How To Clean A Hat

How To Clean A Hat

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How Dirty Is Your Hat?

Does your favorite hat have sweat stains, greasy fingerprints and maybe a little funk? If you’re not sure, it’s probably worse than you think.

Just like your clothes and shoes, hats get dirty, absorbing oils and sweat from your hair and scalp, dirt, dust and grime from the environment and who knows what else. We all know it’s a bummer when your favorite lid isn’t looking (or smelling) as fresh as it once did.

It can be tempting to just toss it into the washing machine, but that can end up ruining it. So what’s the best way to clean your hat effectively without damaging it?

To this point we’ve covered 16 Hat Styles for Guys With Long Hair, and brought you an epic lineup of SICK HARD LIDS, but we’ve never touched on how to clean your hat.

Until now. Grab your dirtest hat and let’s get to cleaning.

A Step By Step Process for Cleaning Your Hat

If you want to take it a little slower here is the step-by-step walk through.

1. Tools: cleaning station, soft toothbrush, hand towels and cleaner(s). For cleaners, we recommend a mild detergent, Oxiclean or even your Epic Cleanse Shampoo, avoiding any cleaners with bleach.
How To Clean A Hat
2. Set up your station. Can be a bucket or sink but you need to have a container for water and your prefered cleaning products.
How To Clean A Hat
3. Bring your hats into the cleaning station for examination.
How To Clean A Hat
4. Thoroughly examine your hats. Sweat stains will come out while soaking, which we’ll cover shortly. What you are looking for here are deeper stains: hot sauce, grease, fingerprints, anything darker than a sweat stain.
How To Clean A Hat
5. Once you’ve located the deeper stains, pre-treat these spots with your cleaning product and a soft toothbrush. Apply the cleaner to the area and give it a brush to saturate the area. If you are cleaning a wool hat be careful on how much pressure you apply, taking care not to damage the wool.
6. After you have pre-treated your problem areas let the hat sit for 10-15 minutes.
7. Fill the bucket with lukewarm water and add your detergent sparingly.
How To Clean A Hat
8. Submerge the hats in the bucket, stirring the solution. Work the hats thoroughly with your hands to ensure the detergent is penetrating the material completely. Let the hats soak for 30 minutes.
How To Clean A Hat
9. After 30 minutes examine the hats and see how the sweat stains and pre-spot stains are looking. If further cleaning is needed work the area with your toothbrush. Submerge the hats back in the bucket and let sit for an additional 10-15 minutes.
10. After 10 minutes has elapsed make a final inspection confirming all spots are clean.
How To Clean A Hat
11. Rinse the hats with cold running water to remove all remaining detergent held in the hat.
How To Clean A Hat
12. Once all detergent is fully removed take your towel and pat dry.
How To Clean A Hat
13. With the excess water removed, place the hat in a sun lit area to air dry. If you have extra smaller towels you can bundle them up into a sphere shape and let the hat rest on that, helping absorb the moisture.
How To Clean A Hat
14. Let the hats air dry. We highly recommend avoiding a clothes dryer, which can change the shape and size of the hat. Air dry is your safest bet. If you are in a hurry you can use a blow dryer to help speed up the drying process.
How To Clean A Hat

15. Your hat should be clean, dry and ready for wearing. So rock that fresh lid and keep LETIN’ IT RIDE!

Hats for guys with long hair | Hats for men with long hair

The Best Hats For
Guys With Long Hair

What makes a great hat for guys with long hair?

Being hat guys, we’ve worn a lot of hats. As our hair grew long long for the first time we had a chance to see how our hats fit and performed in the process.

After six decades of combined research, we’ve concluded the following characteristics make the best hats for guys with long hair.

Hats for guys with long hair | Hats for men with long hair

High Profile

Important because a high profile creates vertical space for your hair, while lower profile hats deliver a “mashed” appearance.
Hats for guys with long hair | Hats for men with long hair

Structured Crown

The crown provides structure for a higher profile, where an unstructured crown tends to give you a pancake head. A high profile with an unstructured crown would be tall but saggy.
Hats for guys with long hair | Hats for men with long hair

Six Panel

Six panel construction offers a wider shape at the top, where the high profile and structured crown meet, creating open space within the cap. Fewer panels join closer together at the top, making you look like a conehead. These can also prevent the hat from resting upon the ears, allowing flyaways to escape below the hat rim. Not acceptable.
Hats for guys with long hair | Hats for men with long hair


As our hair grew longer, we found our fitted hats would no longer fit, where snapbacks can be re-adjusted to the changing dimensions of our locks with accurate, repeatable sizing.
Hats for guys with long hair | Hats for men with long hair

Flat(ter) Brim

Stylistically, a flatter brim tends to harmonize with the previous desirable hat characteristics, which is not to say completely flat, but suitable for subtle curvature.

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