How To Dry Your Hair – For Men

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Because Dripping Water All Over The Damn Place Is Annoying

It’s a known fact one of the great benefits of long hair is the water exit hair whip.

But whether you’re hucking epic water whips, carving up waves or simply bathing regularly, sopping wet dripping hair soaking your shirt is a nuisance at best, while in some cases potentially life threatening.

Since you don’t want to risk it, and since it’s a question we’re asked often, here you have it: How To Dry Your Hair For Men.


Got any other tricks? Comments hombre.



  1. My hair tends to get really dry sometimes. What’s the best way to prevent it??

  2. The water whips seem like a good idea, but first we should read the Lane Pittman article.

  3. Have you guys thought about a custom soft cotton longhairs towel???

  4. Hey.
    Thanks for the tip.
    but what I really want to know is that when and how to blow your hair dry? tnx again

  5. Love your ideas-especially #3! Have another one for you that works well. Place the towel on your back underneath your wet hair. Then bending at the waist do 10 consecutive quick hair whips so that your wet hair slaps the towel on your back. The water will rush to the ends of your hair and soak the towel, while leaving the rest of your hair with some air dried volume. Cuts your drying time in half!!!
    Looks odd if anyone is watching, but works every time.

    1. Nice Paula. We might need to see a video tutorial on exactly how you’re doing that 😉

  6. A suggestion I have is put a t-shirt on like normal over your head as if you were putting it on. The crew neck will be around your neck and the body of the T will be resting on your shoulders. Then pull the body of the shirt over your head as if you were taking it off, but instead stop as you get to your forehead with the crew neck of your shirt stopping above your brow. The body of the t-shirt will now be over your head with the crew neck circling your forehead. Bend over and your locks of hair will tumble naturally inside the shirt and then twist it closed. Everything is left inside the shirt nice and tight and there are no hair stranglers dangling around the nap of your neck.

    1. Equus! Nice to hear from ya man and as usual great tip, thanks for sharing!

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