These Stately Gentlemen Congratulate You.

A hot pack of referral cards is heading your way.

You might ask yourself, what exactly do I do with these?

The proven tactics described herein have been shown to elicit a 99% positive response rate from unsuspecting longhairs. Here’s how it goes:

You: “Excuse me Sir [Guy/Dude/Buddy/Boss/Bro/Chief/Hombre]. You have long hair.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I do.”

You: “You’ve been growing that for a long time.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I have.”

You: [hand him a card] “This is for you.” [fact]

Straight facts, no one can disagree with those. And for all you know he might have been on his way to the barber, and you just saved his longhair life.

So don't pass up an opportunity. When you see a man with long hair, do the right thing and hand him a referral card.

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