El Moreno’s 6-Month Breaking Point

October 13, 2019
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Seeking Answers

After more than six months of hair growth, El Moreno believed he was making strong progress. The satisfaction was short-lived as he soon learned fellow hair donor from The Great Cut and community member El Suavecito has outpaced him by a long shot.

Feeling defeated with underwhelming hair growth, El Moreno seeks out El Suavecito and demands to know his secrets. Using physical force and extensive interrogation techniques he prys and prods for answers.

With his hair on the line, will El Suavecitio be forced to confess his mysterious techniques for unprecedented hair growth?


What are your growth secrets?

El Moreno With Long Hair
El Moreno With Short Hair

Grow It Out With El Moreno

Co-Founder and Chief Follicle Office (CFO) at The Longhairs, El Moreno first grew his hair long in 2012, letting it ride for seven years before shaving his head at The Great Cut and donating 24 inches of hair. He’s growing it back out and he wants you to grow it out with him.

Whether you’re growing it out to donate or just to let it ride, join El Moreno’s hair update list for videos, progress checks and real-time tips and tactics through the awkward stage and beyond.


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  1. Does El Suavecito have his hair care routine listed anywhere? Like how much and how often he uses everything? Trying to get to full flow in time for my wedding in November and am trying to find all the secret tips and tricks

    1. Hey Alex!! I use 10,000mg biotin pill about 4 times a week.
      I use castor oil shampoos, and jojoba/castor oil in the roots. Don’t use heat or blow dryer. Damp dry with towel and air dry the rest

  2. Man, I’ve been growing out a severe undercut. Got 7 inches up top, one-two on the sides/back.
    Every time I reach for those clippers to just buzz the edges one of these updates comes out and saves my butt.
    Super grateful to you guys for taking us on this journey, I’m stoked to see where we’re BOTH at come next summer!

    1. Author

      So awesome Matt. Hang in there and happy that these have been hitting in the nick of time. LOL

    2. Hey Matt!
      Sounds like a really cool mullet on the way!

  3. you, americans, will never understand that torture is inefficient; you’ll only get the false secret from his barber ( he believes it’s true, but he doesn’t know what his wife put in his shampoo bottle)
    to get the real latino secret, you ought invite him at a family barbecue, and La Rubia , saying his wife she wants you get a rapunzel mane ( it is her secret dream), will get from la Suavecita the latino secret ( only transmitted from a woman to another woman)
    for my own part, i spy the french rapunzels on Youtube without any violence
    don’t forget : the first rule of french SDECE is establish confidence, never any torture, and they also use infiltration; they get very less deception than CIA………….;;lol
    and i got a secret from Hibbis: oral supplement called Silettum ( he got a feet within 1 year): https://youtu.be/WU6y4UVCT78

  4. I’m jealous of El Moreno’s “awkward” stage. Have you tried slicking it back?

    My hair is curly and uncontrollable between 2 – 7 inches, and then somehow curls itself almost straight once it gets to about shoulder length or longer. I have horrible memories growing it out for the 1st time in the mid 90’s, where it went through what I call the “granny perm” stage. Not a flattering look for a guy!! It started to look better once it got longer and relaxed.

    I’ve thought about donating like you guys, but i’m not sure I would have the patience to be able to get through the “granny perm” stage again. Perhaps I would need to wear a wig to hide a bad hair day, on days where I can’t wear a hat, but that would defeat the object of donating hair to make a wig.

    1. Author

      Yes I’ve slicked it back, I like wearing it like that.

      That’s hilarious on the granny perm, it’s tougher out there for you curly guys. Happy you made it.

      You should donate your hair but hold off until The Great Cut 2024.

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