fellow long haired dudes, but the one video was the thing, the “Long hair for MEN” by ninjanolan, but I still was on the edge.
    I have told to my friends&family about thinking of cutting them, They were happy of me getting a haircut, which by now I see why I really did cut them, under the pressure and influence, I felt like I have to do it, not for me, but them. I know how it sounds, but sometimes You want others to be happy around You, not Yourself..

    Anyway the day of the haircut was there, the 25 of march 2015. I remember it like it was yesterday.
    My hair were pretty long, never have longer hair in my life. But I have cut them. Few days after that cut, I went back to that video by ninjanolan, and felt huge disappointment in myself, that I have let others decide, what’s better for me. At the end of the video I decided to never go to barber shop anymore(well maybe for a trim).

    Now we are here, almost 2018, and Im at the 32moths of hair growth with 1trim, to get them level out a bit. Before the trim they were around my nipples, after it they are about ~3/4cm shorter.
    Even after such long time of hair growth, my sides are still not so long, but im happy with, what I have right now.
    Few moths ago I have decided to regrow my neckhairs, and sideburns, before that I have been trimming them just like Zlatan Ibrahimovic has. That’s the one of few reasons why I wanted to have my hairs long(I mean come on, he looks badass!)

    The first video I saw from You guys, was the one about El Rubio’s travel, that thing hooked me up for good. After that I have been watching them regularly, and commented on few of them. I have the hair ties for guys v1, which are still holding strong!

    What else can I say.. well to everyone struggling with awkward stage, sides being to short to fit in a ponytail/foldover, just hold on! Keep on going, You are not alone in this journey. Let me tell You that at the end of the day ALL OF THIS WILL BE WORTH ANY MINUTE YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING YOURSELF WHY!

    Sorry for such a wall of text, and not so perfect english, had to write it somewhere, Thank You guys for being around and inspiring people around the world, You are the best!

  25. Yo, I’m Jonathan from Floresville, Texas, but you can call me “El Ligero”! My flow is fine as hell, and I’m not just talking about how awesome it is! It currently comes down to about my armpit, and it’s only going to be getting longer from there!

    I started growing it out as soon as I graduated from high school about 4 years ago because I had always wanted longer hair, and that’s when I finally had the freedom to do it! I never planned on it growing this long, but after being unable to figure out how long I wanted it (and spending far too much time in the awkward stage), I decided to just let it grow. After deciding to keep it long, I realized that I would need to learn how to take care of it, especially with how fine my hair is. After stumbling around the internet for a bit, I came across the Longhairs and their awesome content, and the rest is history!

  26. Josef Stark
    Alias: El Rizado
    Hailing from ole North Carolina
    I started growing out my hair because I’ve always wanted long hair but my parents were against it. My hair is only about 9 inches but my hair on the side is only about 3 inches. I’m trying to recover from the undercut and it is a grueling process especially since I have very curly hair. I discovered The Longhairs a few months ago and am already repping some sick merch. I love the little bonus things things you send in the packages by the way, I have given out the business cards to a lot of my friends.
    Peace fellow long hairs 🤙🏽

  27. Alias: The Dude
    Location: Shakopee, MN
    I’m going my hair out from about 1/2″ on the sides and back and 1″ on top. I am currently 8 months into my longhair journey. I found the longhairs while looking for inspiration and motivation for my longhair journey. (And I was not disappointed!). My first longhair article was the dads with longhair post (that one was sick). Anyway. Keep up the good work! And thanks for everything!

  28. I’ve been growing out my hair from a short combover for about 1 year and 9 months. My hair is a bit passed my shoulders and loving it. It’s really cool.

  29. My name is Kai,
    Im from Germany an my Hair is down to my mid back (3 1/2 Years).

    Actually it’s the second time growing it out. The first time when I let i grow out I had no idea of how u properly treat your Hair so it got all unhealthy and looked shitty and thats why I cut it… A few years later I started my journey again but this time I wanted to do better! So I searched through the Internet for tips and advices. I cant remember the first Video from your youtube channel that I saw but I definitly know thats how I found you guys. However I watched all of your Videos and read through your whole website. And know since I knew how to properly treat your hair and all the do’s and dont’s I started my journey again (Actually I havent cut em for 1 year by that time^^). And now 3 and a half years later I’ve got some really nice and healthy hairs. Even my Barber said they’re really healthy and good looking. Also it’s not uncommon that even women are jealous about my hair which I really do enjoy, though :D. However what I trying to say is Thank you guys! I dont think I’d have such nice hair without your help!

    Let it ride!

  30. Name’s phillip chavez
    Currently located in baldwin park,CA, USA.
    My hair is 13-15 inches long or just touching my nips (nipple XD), I guess I let my hair grow cuzz of the benefits It brings; scientific srudies show it aplifies tracking skills,serves as a connection to the spiritual realm, gives like a sixth sense, and much more. In medieval times warriors/knights let their hair long as it increased their survival rate and was like their secret to superhuman abilities(shown in a lot of tales and folklore) and only those royal and people with money could keep their hair long as it meant they had the money to maintain it (that’s why peasants, people with low power/wealth had short hair)-basically long hair was a luxury not many could afford. Previously I focused in medieval times but the truth is many places did the same thing. Think of samurai, Mayan warriors, native americans, and many more, Hell I guess all greek gods have long hair! Hair=power/manliness/warriors.

  31. My name is Aaron. I’m from Serbia and my hair reaches a little past my shoulders.

    There are many reasons why I started growing my hair. I think I always wanted to be different and at the age of 15 I finally decided to follow my desire. The first person to inspire me was my father. He showed me pictures of him when he was younger. I was amazed because he looked so attractive and unique with that hairstyle. That’s when that fire was born and it still burns today. Secondly, my best friend has also long hair. At the beginning of our friendship we had a lot in common. It was one day that I accidentally discovered The Longhairs on Youtube. I was searching for a tutorial video on how to tie your long hair. And when I watched more and more videos, I was more thrilled and convinced by the techniques you guys used and decided to tell my friend about this community and we officially dedicated our lives to grow out our hair. I’m very happy that I’m a part of it and that I could share my story with you!
    ‘Till then, let it ride!

  32. Doug, San Diego CA, Mid-lower back.

    Been growing it out this time for probably ~4years now, just a couple trims in there. No real definable reason to start growing it out, that’s pretty much just how I roll, do what you want when you want and don’t listen to anyone else who tells you that you can’t.

    One day I was at bottlecraft and el rubio handed me one of those cards, been following ever since. Keep it up guys, this shit is dope!

  33. -My name is Erick Almasi known in some circles as “Erock”.
    -I live in Winter Park, Florida and I have been growing my hair since April of 2016.
    -Currently, my hair black and is about 12 inches long, but it is curly baby currrly. Now that I am passed multiple awkward stages I can honestly say I am stoked about my flow.
    -I started growing it out after being inspired by several long haired men like Kit Harrington and World Champion Road Cyclist, Peter Sagan (although he recently buzzed it all off). I was convinced these men looked more attractive with long hair so I figured the same could apply to me.
    -While growing my hair out, I heard about The Longhairs via the NPR Podcast, How I Built This. I loved your humor, checked out Hair Ties For Guys and knew I had to have them in my toolbox. Thank you for the community you all have built and I am grateful for finding your rad hair ties!

  34. Samuel Moran, 23 years young, born and raised in New Hampshire, USA
    Blonde straight hair.

    I’ve been growing my hair for two and a half years now. I started from a freshly shaved head. I’ve tried to grow my hair out many times throughout my life but this is the first time I’ve made it so far. I plan to keep going as long as I can. I was briefly a long hair then someone cut off all my hair against my will, anyways I started again immediately and am here now.

    The first blog post I remember seeing may have been “how to blow dry your hair for men”. My favorite post was about famous longhairs throughout history.

  35. My name is Robin Kamlund and I live in the cold north of Sweden.
    My hair is about mid back, roughly between 21 to 24 inches.

    I began growing my hair when I was in music school because a lot of the guys had long hair and I wanted to try it myself. I grew it to about shoulder length, but then I cut it short again which was a mistake, because the first night after my haircut I dreamed about having long hair again.

    About two years later I began growing my hair again and have been doing since. I’ve always been a fan of heavier music, and I’ve played guitar for over 10 years. But this is not the sole reason I decided to grow it out again. I also love the way it looks and feels. And I’m a big fan of the viking look.

    I first found out about the longhairs when I was randomly browsing long hair videos on Youtube, so I decided to check out their other videos and liked what I saw. Shortly after, I signed up to the mail list, and as soon as the V2s were released I ordered a pack which I still use today. It’s an amazing community with great personalities.

  36. Greetings. My name is Emersen. I live in auburn, California, and my hair is just past my shoulders. I have been growing it for about a year and 8 months now, and I plan to grow it until it reaches my nips and then just keep it there. I started growing just because some girl I liked kept on talking about how much she liked man buns, lol. Silly reason to start, but it’s become a lot more than that now. My long hair is who I am, and I’m proud to wear it.

  37. My name is Steven Jimenez a.k.a El Pelo Suelto!!
    Currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    My hair reaches my collar bone.

    I started growing my hair once I moved out of my parents home. This made it possible to finally grow my locks without any harsh chastisement. This was something I have always wanted to do since I was little.

    I found out about TheLonghairs after searching how to get passed the “awkward phase”. I believe I came across a “awkward phase” blog post. After that I quickly followed TheLonghairs as more content became available.

    My first purchase was back in May of 2016. I don’t regret being a longhair, best decision I have made thus far.

  38. My name is Anmol Singh
    I am from India
    My hair is about 12 inches
    i am growing my hair since my birth because I belong to Sikhism where haircut is prohibited
    I got to know about Longhairs, by just randomly searching “man bun with head band”
    all you guys have stunning personality!! keep it going.

  39. My name is Kyle. I’m from Los Angeles and currently live in San Francisco. My hair is currently almost halfway down my back.

    I’ve always hated getting haircuts and thought that long hair was cool. I grew it a bit longer when I was in middle and high school, but my parents wouldn’t let it get too crazy so I was stuck in a perpetual awkward stage. When I went to college, I was able to say screw it and just start letting it ride.

    I first found out about the Longhairs on Youtube. I follow a channel called Silvousplaits that does long hairstyles from fantasy movies and tv shows including some for men. On one of those videos, I saw How to tie your hair for men in the related section as well as the video for “The Brave” hairstyle. I was instantly hooked. These guys were exactly what I had been trying to find for years. This was in mid-2015 so still pretty early in the Longhairs’ life. It’s been really cool to watch the Longhairs continue to grow, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

  40. OREGON – Coos Bay
    Birth name – Tyler
    Mane name – Skyva

    It has been over three years & two feet now

    Our hair is Literally the Only thing that Sees Every Sight – Hears Every Word – Sleeps on Every Pillow – Impresses Every Partner & Experiences Every Moment the same as you.

    You Go – Your Hair Goes
    You Grow – Your Hair Grows

    — A Physical Timeline —

    As we look at our locks now – the first few inches remind of some awkward times & the life lived back then – through the 70/80’s feather (for me) as we may have moved houses, changed jobs, etc. – past the High/Low Ball when I met my last partner – to the roots up top; that continuously document our Chemical Day to Day

    As we continue to grow – even in this moment – Our Best Bud & Record Keeper is right here with Us – Every Whip of the Way


  41. Adam from Minnesota here,
    I’m at about two years now and started from being shaved bald. The longer my hair gets the more I love it!!! I really enjoy having a place to go to online where I can see and read about how awesome it is to have long hair. My hair is about a foot long now.

    Thanks for doing what you do guys!

  42. I have been growing my hair for 4 1/2 years. It is down to the bottom of my butt. I love your hats, wear them everyday.
    I am 11 1/2 years old.

  43. What’s up Longhair,
    Jesse from San Antonio, I’ve Been growing my hair since 2013, it’s past half way down my back trimed only once the scariest feeling in the world. You guys rock!!!

  44. I’m from north central West Virginia.

    I decided to grow mine out just to see what it looks like, but I actually like the growing process. Right now it’s firmly in the awkward stage at the top of my shoulders. I also have the fun of working with curly hair and having it not look like a giant puff of frizz due to my job. Hint: Lots of highly moisturizing conditioner will make this a fairly simple task.

    My job is in a professional setting and, strangely, my co-workers and supervisors don’t mind the hair. In fact, many compliment and are curious as to what I do to keep it looking decent.

    My goal is to have the length at around the shoulder blades. With curls, that’ll take a while.

  45. Yooo. It’s Josiah answering roll call from the MN/ND border in Fargo, ND. My hair is slowly moving down past my shoulders, but no chance of letting it stop. To the Longhairs: You were there to answer my questions early on – my loyalty lies here. Excited for another year! Best!!

  46. Yo, Christian Taylor checking in from Nashville! My hair is down to my mid-back. I would share more, but you guys will see more about me soon… 🙂

  47. I’m Paul & live in Salt Lake City….

    Had a big white boy afro in the 70’s but cut my hair in the 80’s when I went corporate for work.

    Been self-employed for the past 20+ years and while I always wore my hair longer than my peers, I just decided to stop cutting it about 18 months ago… I think I just wanted to get back in touch with my inner youth (I’m in my early 60’s now).

    I keep my hair in a ponytail ~ its about 8″ below my neck!

    All the best!

    Discovered you guys when my wife went online and bought some hair ties because I kept complaining about how much I hated those small rubber ones my daughters gave me! And the first article I read on your site was how to wash long hair!

  48. Representing Philadelphia, PA.

    Started growing my hair out 3 years ago when my father was diagnosed with cancer. The idea was to donate my hair to him.

    Having never had long hair I was unaware of what to expect. A partner in a small business, I had some psychological barriers to cross, i.e., public perception – a perceived lack of professionalism, a feeling of being prejudged within an industry dominated by the cookie cutter image of Ward Cleaver types. Initially, feeling the constantly shifting gazes toward the hair instead of toward the presentation at hand, I felt compelled to inform others “I’m growing it out for charity”. Its amazing how the mood in the room would change. Tight lips turned to smiles, the questions started flowing in, the tension lifted. I was the outsider. People didn’t know how to react. However, for some reason everyone was comfortable with the idea of charitable giving. That made it OK rather than a man simply enjoying his flowing mane.

    Slowly but surely I am learning to embrace the stares. I use the stares to my advantage. I am more memorable. In business, being memorable is everything.

    Three years ago, similar to this blog, I began my journey into the realm of the Longhairs. My questions were answered, my confidence restored, thanks to this community. Sadly my father has passed away, but I still intend to fulfill my initial intention of donating my hair to someone in need. The difference now is that I am going to keep some for myself as well. I am keeping it long. I’ll donate every few years but I am staying a Longhair. My hair has given me an unforeseen additional calling. That of shattering the public perception of longhairs, especially in the business sector. We are the difference makers in this world. We present differently because we think differently – and different is GOOD. We are the persistent ones who despite treading in uncharted territory, we know we are on to something good. So we keep at it despite all perceived limitations until we reach those who truly understand. Thank you fellow longhairs and keep it flowing!!!

  49. My name is Teal.
    I live in Vancouver, Washington.
    Been growing my hair out for over two years, it’s to my upper middle back. Blonde and long🤘🏼

    1. Hey Cale,

      Yes it is. Not so great when the wind decides to blow it around my face tho. That’s why I have the Hair Ties for Guys! haha
      How’s things in Canada? Using your hair to stay warm? Peace bro.

  50. Hi, my name is Ádám.
    I am from Veszprém, Hungary.
    My hair is ca. 25 centimetres long.
    I have long hair because I am a big fan of folk metal music and also because long hair makes me feel free and happy.
    I found your FB-page some months ago.
    I also like reading your post, my favourite post is “Long Hair in Native American Culture”.

  51. Hi
    I’m Tony (El Mercurio)

    I’m north of you guys in San Clemente, California. Let me know when the party starts!!!!

    My straight blond hair has been growing for about 3.5 years, down to the bottom of my ribs. Part of the rebel in me because my Dad would never allow it while growing up. And I love the feel of it on my back 😛

    Found your site thru YouTube. Love the Hair ties and all the informative posts and love to you all. Keep it flowing!

  52. I’m from st Kitts and Nevis. I haven’t cut my hair in nearly a year. I bought the hair ties for guys because commercial was so clever and funny that I had to order products and join the online community. Good job guys

  53. So! I’m Vincent (or Vic), a guy from Eastern Poland currently studying in Dorset, UK.

    I might have been straight up born longhaired, because through my whole first years I remember having hair all the way down to my little feetsies – it was only cut when I was five and had to go to kindergarten (my cousins would poke me about it in our teenage years too).
    Fear not though, like the good guy in a cliche movie, I returned in glory and started growing it proper at the age of 10/11, sometime before the fifth grade of our elementary school – I still remember a girl who usually didn’t talk much to me comment on that lovingly and my smug expression while I ‘fondled’ the curly tips which then were only down to my neck.
    Though it made me a very noticeable target for bullies in school, I kinda found safety in my style and can’t envision myself without it. Now it’s reaching some point past the middle of my back.

    I think I first stumbled upon The Longhairs when looking up ways to tie my hair online – found one of your articles through Google, ended up following the blog permanently – something I’ve never ever done to anything else!

  54. Name is Haven, aka havenforbid on Instagram.

    I live in Madison, Wisconsin.

    My hair is 7 inches long at this point, sides slightly shorter but catching up.

    I began growing it out in October 2016.

    This is my third longhair journey. My first one was between the ages of 10-15, and my second was age 19-23. I was 49 when I started the journey again. I did not want to cut my hair at age 23, but it was necessary for a job. For a long time, I dreamed of the day that I’d tell my stylist that I would grow it long again, but after awhile became accustomed to short hair and lost that desire. Decided to grow it again, kind of on a lark, but began to feel just how natural I felt with long hair–the same feelings that I had when I was younger. My gray hairs are minimal, and the length allows for more exposure to the sun, which makes my hair look more blond than before.

    I found you guys while looking online for how to deal with “the awkward stage” of growing out my hair. I’ve loved your content, and it certainly has kept me highly motivated to keep going One note–it seems like blond hair on some of us has different properties than blond hair or darker hair on other people. My hair strands are thinner, get greasy more quickly, and as such some of the advice regarding natural oils doesn’t seem to apply as much. At least I don’t think it does, but maybe I’m missing something?

  55. I am AJ.
    Highland, CA.
    My hair is mid lower back.
    Started 5 years ago. I always wanted long hair but never was able to grow it longer then 6 months. Finally got a job that would allow me to get it flowing.

  56. Tanner from Lubbock, TX (where the eff is that? I know.) Yellow House Coffee is all you need to come for.
    I’m a barista at one of the raddest coffee shops in the nation. My hair is just brushing my shoulders.
    I actually ended up growing out my hair after growing out a beard. I’ve been letting my face forest flourish since I got out of high school almost 5 years ago(right now it’s at 3 1/2 inches because of work). Growing it out gave me the confidence and resolve I needed to let the mane ride. I’ve been growing out my head mane for about a year and a half. I grew it out from an undercut about the time I started my current job. My long hair and initially my long beard caused my boss to implement rules on hair so that’s cool. I’m hoping to let it ride till it reaches the nips. Im loving the long hair life.

    I found you guys after one of my long hair customers suggested finding you and I’ve been recommending you guys ever since. I love the culture and community that develops from diverse and eclectic groups of people with similar passions. Coffee is one of my favorite ways to experience that and now I’ve been able to see that with the Longhairs. When fellow longhairs come into the shop, there’s always an unspoken bond of brotherhood alongside recognition of the dedication and tenacity needed to rock a long mane. There’s not much better than coming across a fellow longhair.

    You guys are always putting out killer content that’s instrumental for new/old longhairs alike on the journey. Mad thanks to you guys for your hard work to help guys like me fulfill their longhair dreams.
    If any of you dudes find yourself in West Texas, come find me at Yellow House Coffee in Lubbock and get some killer coffee on me.

  57. My name is Bill.
    I live west of Portland, Oregon.
    My hair is to the middle of my back.
    I started growing it out because I like the feel of wind in my hair. After it grew past shoulder-length, I wanted to see how long I could grow it.
    The first blog I remember was the “highball” post.

  58. Calling out from The Netherlands! Hair approaching the nips! Long hair ftw, its worth all the maintenance, effort and time that goes with it. Absolutely hardcore af.

    Youtube has been my way in. I love the dedication and passion you guys put into long hair. Keep it up.

  59. Im from North Carolina and Ive been growing my hair for a year and a half now. Its past my shoulders. I started growing my hair out because I wantes to try something new besides short hair, something that set me apart. I found out about the Longhairs when I searched how to tie a manbun (highball) and that was the first artice I read as well. I enjoy all the content the longhairs post, keep it up!

  60. My name is Zach Callahan
    I’ve been growing out my hair for about a year now and with one trim so far I am rocking about 6 or 7 inches so far.

    I started growing my hair out after I left the military, and I did it mostly to try and signify a new chapter in my life. A lot changed for me becoming a civilian again and it was a huge struggle at first. Haircuts were not on my priority list. So before I knew it I had a wild mess of hair, but I was really digging it and decided to keep it going.

    There was so many times I wanted to chop it off. It felt like I went in and out if the awkward phase a few times. Finally I can manage my hair and feel its starting to take shape in a better look.

    Growing my hair has taken confidence, patience, and a whole lot of creativity. It has shown me what can come from struggling through the tough times. I plan to continue growing out my hair to lengths unknown. Thank you guys for all the great post of tips, guides, and great stories.

  61. Hey I’m Chris and I’m from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Got hair past my shoulders. Started growing it for no reason about 10 years ago. Stumbled upon this site while on youtube when I found the hair ties for guys video. Dig into the website, read all the blogs and love this site! With all the tips I’ve picked up since being part of the community what used to be just my flow is now my epic flow. Thanks Longhairs!!!!

  62. From philippines greetings The Longhairs
    Im mickey for short my hair now is on my nip like el moreno.but you guys make my dream come have this crazy hair anf to be a head turner…you guys inspired me and everybody whos in the journey.
    And so idols im in the journey.
    More power guys!!!!

  63. Hey guys!

    My name’s Oscar and I’m from Malmö in Sweden. I started growing my hair out in the spring of 2016. It’s now at collar bone length when wet, but my curly hair looks shorter when it’s dry.

    I’d tried growing it out before, but never made it past the awkward stage. This time I made my mind up to pull through, and I did.

    I found The Longhairs when I was scouring the Internet for tips on how to deal with the awkward stage. I’ve stuck around, so needless to say, you guys have helped me a lot. I recently got myself two packs of hair ties from you guys, and they rock.

    Let it ride!

  64. Atlanta, Georgia
    Hairs down a quarter of the back. It’s extremly wavey. I’m a lax bro started growing it out 2014 and let it grow all the way till last year and then I cut and donated it. Now I’m back a pretty solid Length. Found out about y’all just trying to find out if something like this existed and I ran into y’all.

  65. Atlanta, Georgia
    Hairs down to my chest, really wavey so probably a couple inches past that. I’m a lax bro started growing it out 2014 and let it grow all the way till last year and then I cut and donated it. Now I’m back a pretty solid Length. Found out about y’all just trying to find out if something like this existed and I ran into y’all.

  66. Hey, my name is Lukas and I’m from the good old germany (so if my englisch is shit, don’t mind).
    I’ve grown my hair out for about two years now, so it’s already below my collarbones. And I’ve started growing my hair, simply because I am one of these guys, who look terrible with short, but damn good with long hair (at least In my opinion).
    You guys catched my with your hair ties for guys, since I’ve searched for good and a bit thicker ties, because I have damn thick hair and normal hair ties are a pain in the ass!
    So I guess, thank you guys!

  67. My name is Calvin Smith
    I’m from New Orleans
    I’ve been growing mine for about three years now, and it’s curly as all hell
    I know it’ll sound weird, but it’s basically nipple length
    Also I’ve been following you guys for 2 1/2 years now

    I have about half of all the hair ties that have been released and two headbands, I love you guys so keep up the great work!!

  68. Hailing from Athens, Greece! My name is Thanos and i’ve been growing out my hair 19 months now and everyday it passes i get more excited about my mane getting longer! I started growing out my hair because everybody use to say that it is impossible to make it happen, needs patient, persistance, and only just a few people manage to do it so i wanted to be one of those people to prove them wrong, but after the 5th month i really started to enjoy thinking of having long hair so i started reading and learing about vikings, emperors, kings, ancient gods etc etc which they all had long hair and their influence was huge and it look manly as hell! So i want that!!my hair type is pretty much like El rubios, so i really cant wait how it will be when i reach your lenght el rubio, hehe! I’m being following you guys 2 years now and i am really grateful to find you and i wanna say i respect i appreciate and admire your passion, your loyalty and the inspiration you provide us! Big thank you boys!!

  69. Hi Guys,
    my name ist Benji (Benjamin) and i am from Germany a little town called Herzogenaurach (you may or may not know it but Adidas was founded there).

    I wanted to grow out my hair because i always thought it looked cool. While growing up i experemented with different hair styles. First i wanted that Manbun undercut thing that i saw on the TV series Vikings because i thought it was badass. But then i realiesed i wanted all my hair to be long. So i cut all my hair short fir a last time and started my long journey to become a longhair. This is about 1,5 years ago now.

    Since then i got a lot of shit from my friends both guys and girls how shitty i look and that i HAVE to cut my hair. Little did they and i know that it was the awkward stage knocking on my door. And little did i know that it was just the beginning of it all. My excuse was always: “Guys it’s okay it will look awesome soon enough! They just have to get long!”

    I myself thought it would take a year or so and my hair would be long enough to meet my shoulders. After half a year growing i understood that it would take at least double the time.

    I am still not a complete longhair and my struggle is still ongoing but i will get to the end eventaully.
    Thanks to you guys el Rubio and el Moreno this got a lot easier!

    I found out about you guys when i was searching the depths of youtube for some video of how i could style my medium long hair in a way it didn’t look like shit. What i found were some weird videos who either loved themselves so much it was a pain to watch or women who would show how to braid your hair.
    Then finally i read the name of a video: “How to tie your hair for guys” (don’t know the exact name). That was the first time i learned about the longhairs. I celebrated you guys i advocated you guys to every longhaired guy i know (even a friends dad) and in return you educated me.

    Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.

    Have a great day,
    Benji (another rubio with a bit of rojo)

  70. Sam Wise here,
    My hair is about down to shoulder length. Love the head wraps and started growing my hair because I’m in my college years and I might as well grow it out while I can before I have to get stereotypically “professional” hopefully get a job that allows the hair to be showed out

  71. Aaron romoland CA my hair is half way down my back
    I started growing my hair as a bet (I won) nut i just loved the locks so I kept them

  72. Loxton, South Australia.

    13 months and shoulder length

    Hi Guys! I decided to grow it out because I didn’t care what others thought anymore. Never had long hair before but after a couple of months from a buzzcut realised how damn good the wind felt pushing it around. I was thrilled with my decision, and then just happened to come across the Longhairs surfing around the internet one day. Coolest thing ever.
    Turns out the Blog by Gus on his awkward stage was just what I needed. And as it also turns out, I have wavy hair with VOLUME that is a beast untamed…omg I never knew, look out stratosphere!!! This journey is really awesome on a confidence level and I do recommend it to anyone who maybe sitting on the fence.

    Great products at a good price, a go to place for support when you need it and its so good to read about what other dudes have gone through in their journey. Thanks Longhairs!

    Now back to my researching “Is long hair really sensual antennae?” Hahaha cheers

  73. My names el hefé I’m, from North Carolina been following for about 4 days (super stoked on my hair ties on the way)
    My hairs is just below my shoulders, I started growing my hair because nothing is better than long hair chicks love guys with long hair.(I’m sure we all know this.) I first heard about you guys when I I was searching for “braids for guys” and el Rubio was the first one I clicked on and I could tell by his luscious flowing locks he was the man and I knew he would guide me along the path of Long hair
    Thanks you guys for all the righteous tips and advice!!!

  74. My hair goes just a little bit past my shoulders but it’s very crurly so in reality it hits about 2.5 inches below my collar bone

    I started growing my hair hair out junior year of high school (September 2015) and risked getting kicked out of school because that didn’t let us have long hair. Definitely worth it now. Best choice I’ve ever made 🤘🏼

  75. Outside St Louis, MO


    Started growing my hair because I thought Keanu Reeve’s hair in John Wick looked sick. Got to that length, found the longhairs, been growing it ever since. Hair sits right at my clavicles right now. Hoping to get it to about shoulder blade length. Once it gets there we’ll see where it goes.

  76. I’m from northeast Alabama. My hair is between my shoulder blades. After I found the longhairs I started to get excited about it and would order the business cards so I could hand them out to fellow longhaired dudes. I even made my friend grow out his hair and now our flows are epic and healthy.

  77. Roadkill

    1.5 years
    Collar bone in front, rhomboid minor in back

    I made the commitment to grow my hair long again, for the first time in about 25 years, back in June of 2016…so about a year & a half. It now comes down to my collar bone in the front, and to the rhomboid minor on my back. I had the awful mullet through most of high school. At that time it was to the middle of my back when I decided to shave to skin. Then I went through many different “styles” over the years. This is the first time I’ve grown it all one length. I’m 45 and have no plan to EVERY go short again!!
    The reasons are MANY…sick & tired of getting shitty haircuts, sick & tired of having to wear a hat due to those shitty hair cuts, sick & tired of using harmful and expensive products, sick & tired of ripping out hairs while applying said products, and sick & tired of conforming to societal perceptions of being “clean-cut”. On the positive side…our hair act as antennas. They gather energy from the sun and channel that energy to the brain for better connectedness to nature, and deeper sense of spirituality. Plus it just looks BADASS & METAL!!! Growing out the beard and mustache too…VICTORY or VALHALLA!!! HA!
    I first ran across your commercial on YouTube when I was searching for my OWN hair ties, rather than borrowing my wife & daughter’s crappy ones that stretch out quickly, break, and are too tight on my wrist. I was looking for support to get through the awkward stage from other dudes that made the commitment . Of course, at the beginning I would get the normal negative remarks from friends and family. Now that they see their bullshit has had no affect on my Long Hair journey, I get more support, or at least the comments are avoided. HA! I have several buddies that have gone bald, and WISH they could have my thick, AWESOME hair!!!…So in a way I feel that I owe it to them to stay the course! The comments are now geared more toward the fact that I can pull it off. I’m also noticing a bit of envy from the naysayers that they simply don’t have the CONSTITUTION to just LET IT RIDE!
    I TRULY feel that by finding you nutty fuckers has given me the support I was searching for, and the huge boost of confidence that has gotten me this far. I do not hesitate to hand out your cards to other Long Hair Brothers when our paths meet. I look forward to tuning in from time to time during my on going journey as a Long Hair!

    P.S. I’m really digging the V2 of your hair ties!!!

    What was the first blog post you remember reading or seeing?

  78. Yo Longhairs,

    Im Mack Taylor from Nashville, TN. Ive been growing my hair out ever since I got to college in August 2016 with a near buzz cut. I had never before been able to grow it out because of strict school policies but now that I’m free, I’m letting it ride! Gonna grow it out to about 14 inches or so. Found at about the longhairs from google searches on how to deal with that awkward stage hair. Now that I’m here, I aint gonna quit cause you guys motivate me to keep it growing!

  79. I’m David in Dallas, TX. My hair is down to the base of my neck. I think it’s been growing out for about a year, starting from a very short cut. This journey started by missing a few haircuts and then deciding to let it keep growing. I like long hair, especially after it’s long enough to keep it neatly tied back. Besides the look, I’ve thought of it as a way to honor the beginnings of my yoga journey and the Native parts of who I am. I found the Longhairs on YouTube a few months ago. Not long after that I signed up for the blog posts and found the Facebook and Instagram pages. Lots of great information and a community of guys with long hair to support each other’s journeys and do good works. I love it !

  80. My name’s Hayden and I live in Columbus, OH., as a student at THE Ohio State University! I started growing my hair out about two years ago, when I first started following The Longhairs! Crazy how time flies…my hair is now a few inches past my shoulders, and still growing strong!

  81. I’m Kevin and my hair is about shoulder length now, I’ve been growing it out for about two years, and I started growing my hair out because I always thought it looked cool and many heroes throughout history have let it ride. I found the longhair from a hair ties for guys video by AKAthejellyfish on YouTube. Love the site love the channel and love your products

  82. I’m Epi currently residing in the Philippines.
    Been growing my hair for 3 years now
    Growing my hair out gave me a sense of individuality from our generic community. Plus having long locks looks so effin’ rad!!!

  83. Hey!
    My name is Jason
    I’m from Oklahoma

    I have been growing my hair for about 11 months and it hits the top of my shoulders, I have bought a couple packs but haven’t tied it up in public yet. I I just let it ride all day for now.

    I found the Longhairs by searching on YouTube for ways guys with long hair style their hair. Found your videos of you doing all the ties and twistin it all up.

    Blog Post: The one I remember the most or the”first” was Dads with Long Hair

    Thanks Guys

  84. El Tatuaje checking in from Los Angeles, CA! My hair is about mid back, or below the nipple when up front, as to not cover the mark. I first heard about The Longhairs through a couple members of the No Hair chapter. Good looking out, Geoff and Jon!

    Congrats on 3 years! Time flies when you’re working hard, and having fun. Looking forward to each and every week coming up. Thanks for everything you do for this community!

  85. I’m Tyler and Im from West Virginia.
    My hair is about to my mid back and it’s been growing since 2014. I started growing it out because I’ve always thought guys with long hair were cute and i just wanted to see how i looked. I love it, though it’s thick as hell.

  86. Hi! My name is Giuseppe and I’m from Cassolnovo, Italy.
    My hair is shoulder length and slowly growing. I tried to grow my hair since high school and now that I’m 31 it seems that I’m finally able to get through the awkward stage. I found you guys on YouTube while searching for some advice.

  87. Hey! My name is Bogdan and I’m from Russia!
    Well, I started growing my hair around 2 years ago. That is a really amazing trip, though people always try to make me feel awkward and wrong about my long hair, cause in Russia it’s not that popular to have long hair. But I went through all this hate even from my friends and family and now I’m starting to feel more confident about it. And thank you sooo much, because it were you who motivated me all this time. People still laugh at me, but I feel cool with my hair and I feel not lonely knowing that you are here and I can watch your videos any time I want to and need to get motivated. And I swear I’ll buy your ties for guys and serum one day, cause they’re absolutely perfect and flawless.
    So thank you so much for everything you did and do. You’ve become my friends and even mentors so I won’t ever be able to thank you enough for being just yourself. Just never change!

  88. Adam “(El) Monty” Berns
    From West Olive, Michigan

    I’ve had either buzzed hair or the traditional side-part for most of my life, tho mom would always comment how nice my hair looked when it got longer and why didn’t I let it grow. Never was able to get past the initial part of the awkward phase when I was younger. Did some time in the Navy as a submariner and after I got out, I grew tired of being clean shaved and keeping my hair short, so I grew out the beard first, then again made several attempts to” grow some flow” that again never made it through the awkward phase. A little over 3 years ago, I got my last FULL haircut right before getting LASIK eye surgery. It was during that awkward phase that I found The Longhairs community while looking up tips to getting thru the AP and things to do with my hair once I did. Now my hair is about an inch from my nips and I don’t ever plan on going back to short hair (unless mother nature says otherwise). Besides, since I’m 6ft 8, the long hair is another great way to be different AND it goes great with mytattoos, kilts, and Viking garb.

  89. Hey, i’m Bruno from Argentina, i’m 18.
    I start growing my hair for almost 2 years ago but there was a big problema, last year i was in school and i need to cut it every 3 or 4 months a Little bit because the institution makes me do it but in 2017 i dont touch it anymore because i finish the school .
    I start to follow yours videos in YouTube since 2 months and i really like it, and bought a pack of hair ties for guys and i’m fascinated with this.
    Thanks longhairs for all this community

  90. Hey all — Don here, in Houston, Texas — Hair is like middle of my back.

    I’m an economist in the ultra-conservative oil & gas industry and I originally started growing my hair out a few years ago to kind of rebel a little (it’s going pretty well — there are a few longhairs in my office now), and just really got into having long hair, so I’ve kept it.

    I stumbled on you guys about a year and half ago. I was about to cut my hair because I had a set of meetings with our senior leadership and I knew the flowing mane or typical man-bun look was not going to work, but I decided before I parted with the hair to google some more formal tie-ups and I stumbled on an El Rubio video that was exactly what I was looking for.

    It gave me the confidence to keep rocking the long hair (the meetings went fine, by the way) and I’ve been buying up hair ties for guys, hats, and wraps ever since.

  91. Name is Dave
    Been growing the mane for 6 years now and it is a couple inches shy of the waistline.

    Started growing to donate and just haven’t done so yet, but next years donation will be one of epic proportion!

    Been following The Longhairs from the beginning (though not diligently enough) and found out about them when El Rubio commented on my “Awesome hair!” on top of China Peak. The day ensued with an amazing shred session on the mountain, a couple delicious brews to catch up on life and a Longhairs care package a few short days later to help me spread the message!!

    Long and strong! 🤘🏻

  92. Names Cale, aka dipstik13 on Instagram
    Live in the frozen wilds of Canada just above Minnesota in a little town called Thunder Bay

    My hair just hit the nipple milestone and I’m still growing strong.

    I started growing my hair out about 4yrs ago out of curiosity. A buddy of mine followed suit and we pledged to donate some in 2018.

    I heard about the Longhairs years ago on Instagram when Chris liked one of my pics and he messaged me. Been following ever since and have been recruiting more of us ever since.

  93. Hey guys, Seamus Olsen here from Queensland, Australia. I first started growing my hair a year and a half ago, because my hair goes curly when it’s long and I wanted to see exactly how curly it would get. I first met the longhairs when I was looking for hair ties to tame the mane.
    You guys are the best, love your work.

  94. Hey, Angus here, from Norway originally but living in Scotland at the moment.

    I first started growing my hair out by accident, spending over a year so ill you’re unable to walk makes a visit to the barbershop slightly problematic. There ain’t many perks to being that sick but a sweet mane without having to show off my awkward phase in public isn’t so bad I suppose. Now after about 3-4 years my hairs just passed the bottom of my shoulder blades and looking radder than ever.

    Rocking one of your head wraps right now which I’m a huge fan of and got a collection of your hair ties too. Im a long time lurker but I believe this is my first time commenting so seems like a perfect opportunity to say thanks for the years of quality content.

  95. I’m currently living in Kelowna, British Columbia.

    My hair is around my upper mid back, it’s mad curly and just hit my 3 year mark. Decided to grow it long cause I had long hair as a Kid and missed feeling the luscious flow of a mane.

    First found Long hairs after watching a video on YouTube on how to tie up your hair. Found the blog site and signed up right away, been a fan ever since.

    Thank you for your hard work Longhairs, you guys rock

  96. Hey Bro’s! Ryan Denny here from Las Vegas, Nevada. Been following you guys for over a year and half. Been growing my hair for kids with cancer just over two years. Short hair my whole life and I’ll never go back to short hair. My hair just reached my shoulders and I’m just getting out of the awkward stage.

  97. Hey Dudes
    It’s Reckless Zorro like the movies
    I’m from New York
    My hair length is currently to my shoulders
    It’s wavy but it’s awesome & been a journey ever since I started growing since a year ago that I was searching for hair ties “for men “
    Which I didn’t know there was until I found the YouTube channel & site that deff enjoyed seeing how many longhairs was looking for some awesome hair ties product . I’m very inspired rocking long hair & given me much confidence for them hair goals , & only gonna keep me head banging when I hear that good song on shows or feel strong like a warrior rocking the long hair . It’s just the way one feels about the journey from growing my long hair & still going strong Let’s Go Longhairs !

    Thanks for this awesome site & videos as-well the community of longhairs that are inspired by this everyday keep at it guys we are doing good for keeping it long

  98. Austin Reed
    From Rabbit Creek, Alaska
    Pre-med student in AZ currently
    Growing out from an undercut since graduating highschool May 2017 collar-bone length on top
    7 in sides and back
    Always just wanted to grow it out, and always got written up in highschool for not cutting it when they told me to
    I basically would just let it grow until reprimanded lol
    Most people would consider me haircare obsessed buuuuuuut…
    Its a compliment to me

  99. Hey Longhairs

    I’ve been growing my hair for about a year, but I started out long-ish so my hair is just below my shoulders.

    The reason I’ve been growing my hair out is because I’m Norwegian and I want to go for the Viking look (I’m to young to grow a beard yet, but I definitely will when I’m able)

    I’m so incredibly thankful for the lonhairs and all that you’ve done, everything that you’ve made has been very good quality and I’ve liked all of it a lot.

    Keep up the awesome work you’ve been doing, and I hope that you guys keep making all of these products well into the future.

  100. Greetings fellow longhairs! I hail from Hilton Head, SC on the other side of this great country! I am a new longhair… 17 months since my last cut and finally past the awkward stage. Your blogs and products keep me motivated and excited to continue my ventures in unique hair for men so I can appropriately express my individuality. Three cheers for longhairs!

  101. I live in Des Moines, IA, USA
    My hair has been growing for 5 years and it almost reaches my belt.
    First found your YouTube trying to braid my hair. Then went to the website and read the bio and that’s all it took for me to follow The Longhairs. Let it ride.

  102. Nathaniel “The Red Man” Burton
    Chilling in my first house in East Texas
    My curly mess is down to my shoulders and only getting longer
    I started growing my hair out because I’ve always wanted long hair (and I wanted to look like Connor from Assassin’s Creed 3). To me it is a sign of discipline, coolness, and wisdom. I found out about y’all while looking through YouTube for videos about guys with long hair and I’ve been hooked ever since I watch the commercial!
    The first blog post I remember fully reading and that still sticks with me is the post about little dudes with long hair.

  103. Hi, my name is Alexander and I’m from the neighboring regions of the San Francisco Bay but going to school at Purdue University in Indiana. My hair is to the length of the middle of my traps if I straighten it. I’ve been growing it out for about two years after having high and tight haircuts my whole life.

    I started growing out my hair on accident. I grew to a taper cut but didn’t like keeping it shaped. I feel long hair is more masculine and fits better to my personality, and started liking how it looks out of my football helmet. I plan to keep growing it to at least my shoulder height.

    I heard about you guys maybe only three-four months ago from Professor Marvin! He seems like a cool dude and I hope my hair looks similar to his.

    I can’t say I’ve been following the blog posts very much since I’m new to the long hairs but I look forward to starting to do so.

  104. My name is Connor. I am 16 years old.

    I am reading from Georgia, USA. More specifically north of Atlanta.

    My hair is almost down to my waist, and I would like to trim it back just a little bit. Not like to the shoulders trim, but about mid-back length. Sleep is becoming difficult, which is my only problem lol. People love my hair, but in the awkward stage I looked like complete hell.

    I don’t even remember the last time I have had a haircut, and that’s a good thing.

  105. ThatWhiteGuy
    Residing in massachusetts
    Hair is to my shoulders
    Started growing it out just to see what is was like, I kept a buzz cut up regularly into my twenties. Found out about this site from my little sister who saw it on Facebook

  106. My name is Belmin.
    I’m originally from Bosnia but have lived in Utah since I was 6. I started growing my hair out because I never had it long and was curious to see what it’d be like. Been a little over 2 years since I started growing it out and I don’t plan on going back to short hair life.

    The longhairs have helped out immensely throughout this process and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thanks!

  107. Hi,
    I’m Matej, I live in Slovakia.
    My hair is like to my mid back.
    And I’ve found you probably through YouTube like two years ago.

  108. What’s up? I’m Tanner.

    I’m here from Charleston, South Carolina.

    Hair’s just passed the shoulders, and I’m anticipating hitting the 1 year mark soon.

    I started growing it out because I kept seeing all the manes and man buns on social media and YouTube and I just thought “I could rock that,” so I just started rockin it.

    I stumbled across y’all when I was just scrolling through YouTube, looking for inspiration, and I’ve been with you guys ever since.

    Thank y’all so much for providing us aspiring longhairs with a supportive community that celebrates being different (especially in such a conservative state as this. I get a lot of weird looks from old people around here). The tips, products, and hair whips have been the fuel keeping me going on this journey, and I just wanna thank you guys so much. I hope to one day be able to hair whip as majestically as El Rubio. Haha!

  109. Yo I’m Dan hailing from our nation’s capital, and my hair topples gently down to just below the collarbone. Every couple weeks for many years I brought a buzzer down to a ‘2’ and reduced my potential to pathetic, lumpy-headed chia pet, until the day I looked in the mirror post-mutilation and vowed no more. I’ll never forget that moment, in a hotel in Paarl, South Africa, March 2015. It’s been a harrowing journey — I had to MacGuyver my awkward length hair in all sorts of funny positions for 6 months of medical school interviews, and there was always the nagging feeling that I was shooting myself in the foot by shirking professional norms before I even made it there. Super stoked to say that I’m now well on my way to becoming a doctor and nobody’s told me to cut it yet! And I’m hoping that day never comes. I’ve grown quite fond of my pre-Ragnarokian Thor-like mane!

    Keep crushing the goofy, self-deprecating, yet always informative content boys! Love seeing it every week.

  110. Gregory T. Wilkins
    a.k.a. Equus
    Global Nomad that resides in Mankato, MN

    My locks of fabulous are down to my nips. I have trimmed the bottom for healthy hair and plan to keep it going until I give my first global donation ad part of the Longhairs Great Clip in November 2018.

    As a former short hair and cis-man who has lost many friends to cancer, I wanted to give back to those wanted hair and may have lost it due to illness. My hair is a gift that keeps on giving.

    I spread the world whenever someone asks as well when I pass out Long hair business cards. My hair has now become part of my identity.

    I have watched most of the videos and read most of the blogs. I have particularly liked the ones on braiding as well as hair nourishment.

    One video I /listened to and immediately went shopping for was the Wet brush. I have shared about the brush to everyone who wants to listen.

    I am currently in Amsterdam and then over to Slovakia as well as Austria and Hungary. My long hair is a way to break into conversation with a total stranger. It is a way of introduction before even having to open my mouth to speak. It says I am unique and will want to know me.

  111. I am from Alabama.
    I am almost 18 and my hair is about even with my shoulder blades.
    I started growing my hair out because in this area being different is not very common. And people tend to believe things like long hair, tattoos and ear rings just aren’t good at all. I wanted to show people that you can be different and unique without being loud and obnoxious. And I wanted to.

  112. Hey Guys,

    My name is Philip living in Pittsburgh PA. Hair is a little past shoulder length. Been growing it out for 2 years now, not on purpose initially, just too lazy to go get a hair cut. This is the 3rd time I’ve grown it out…though this time it’s longest it’s ever been. I have not plans on cutting it anytime soon but if I ever do plan to donate it to Wigs for Kids.

  113. I’ve been growing my hair out for 4 years now and the reason why I’m growing it out is so I can reach my goal and once I do reach my goal I will cut it off and start again

  114. I hail from darkest Herefordshire, in the UK and have been growing my hair for several years. I run my own business (a B&B) in a part of the world where long hair is an acceptible eccentricity. My straight-laced, city-living older brother tuts every time he sees me – a good incentive to keep it growing… ! The last time I measured a strand it was 50cms long. I mostly tie it back as I hate having hair in my eyes!
    I only ever wash my hair about every two to three weeks and then only use shampoo if it really needs it. It absorbs humungous amounts of hair oil too.
    I love this site – you two guys are such characters!

  115. I’m Mike from Sacramento. I’ve been letting my hair grow for 8 months. I had one good trim and one that took too much off, so my hair is just past my ears and bangs are below my eyes. I’ve wanted long hair for quite a while but didn’t have the courage to make it past the awkward stage or face potential criticism. I think men with long hair look more masculine and definitely more distinguished. I found The Longhairs while searching for images of men with long hair to find inspiration to let it ride. I can’t say specifically what it was, but I found the most inspiration from El Rubio’s travel post. The rest of the site has provided me with a lot of information, education, and a sense of support. I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it this far without The Longhairs site. I wish for you continued success.

  116. Hey, I’m Greyson. I live in the town of Camden in the beautiful state of Maine. I’m 13 years old and have been growing my hair out for two years. It is a few inches past my shoulders. I started growing out my hair because I just didn’t feel like getting a haircut. Since then, I’ve been getting tons of attention from girls. One even is constantly asking to braid my hair. This site has built up my confidence and assisted me in teaching me all I know about long hair.
    Thank you,
    El Duck

  117. My dudes, Christian Servando here.
    From: Union City, CA.

    I began growing out my hair for the first time about 17 months ago, closing in on month #18. It just began to drop off past my shoulders. I was getting tired of the conventional buzz cuts and for a short phase, the undercuts I was getting. I guess they just weren’t… cutting it for me? There is a great sense ethnic diversity in my city, but culturally, it seems like most people behave and dress the same way. I wanted a new way to express the metal head from within the seemingly dominant hip-hop/mainstream Bay Area community. I wanted to be one of the very few Filipino guys (or guys in general) around without the short hair. And thus, I began to grow out the mane. Many of you here can understand the awkwardness that comes with the hair journey, but the Longhairs community and their hair tie products made this trek all the more bearable and exciting, especially with the thick, wavy fro I was pushing through about a year into the hair growth. Now, I’m loving where its at and can’t wait to see what more can come out from more growth. Rock on guys, and keep up the good work, Longhairs.

  118. What’s up fellow lettuce-heads! Dan Graves here from Olympia Washington. Hair is about down to the lower chest if pulled to the front. Been going for about 5 years. I found out about The Longhairs by searching how to braid for men on YouTube. Haven’t looked back since.

  119. Hey guys, Mido here from San Francisco, been following you guys for few years now. Started growing my hair about 2 years go and it’s shoulder length, I have curly hair so length doesn’t show as much which made the journey frustrating and often made me want to cut it, but I’m glad I found your blog, it’s kept me motivated to keep growing and to feel part of a community of bros growing their hair!

    Appreciate you guys, and all the content and products you put out!

  120. Travis, currently living in Jacksonville, NC and my hair goes to the middle of my back.

    Started growing it originally just because then kept growing it with the intent to donate it because a very close coworker of mine got diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up losing all of her hair; and it was LONG.

    I found the Longhairs after a friend mentioned them to me and another friend, though out of the three of us, only I’ve purchased any of the products.

    I think the first blog post I read was how to shampoo your hair.

  121. Hey y’all,

    I’m Alan, hailing from the town of Milton in Ontario, Canada! Been growing the mane out nearing 2 years now and loving the process ever since! I never thought my hair could get as long and as good as it does now but ever since I stumbled upon The Long Hairs’ YouTube channel and watched their video on the awkward stages of hair growth, it really helped me push through and get ‘er done. The journey is still on-going and I’m ecstatic to see not just the growth of my hair but also the growth of The Long Hairs and the community that surrounds them.

    Let it ride brothers and sisters.


  122. Yo longhairs! Ive had the pleasure of being a part of this community from its early beginnings and I’m blown away at how much it continues to grow. I’m currently rockin the hair about mid back and had it almost to my ass at one point. Writing to you fellas from San Diego! Thank you El Moreno and El Rubio for your dedication to this worthy community and lifestyle! Let it Ride!

  123. My name is Trent Saumier aka Tarzan and I am from Brasher Falls, New York.
    I earned my nickname at work for having long hair. I am 19 years old and have been growing my hair for 3 years, it’s just past the nips. I started growing out my hair just to try it out, and I was sick of being told that I didn’t look like I listened to metal. Also my grandfather has long hair.

  124. Whassup boys! Alec, aka El Barbudo here! Holdin it down in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    Congrats on 156 weeks, that’s huge. I only found the Longhairs early this year, but I’ve been growing for nearly two years now. It’s working its way down my back. Loving the Longhairs community and everything you guys are doing.

    I’ve seen every youtube video, read just about every article, even written a couple articles, and I’m working my way through the podcasts. Love all things Longhairs. Thanks for what you’ve built and the inspiration you’ve provided. Keep it up!

  125. What’s up dudes?

    My name is Tyler, I am about to graduate from Iowa State University in May! So I live in Ames Iowa, but the west coast is where I call home. I was born in Washington. Go Mariners!

    My hair is a few inches past my shoulders and have grown it out for about 3.5 years now.

    My hair is really special to me. I Started growing it out for my late Aunt; who was a hair stylist.
    She had to lose her hair from therapy, and it’s a nice symbol to help me honor her. For almost 2.5 years she was the last one to cut it, so even my first trim was hard to do.

    I started coming to this website about 2 years ago, the first post I remember seeing was about how to tie up my hair. I remember a lot of people were sporting “man buns”, but not me.. I had my hair up in the “highball” instead.

    I hope you guys get some more of the hair serum in! All was gone before I could order any more! Once they are back I’ll pick up two, plus a few packs of the new hair ties! This is my favorite line of them yet!

    Rock on!

  126. Watsup guys, Thash here from South Africa.
    My hair is just about at the middle of my back and growing! Ever since i was little I didn’t enjoy going for haircuts and found out that my dad had long hair too back in his younger days. As soon as I finished school I started growing it out and never looked back.

  127. Ted
    I live in Houston, TX
    Hair to my shoulders

    Started to grow my hair when I started to have allergic reactions after a haircuts and my hair products. Worked with my doctor for 3 months to figure out what was going on. Eventually, we decided to just stop getting haircuts and to not use any hair products for a while. Well, everything cleared up and decided the best thing to do was to not hurt myself by trying to fit into business norms with short hair. It’s was a challenge to hear all the negative comments, which I still hear. It no longer bothers me because my work performance is on point and I’d rather be around people who value and respect me. Life’s to short to be miserable, let your flow go!

    Found the Longhairs while searching for new hairstyles as it started to get hard tomanage. Can’t remember the first blog because I read so many when first found the site.

  128. Name: Titus
    Located: Harrisburg, PA
    Length: Belly button

    I started growing my hair out when I became a fan of heavy metal in my teens, and people I knew all had long hair.

    I found out about you guys because I was searching videos about tying my hair up in unique ways…. The brave is probably my first and still my go to look 😁

  129. Name’s Stephen (aka The Silver Fox)
    From Nashville, TN
    My hair is only a little over 4 inches long, but just had a trim to shape it up so I should be good to grow for the next 6 months or so.
    Always ALWAYS wanted long hair, but after a few failed attempts and multiple missteps I gave up on the dream. After a stint in the military, I decided to give it another go.

    I happened upon these guys when googling “How to get through the awkward stages of growing your hair out” and let me tell you, the Long Hairs gave me the push and reassurance I needed to keep going.
    I’ve reread their article on persevering through those horrible awkward stages a few times since (whenever I felt my determination waiver).

    Looking forward to being able to give that “knowing nod” to my (eventual) long hair brothers.

    Thanks for what you do guys.

  130. Dash Hasler aka dashonline
    First up, thank you guys for creating this. It’s really something special.
    I’m from Sydney, Australia. My hair is just past my chin now, and am able to get it all tied up!
    I used to have very long hair, but a couple of years ago, I cut it – to fit in. Big mistake, but we live and learn. I feel empowered with longer hair.
    The first I’d seen of this website was when I googled ‘awkward stage’. That was also the first blog I read too.
    Keep it up guys! You’re saving many people from that irrational haircut.
    Thanks again.

  131. I live in Syracuse NY and my hair is about nipple/mid back length.

    First found you guys 4 years ago when I first decided to start growing my hair out (was a very short military type buzz cut back then). I was searching google for tips and hair products geared towards men, and was finding nothing until I stumbled across your website.

    As for the why…I’ve always wanted long rock star length hair since I was a young teen, but was not allowed to grow it out at first because my parents were afraid it was unprofessional and I’d never get a good job. Then when I could grow it at first I couldn’t stick with it very long with the awkward stages. Finally years later I just said fuck it I’m doing this, and for once in my life didn’t give a shit what other people thought about it. And it was hard for me…my hair looked like shit for the first two years. But You know what? I didn’t grow my hair out to gain confidence, but long hair has definitely given me that.

    Rock on!

  132. Hey all — I’m El Rubio’s auntie, and I’ve been a Longhairs advocate for years now. I hand out a lot of Longhairs cards at local schools and events (especially the Sonora Celtic Faire), and wherever I travel. I have the privilege of having had a Longhairs video short right here on my back deck. Very pleased to be associated with all of you. Keep up the good work!

  133. El LJ


    Creator of “The Brave”

    First video I remember was ways to tie your hair, eg. the lowball. Grew my hair to celebrate difference, show others I commit to my goals and generally look badass.

    Thanks for all the tips along the way, dudes.

  134. My name is jeremy, I’m from Los Angeles but working in Denver. My hair is almost to my shoulders now but this is my 3rd time going Long. The reason I wanted to grow my hair originally was because I’m a drummer and it looks bad ass while I’m headbanging behind my kit, but now I just Love the journey. Thanks guys appreciate everything you do.

  135. Gizmo here. I’m 54 and just started in the journey. My son has long hair pretty much all his life and to be honest as a “corporate guy” I was jealous. I finally decided that if people don’t like it that’s their problem, not mine. My hair is at my shoulders

  136. Fan from Fresno happily watching all your success. Although I’m not a guy, I have long hair and am a huge fan of your hair ties (best on the market).

    I look forward to the next 156 posts! Don’t stop!

  137. Hey Guys!
    I’m Dan from Wheaton, IL. I’ve had hair past my shoulders for over 20 years. Every few years I’ll get a trim but have had no interest in cutting it beyond that. I teach and make films so my world definitely doesn’t care! Visiting San Diego soon, hope to run into you guys!

  138. Hey longhairs,
    My name is Amed Aguilar I’m from Windsor,California and I’ve been growing my hair for about two years now. The reason I grew out my hair was because I’ve already had my hair long when I was in high school and for some reason I cut it when I got to college. But then I decided I wanted long hair again cause I love it. I found out about you guys when I saw you YouTube channel and I instantly fell in love with you guys and your products. Thanks for everything and keep it up for all of us longhairs.

  139. My name is Marco.
    I’m from Canary Islands, Spain.
    My hair is 5 inches past the shoulders (1 year and a half)
    I started growing my hair because I figured out it was cooler than having it short.
    I found out about The Long Hairs because of YouTube.

  140. Hans alias Old Hag
    Live in the Netherlands
    Hair is passing my shoulders

    My reason to growing my hair out is maybe strange: I’d a realized narcissist mother (she died January 4, 2017)
    have several so called “flying monkeys” in church, many christian friends are also narcissists, when they need my help I realized who they are. After kicking out of church and being excommunicated by more as 400 people for all the things and time i make free I had done in the past, at last I leave my mother as well in the beginning of 2014 and from that moment I let growing my hair out and wash myself only 1 time per month and don’t stink. 😉

    1. you have been excommunicated by a church , but you can make your salvation in any church
      i supposed the official calvinist church of Netherlands more tolerant…
      if a parson want cut your hair, search a more tolerant church, following the tip of Luther !!!

      1. No, it has nothing to do that a pastor want to cut my hair, not even the wife of Simson and don’t hang either like ( I believe it was the son of David) in a tree while he tried to escape. I don’t need salvation, most churges in the Netherlands are religious that is keeping the law. I’ve being church-hopping for a while but can’t find a church who’re know the Bible as straight as it is. Last church I’ve going to they’re even sing that God rules the world, but Scripture said that satan do… they’ve no knowledge, so they don’t need either the Armor of God. I was sick how often while I get hooked by a narcissist and you must see it like I stick-up my middlefinger. Hair stands for power. Hair around your mouth will say you’re a good speaker ( I have no moustage nor beard) I got a load of hair on my head what means I can think for myself, someone else don’t have to do that for me, the only one I need is God himself… and that is more than enough! And I am very happy with my long hair! 🙂

  141. Hello my fellow Longhairs!! My name is Dennis McBride, I live in a small country town about 85 miles east of Dallas TX.
    Back in school all the other guys had long hair ( cover the ears and just past the collar ) but back then ( late 70’s ) that was cool. Started paying for my own hair cuts late in high school and with every cut let it get a little bit longer, keeping it trimmed regularly. I could have it braided and stick it in my back pocket, you could always find a gal that would love to braid your hair for you. After marriage and 2 kids it had to go. LONG story short, I always came back to the long hair, cause nothing grows slower than a bad hair cut. This is the 4th time I’ve grown it out, now down to my belt. 4 awkward stages by myself, figuring what to use, what type of brush etc….
    Found you guys on YouTube when I finally decided it was time to learn to braid my own hair, that’s what my daughter told me anyway.
    I’ve said it before, where were you guys when I needed you. BUT, you’re here NOW!!!!
    Let’s keep it that way!

  142. Name: Matt
    Location: Madison WI.
    Hair is almost shoulder length! The front just has a little ways to go!

    I started growing my hair out in March of 2016. At the end of 2015, I left the corporate job world where I had consistently bic’d my dome daily or buzzed it weekly for 10 years. I have always wanted to grow my hair out, and with my job change came a lot of really awesome opportunities – one of which is long hair!

    It’s hard to remember exactly when I found you guys – I’m guessing it was probably the summer of 2016. I know exactly why I found you, though – I started googling the hell out of “the awkward phase”! El Rubio and El Moreno, if it wasn’t for you two, I’d still be a sad short hair. I love the community that you guys have started and the content that you both have put out. I’ve read every post, watched every video, and listened to every podcast – the unfortunate stop you guys had to make during the Texas road trip had me laughing out loud at work!

    I haven’t purchased any of the ties yet, but I’m patiently waiting until I can rock them right. I am super stoked to start supporting the Longhairs business and repping the brand.

    This journey of growing my hair out has taught me a lot of lessons and a lot about myself. I can’t tell you guys how awesome it’s been to have such a dedicated group of Longhairs to draw inspiration from. Keep up the great work, all of you!

  143. Hey, everyone. My name is Jacob (Jake works just as well). I currently live in Seattle, WA, USA but every few years the wanderlust kicks in, so who knows where I’ll be next!

    I’ve been growing my hair for 8 months and counting. It’s right in the thick of the awkward stage but I’m holding strong.

    I started growing my hair for no particular reason other than it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve typically kept it longer, but I would chop it off every 5-6 months or so. I’ve never had the courage to see what it would look like as a proper mane. The Longhairs among other sources gave me the confidence to commit to the long haul. When that bi annual appointment came around again I decided enough was enough! Being in my late 20s I thought now was as good a time as any.

    I found out about The Longhairs through Youtube. I was desperate for tips on how to manage my growing hair and not look too ridiculous in the process. You guys have been a tremendous source of inspiration for me!

  144. itpw
    Ellicott City, MD
    Between shoulders and mid-back

    This is my third time around. I had long hair from 18-21, 28-33, and now that I am in my late 40’s, I’ve had it for the last 7 years. 🙂

    How did you first find out about The Longhairs? – Facebook

  145. Karl aka krazy. Dedham mass I am a patriots fan. Because I’ve always had long hair.and cut it in highschool due to pressure. Now at 62 im past the nips and dont give a rats ass.these 2f guys had balls and followed through.
    Long hair who would have figured.u guys stuck it out. And u got a following. Good luck u crazy bastards enjoy the sun

  146. Ray
    Cicero, Il, USA

    Have been growing my hair for a little over 2 years currently mid back length. Started off on a whim but ive decided, as long as i have a full head of hair i will be making regular donations to children in need… while keeping my own hair shoulder (if not longer) length. Counting down my last 3 inches to my first donation.
    I discovered THE LONGHAIRS on youtube while looking for styling suggestions.

  147. Hey guys! It’s Wyatt here from British Columbia. Hy hair is down to the bottom of my shoulder blades. I started growing my hair out because I’d always been forced to shave it when I was younger. I found out about you guys one day when I was trying to figure out how the hell you tie a highball. You guys have been my number one source throughout this journey, and I thank you for it. Just got a couple of packs of ties in from you guys, and they’re amazing. Keep up the good work guys!

  148. Jason Truitt From Montgomery County Maryland hair is about 3 inches past my shoulders have been growing it long since age 14 became in it for the long run a couple years ago I love the blog about the longhair presidents YOU ROCK BOYCOTT SCISSORS

  149. My name is Cory. I’ve lived in Florence, AL my whole life. My hair is almost down to my a**. I’ve been growing it from a faux hawk for around 4 years. I first found the longhairs bc I didn’t grow up with long hair and was looking for tips from dudes.( no offence ladies. haha)

  150. Hi my name is Jakub and I’m 17, from Poland. I started to grow out my hair 3 months ago because all of my life my mother cut my hair and I never had a decision in it. Currently it’s not that long but I plan on growing it out past my shoulders. I found out about you when I looked up men with long hair on YouTube for motivation ☺️.
    Thanks guys.

  151. My name is Nathan. I’m from Provo, Utah. I just started this journey in January, so my hair’s about to my shoulders. I came across the Long Hairs from the fierce flow subreddit. I can’t remember the first blog post I read, but I watched like every YouTube video you guys had made.
    Thanks for being awesome! You posts have kept me going when I wanted to cut it.

  152. Been growing my hair for a year and a half from an undercut! When I got my wedding haircut, I decided I was done with short, clean cut hair. It’s been an awesome journey.

  153. Hi, Dave from California. I started growing my hair a little over 4 yrs. ago. It’s over half way down my back now and I’m loving it. I really enjoy what you guys are doing here. Hair ties for guys are great, I’m hoping to find some new ones in my stocking.
    Merry Christmas.

  154. Yo longhairs! It’s Jack Attack! aka Jack Russo
    I live in west palm beach Florida
    My Hair Is Past My Collar Bone and a couple inches away from nipple length
    I Started Growing my hair on March 21st 2016 when I cut it short, I felt like I wanted a change
    I found out about the longhairs in September 2016, when I was looking at tutorials on how to keep my awkward hair covered and came across you guys
    The first blog post I saw was how to tie your hair for men part 2
    Thank you guys for helping me through the awkward stages, and hopefully we can meetup one day!

  155. What’s up fellow long Hairs!!
    George here, commenting from Playa Vista CA! My long hair journey started in 2013 when I was 18! I was visiting my now Alma Mater, Musicians Institute, and knew CA was the place to be! All through the summer and my senior year in Boise ID, my hair was what seemed FOREVER, in that awkward stage! I pulled through, when slicking it back wasn’t working, I figured I’d tie my bangs back like Qui-Gon Jinn, until it finally grew to tie it all back! After 3 years in LA as a music major, becoming a touring musician, and becoming the guitarist for the award winning band Real Fiction, and 4 years growing out my hair, this was probably the best thing I’ve done!! I love it whenever i post anything hair or music related, I’ll give ya a tag and you always check my stuff out, plus I even got a follow on Instagram!! Can’t wait to meet you guys when I can come down to San Diego! You rock Long Hairs!!!

  156. Gary “El Garbear” Hernandez

    From : Chicago IL.

    Hair: Shoulder length

    I found you guys on YouTube one day while searching for long hair style tips for dudes. Your videos came up and I found em very useful. Also, really like your nicknames haha. As a Spanish speaker I really appreciate them. Good job with the content guys. Look forward to more cool stuff from ya.

  157. I’m Mike. I live in San Diego also. I got out of the military and about a year and a half ago I cancelled my haircut appointment. I grew my hair out because I can and as an experiment. I have read about a lot of cultures, Native American, various “Eastern” religious groups, etc. that believe there is some esoteric benefit to long hair. My telepathetic skills aside, I like having long hair. I think I did a Google search for how to deal with growing hair during the awkward phase – and I found a Longhairs article about the Awkward Phase. I was so excited I sent the article to the guy in the cubicle next to me who quit cutting his hair a couple months before me. Keep up the good work! We should have a get together sometime for the local Longhairs. That would be cool.

  158. Hey guys, I’m Zack. I was excited to find you guys right as you started up on r/fierceflow. I live in Orange County and even went down to San Diego for the party you guys had down there. I started growing my hair the last week I was in the Marines. It started as a middle finger to the rigid military culture and it continued because I eventually fell in love with it. Fortunately that was after the awkward phase. I essentially haven’t cut it in three and a half years. It’s down to the middle of my back. After I have enough to donate, I’m probably going to keep it a bit below the dollar. It’s becoming too cumbersome these days. Anyways, I hope you guys keep it up. I passed out your guys’ business cards during my semester in England. Got a few cool hookups.

  159. Alex from Greece. Started growing my hair 4 years ago. I have curly layered hair past my shoulders with huge bangs (80’s rockstar style). Unfortunately here in Greece we have to go to the army in some point, so i will have to cut it and regrow it after nine months. This page helped me a lot and gave me some tips. Thanks guys, let it ride.

  160. Trevor AKA The Chanimal, from New York.

    Hair is between my shoulder blades – it’ll be two years of growth in a week! Always had small stints of shagginess, but I finally decided to commit two years ago. First started growing it out while I was bartending in NYC, but I’ve let it ride during my time in vet school. The animals seem to respond well to it =].

    Found you guys during my awkward hair phases. Your logistics tips and awkward phase posts were my intro to the community. Thank you guys for your efforts; definitely helped me stick it out in times of doubt. Not sure if I’ll keep the long hair or if this was a fun little ride, but I’ll definitely be donating it whenever I decide to let it go.

  161. I’ve always loved long hair being an avid fan of Fantasy and Anime l fell in love with the idea of having long slightly wavy hair nearly touching my butt. Friends didn’t approve but as l grew older l learned not to give a damn it’s now mid back length and l’m still in love with it. Hailing from UK 🙂

  162. Alex Reese
    New York City, NY
    (however, I’ve only lived here for 5 years – I’m a Utah native and still a Utahan at heart).

    My hair is currently at my shoulders, but has been long since 2012 when I moved to NYC. At one point it was passed my nips. I’ve cut it a few times to slightly above my shoulders and then let it grow again.

    First blog post…. honestly, not sure. I’ve been following for about 2.5 years.

    I started to grow my hair out because I’m an identical twin and liked FINALLY not looking like him.

    My favorite post was the one that introduced me to the Wet brush. That is the GREATEST hair product I’ve ever bought. And it was all thanks to you fine gents.

    Keep em’ long and strong. Love you guys.

  163. I’m from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    My hair reaches the lower part of my shoulder blades. Been growing it for 2 years and 6 months. Had long hair before as well but had to cut it as per job requirement at the time. I don’t work at that place anymore though.

    I started growing it in my late teens just because I was tired of cutting it since it grew out rather quickly. At the time I just wanted to see how it would shape up as it grew since I had never grown it before. As the hair grew, it looked better than I expected and people also complimented the new look. Even awkward stage wasn’t as awkward. I grew the hair for over 730 days and then had to cut it because of work requirement as I mentioned earlier.

    The new short hair felt cool for a week or so but then it started to feel like I’m not myself. Like I was at a Halloween party dressed up as someone else for a week and now I’m home and I need to change back into comfortable clothes.
    From that point on I just let it grow and never looked back.

    I’ve watched all of your videos. You guys are a wonderful source of both education on hair care as well as motivation for people who have second thoughts during awkward stage. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  164. Hi I’m Michael Jolley. In from a small town in North Alabama about 15mins from Guntersville Lake. I work at a local Hospital as a Registered Radiological Technologist. My hair comes down to my nipple line now. I’ve been following The Longhairs for about 3 years. I think the first post I’ve ever commented on had something to do with struggles that guys with long hair have and how I tend to find mine in my boxers after I do the laundry. I’m glad to be one of the long hairs there’s currently 3 at my hospital. We’re one of the few hospitals that doesn’t make guys cut their hair as long as it’s presentable. #ManMane

  165. San Diego by way of the Bay Area!

    Pretty sure my dreads are well documented on these blogs, but its been about 5 years strong on my mane. My longest dready dips just below the nip.

    Miss seeing you guys in the hood! Keep it up

  166. Kansas City (Missouri the cool side of KC) checking in!

    My name is Brian and my head of hair has been extending from my scalp for nearly two years.

    I can’t explain what influence this community has had in my growth, but I can tell you in no uncertain terms that without the LongHairs, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now with the Black Mamba holding back the Flow.

    This lengthful journey started in rebellion and is continuing in solidarity for longhair professionalism, freedom of expression and the ever present need to let that hair blow in the wicked wind.

    All the helpful hints, products and support you have shown the world is phenomenal. Every time I see another pelo compadre in public, I hope that they know the greatness of this community.

    If anyone ever needs any support for your adventure look no further than here. Follow the blog, their page and help support OUR community.

  167. So right now I’ve been growing my hair out for 8 months (from an undercut) it’s just about teasing my collar when I wear shirts. I previously grew my hair out for 2 years. Then cut it. Then grew it again for 8 months and lost a bet, so I had to cut it. But I’ve been sticking it out and I’m almost out of the initial awkward stage. Peace 👌

  168. My name is Samson.
    I am from AZ.
    My hair hits right above the back of my knees. I have been growing it since birth.(7 years)
    I grow my hair out because I like it.

    I first heard about the Longhairs from my mom.
    The first blog I read was about Boys with long hair.

  169. El Rambo

    Somerset, England

    Hair just to my shoulders at the moment been growing it for about 2 years now .

    I started growing it out because I started getting into rock and metal music and I realised how bad ass long hair is.

    I first found out about the longhairs looking for ways to tidy my hair up through the awkward stage.

    I’ve now found a community of other long hairs and you guys are sick

    Let it ride

  170. my name is chamane; i’ m a long hair man, end did’nt today cut it…lol
    my hair is waist lenght for y grow it for more than 25 ans, and i grew it for i’ di’nt understand why men have short hair, and wives are authorized wearing long for historically did the men wear longhair
    it’s a long time ago i saw the blog for i was searching on my computer the longhair communities ( and they are very few..); the firs post i remember was that about the longhair founding fathers, Uncle Benjamin Franklin and George Washington first; being also an aristocrat, i wear my sword to defend against any oppression, that from the hairdressers first
    when i reacted for El Moreno learned using a dry shampoo and was in a great danger, i supposed he should avoid the dangerous stylist; no, he did not, and now La Rubia is his wife…lol

  171. Heidi aka La Rubia. El Moreno’s wife and even though they say only their moms read their early posts – I have been here since the beginning too and should be included in that statement. I have watched every video, listened to every podcast, hosted longhairs at our home, worked in the shipping department, waited patiently for all of these blog posts to be finished weekly so we could — go to the beach, the store, out of town, on a trip, to pack the car late at night, to watch a movie, to eat dinner, to turn on the washer and drier… I’ve asked questions, written my own post, given feedback, proofread, and even helped film a number of the videos. I’m right here with ya boys! (I did recently cut my hair after having super long hair for about 7 years – only to my shoulders.)

  172. Hailing from San Diego California!

    My hair is currently right at the nips, right where I like it. Started growing for no particular reason other than never having long hair before. I was in my mid twenties when I started and had absolutely no idea what the hell I was doing with it. It’s hilarious when I think back, would ya look at me now!! Haha!

    I coded this whole site and I’ve read every single blog post and email and watched every video we’ve ever made about 100 times. So….yea!

    In it to win it. Let’s go!

  173. I live in San Diego, CA, USA
    My hair is down to my mid-lower back.

    I started growing my hair out during an extraordinary trip around the world. I didn’t have any weddings or business meetings to attend, so I just kind of let it ride. Here’s a little video we did documenting that epic adventure

    And I’m here to play the long game.

    1. Names Kodee Howell
      hailing from Portland, Texas
      hair is little past my shoulders
      started growing just because I wanted to be sexy 😀

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