Hair Ties…For Guys

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A Look-In At Our Production Team Meeting

A few weeks ago we posted The Essential Hair Tie Review For Men, providing an overview and evaluation of a dozen styles of hair ties. The conclusions of this study called attention to a noticeable lack of hair tie options for men.

The truth is, we realized long ago there was something missing in the world. There’s a community out there that is not being served, in fact it’s being ignored.

We’re here to change that.

As our study of hair ties continues, this week we met with our production team to review manufacturing samples. The results…were astonishing.

Go with us to the production team offices, look-in on our meeting, and watch the shocking conclusions back at the Longhairs Global Headquarters.

What do you think?

Would you like to see hair ties more suitable for men? Have you found yourself wondering why the lack of hair tie options? Are you tired of searching for products in the women’s hair care aisle?

If so we’d love to hear from you. We’re doing a study of sorts on hair ties and your opinion will help a great deal. Sign up below to be included.

UPDATE December 12th 2015: Hair Ties For Guys are here!

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  1. I honestly think they are great and awesome to show some cool designs.

  2. Are you guys going to come out with solid colors? I see solid orange in one pack, but I quite like solid black as well as teal, blue, red ect… also slightly longer ties? I run into problems where I might not be able to get a 3rd wrap but a 2nd is too loose… can get annoying.

    1. We feel ya Jake and we’re working on that. Our next collections will have solid colors and be a bit longer. Appreciate your feedback!

  3. Well my fears were proven true, one with the close stitching (blue hibiscus pattern) frayed though the stitching and came apart. However this gave me opportunity to see how it was made, and I noticed the ends are going to fray since nothing is stopping them (like when the end wears off a shoestring and it starts coming apart…

    BUT as it was my favorite of the 4 I did some Emergency Surgery cut off the frayed portion, got a lighter and sealed the freshly cut material and then instead of a simple stitch used a Bar Tack to put it back together. and since it was one of the longer ones I can still get a 3rd wrap out of it. sealing the ends might fix the problem all together, but the bar tack isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

    but that’s just my solution, I have 3 more either way!

    1. Author

      Yo Jake! Thank you for the feedback man and for sharing your innovative solution. We have come across a few ties that have had this problem and we’re weeding them out of our inventory, while working on solutions for improved stitching. Please keep us posted, we’ll make sure you are happy with your purchase!

  4. I think you guys should also make headbands for guys. You know, the stretchy kind that actually hold your hair back. I think they would be a godsend for those of you going through the “awkward stage.” I know us women use them when growing out bangs or short haircuts, and on our long hair, as well. I see guys wearing them in the gym sometimes.

  5. Well bought the Kokomo Hair ties for guys, and it’s day 1

    First thing I noticed is on some the stitching is pretty close to where the material ends maybe 1/32″ which is fraying and makes me think it might fray past the stitches and come apart. (I think being stitched may have caused the fraying) and 2nd is that they certainly don’t stretch much, with some I can barely get a 3rd wrap when pulling my hair back into a quick “pony tail” much less folding it over or “the highball” (can’t even get 2 wraps with that ) but notice I can get 2 wraps out of those that have the first possible problem… I do have very thick hair but it seems odd, Do they just need to be broken in?

    1. Jake! Love the feedback man. It’s really helpful as we continue to work out the kinks. We’ve noticed these things as well in a small percentage of the packs. Let us know any of your other findings as you continue to put some mileage on the ties.

  6. They are stitched? What about in your hair tie review where you guys said that stitching gives out? Are these going to blow out after a while?

    1. Author

      Yo Jake! Good question and thanks for asking. Yes they are stitched. The ties we tested previously had only one stitch, Hair Ties For Guys have two stitches. We’ve been testing these in the field for 8+ weeks so far and no blowouts. But just to test it for you I sacrificed my own camo hair tie from the Outdoorsmans collection.

      Holding the tie with both hands I pulled it apart with increasing tension. I had to literally pull as hard as I freakin could and it finally snapped at the stitch, but held strong up until that point.

      They are pretty damn solid, you won’t have to worry about them blowing out. Let us know if you have other questions and thanks again for the comment!

  7. Any word on when these are coming out? It’s getting long enough now where I can almost tie my hair back properly, one or two more months and I should be able to rock these.

    1. Author

      D-Money, December 11 homie! That is our launch party. It might take a little longer to get them online, but will be close to that time. Thanks for ordering a shirt too, getting it shipped out to you ASAP.

  8. Hey El Rubio! I am currently having a undercut but it is long enough for a top knot so I’m actually having a hard time finding hair ties that can really last me. What do you think suits me best?

  9. Just hit collarbone length not too long ago, very stoked to celebrate this milestone with some rad hair ties!

  10. … By the way, I have to add that I have no commercial or family connection with this website – I just came across it; liked it, and am interested in your thoughts and opinions…

  11. El Rubio, what do you think about metallic ponytail ties, like those which have Celtic designs? I’ve seen some that are bronze and some that are sterling silver…

    1. Author

      Hmm I haven’t seen the full metallic ones, but we have seen them with a metal clasp which we could engrave on. We think they would be badass we’re going to look into it a little more. Send a link for the ones you’re talking about, interested to see.

      Thanks man!

        1. Author

          Yo Scott! No worries, we asked you to post the link but thanks for your disclaimer.

          These have a pretty sick design, clearly they are more for aesthetic but it makes me wonder about the functionality. When you said totally metal I couldn’t quite envision, but they do say there’s an elastic band attached to them.

          I don’t know about an everyday wear—they’re slightly gaudy for my taste—but they do have a classic, almost medieval look that would appeal for special occasions, like a wedding or open-field hand-to-hand combat.

  12. Isaac brother, I would love to see a picture of how you do your hair I bet it looks sick! Can’t wait for these hair ties to get released, they look so dope!

  13. I want a smart hair tie. While it’s on, it lets me know how long my hair has grown, if my hair is dry or brittle, and warn me of any impurities my locks may contain. There would, of course, be an app tied to the product giving me in-depth biometric readings on my mane.

    Please consider this request.

    1. Randal you have us cracking up over here!! Pretty damn good idea actually, maybe a few years down the road.

  14. this is so rad guys, I do my hair in 3 French braids on top and 2 at the very bottom of the back of my head and tie it all together Ragnar Lothbrook style and these would finish the look perfectly. Hell yeah.

  15. How do I get me some of these Hair Ties for Guys! I’ll buy the samples, I don’t care. They’re AWESOME!

  16. They look good. I want to see them go. I’ve been checking Youtube for your bun tie tutorials. I have chin length hair. Maybe just not long enough yet???

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