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What Does It Mean To Be D.I.A.L.E.D.?

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Keep Your Composure

YO LONGHAIRS! SORRY WE’RE YELLING, we are just so f***ing pumped we are dropping the new hard lids right now!! We’re dialed and maybe a little too stoked, but we’ve got to KEEP OUR COMPOSURE!!!

We couldn’t say anything else about this stunning release of eight new hard lids in three new styles, except for the fact you are absolutely…


The Trucker Series

The Trucker Series is not a cheap, flimsy gas station trucker hat, which you can immediately tell by the look and feel. The brim is thin and soft to the touch, but rigid and super shapable.

The mesh back is flexible, yet firm and structured, where if you were hiking through thick brambles the foliage would glance off harmlessly, protecting your locks like chainmail.

The front is shaped into a structured crown with dense, resilient foam, decorated with immaculately-detailed screen printing and a 3mm rope that literally ties it all together.

Similar to our Ram Series and Flow Series, but if sometimes the wool is too hot or too heavy, the Trucker Series is lighter and a little more casual, with a splash of foamy trucker hat style.

Customize to your noggin circumference with a classic snapback, and you could possibly have the most mothertruckin hard lid we’ve ever made.

  • Foam front and mesh back
  • 5-panel construction
  • High, foam, pinch-front crown
  • Light weight
  • 3mm decorative rope
  • Screenprinted art
  • Classic snapback
  • One size fits most

The Dream Team I

A Red, White & Blue Trucker Series Hard Lid

You Are D.I.A.L.E.D.

Made to be worn in gratitude for living happy and free. The first all-pro colorway in The Dream Team lineup.

The Overnighter

A Black Trucker Series Hard Lid
Like Radar Love
🎶 When you’re drivin all night, your hands wet on the wheel,
🎵 🎶 This hard lid’s gonna be drivin your heel. 🎵

The Smoky Joe

A Grey Trucker Series Hard Lid
Cigs Inside
Joe quit smoking after being diagnosed with emphysema, but it’s still pretty hazy when you’re wearing The Smoky Joe.

The Friar

A Brown & Gold Trucker Series Hard Lid
Slam Diego
Celebrating our San Diego hometown colors with a nod to friar Junípero Serra a and tip of the cap to the best hair in baseball.

The Mesh Series

Airy and light like a screen door, the Mesh Series is a mid-height, full mesh snapback ball cap with a flat bill and 3mm decorative rope that really ties it all together.

Perfect for running, summer camping, warm-weather golfing and outdoor activity, its breezy design secures your locks while promoting maximum airflow, keeping sun out of your eyes and bugs out of your zone.

Most notably you’ll be repping the original est. 2014 logo on a precision cut rubber patch, with an interior woven label as a friendly reminder to LET IT RIDE.

  • Lightweight structured mesh front and back
  • 5-panel construction
  • Mid-height, pinch-front crown
  • 3mm decorative rope
  • Rubber patch with The Longhairs OG logo
  • Woven LET IT RIDE label
  • Classic snapback
  • One size fits most

The Overlander

A Black Mesh Series Hard Lid
Goin Cross Country
When you’re going on a three-week self-sustained overland expedition, the only thing more clutch than your rig is wearing The Overlander.

The Camper

A Green Mesh Series Hard Lid
S'mores & Spooky Stories
Whether you’re trekking deep into the wilderness or overnight car-camping, The Camper is the perfect lid for gathering ‘round the campfire.

The Hydro Series

Like Kevin Costner in Waterworld, the Hydro Series is born for H2O. This hydro mesh strapback is a water-resistant, foldable, packable, floating trucker hat with a high, structured foam, pinch-front crown.

The lightest weight lid we’ve ever offered, this highly technical headwear is made for river rats & wave rippers, Bettys & beach bums, swimmers, anglers & watermen, ideal for the pool deck, surfing, boating, floating, fishing, and wakeboarding.

The bound shears are boldly outlined in 3D puff embroidery, while an interior woven label offers a friendly reminder to LET IT RIDE.

  • Water-resistant nylon foam front
  • Hydro mesh back
  • Floating, packable foam visor
  • High, structured, pinch-front crown
  • 5-panel construction
  • Extremely light weight
  • Bound shears in 3D puff embroidery
  • Woven LET IT RIDE label
  • Adjustable nylon strapback closure
  • One size fits most

The Scarecrow

A Khaki & White Hydro Series Hard Lid
Wake to Wake
It’s simply a toeside front roll with a 180, but if you’re not into wakeboarding The Scarecrow is great for watching from the boat.


A Black Hydro Series Hard Lid
Speed, Power & Flow
Or Sun Protection Factor if you prefer, either way you’re gonna need SPF 5,000 when you’re rocking this scorching hot lid.
You gotta love it. Get DIALED.


  1. god bless the The unanimous declaration of the thirteen united States of America who recognize the right of pursuit of happiness!!!
    that avoid us complains from women for cultural appropriation for we, men let grow out…….lol

  2. Yo, fw the dialed hat, i just think yall need some new colors for that one. Definitely a cop though.

    1. Author

      Oh yea we totally hear you. We’ll be adding more styles in the future.

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