Let It Ride Episode 44: A Fireside Reading of “What You Didn’t Know About Your Friend With Long Hair”

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Practice Empathy

Unless you are a man with long hair, past or present, or a significant other to one, or perhaps a mother of a boy with long hair, this is probably all new to you.

We’re talking about the struggle of a man with long hair. If you’ve never been through it, you probably never thought about it. Before now, whenever you saw a guy with long hair, you just kinda thought, whatev.

But the struggle was all too real for that guy. There were few supporters, even fewer who understood. Or cared.

He treaded a lonely track.


In a compassionate fireside reading, El Rubio guides us through the mind of a man on his long hair journey. It could be you, or any man. And whether you’ve been there yourself or not, we can all have empathy for this man.

Be the change you wish to see in the world, and listen to The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 44: What You Didn't Know About Your Friend With Long Hair.


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