These Stately Gentlemen Congratulate You.

A hot pack of referral cards is heading your way.

You might ask yourself, what exactly do I do with these?

The proven tactics described herein have been shown to elicit a 99% positive response rate from unsuspecting longhairs. Here’s how it goes:

You: “Excuse me Sir [Guy/Dude/Buddy/Boss/Bro/Chief/Hombre]. You have long hair.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I do.”

You: “You’ve been growing that for a long time.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I have.”

You: [hand him a card] “This is for you.” [fact]

Straight facts, no one can disagree with those. And for all you know he might have been on his way to the barber, and you just saved his longhair life.

So don't pass up an opportunity. When you see a man with long hair, do the right thing and hand him a referral card.

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  1. Hair ties & T are shipped. THX to “My Brothers from different Mothers”
    Excited as hell to hook up in San Diego for the Great Cut 2024.
    See Ya Soon, & Let It Ride!!
    Dirty Hairy

  2. I am so impressed Guys! I didn’t I would ever experience anything like “The Longhairs”. I quit cutting my hair in
    1969 when I was denied my h.s. diploma until I cut my “surfer cut”. RAGE!! So, I have living proudly with all of the trial, tribulation, denigrations, family embarrassments, etc. for 54 years! My hair is my badge of honor. I
    know you what I mean after reading through your website. Truly, my mane has made me adhere to my personal code of honor all these years. Today, I am using my first tie, tonight I will use my new shampoo & serum. Looking forward to it my Friends. TTFN from an Elder Flow.

    1. OUR GUY! We finally crossed paths Tommy! So happy you found us, can’t wait to hear what you think about the products.

  3. I have to share this with both Long Hairs and LongHairs.

    After my dad’s passing, I was encouraged to come home and take care of mom. She saw my mane and told me to cut it off like my brother. I told her Hell No! I told her since I was away, I decided to grow my hair to what it is today. We then compromised and agreed to tie my hair. It’s been five years, my coiffure has grown longer, and my mommy no longer whines.

    Thanks, Longhairs, you saved my top!

    P.S. I am a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and the pastor said she would give me a note to my employers saying that my long hair is for religious reasons.

  4. I cannot believe I am ordering more referral cards for my boyfriend!

    When I received the first set with the hair ties I had gotten for him, I thought to myself “I’ll give these to him as sort of a joke – he never likes to talk to people anyway.” He’s not a very social person. When I gave him the ties, I said “Oh and by the way, they sent these cards you are supposed to hand out to other guys with long hair. I have enough crap on my desk – here you take them.” I figured they would just get lost in a junk drawer.

    Well, I was proven so very wrong. Imagine my surprise when he came home from a shopping trip and announced: “You know that guy with the long hair the works at the pet store? I gave him one of those cards from The Longhairs and he really appreciated it.” It only spiraled from there. The guy standing in line at the post office. The guy that works at the gas station. Even the UPS delivery guy!

    He even started carrying them around! So here I am ordering more cards. You see, he’s willing to give them out but it’s up to the Girlfriend to secure more for him.

    BTW he raves about those hair ties.

    1. This is so cool! Love to hear it April. That is one of my favorite things about the referral cards is how it breaks guys out of their comfort zone. Way to be an awesome girlfriend.

  5. Hey dudes, I started transitioning a couple of months ago and I’ll tell you, it’s been rough. It’ll get better, but it’s middle school all over again until these changes plateau out.

    I KNOW I’m a guy with long hair but needless to say, there’s been a lot of societal pressure to chop and keep it short EVEN IF I’d still risk getting misgendered. Well, I didn’t transition to make strangers happy, and in many ways more than one, TheLonghairs.US has helped bolster my self-confidence and reaffirm my commitment to my journey into healthy masculinity. Thank you for everything that you do, and I appreciate you supporting the full spectrum of manliness out there. Proud to be a Longhair.

  6. Yo, El Moreno…what a great company. Ive been letting my hair flow off and on since I was 21. Im 66 now. Wish you guys had been around 20+ years ago when my flow was at its thickest and fullest. Anyway, this time may be my last for long hair as Im greying and balding. Ive purchased two of your products, so far. One, the Epic Shampoo & Ideal Conditioner. What a miracle the results have been. Absolutely no tangles but even better, my hair looks thicker on top. I also bought a pack of “camo” hair ties. More miracles; hair has stopped coming out when I pull them off. Im going for the hair serum next.

    1. Yo Matt! I let EL Moreno know about your message. He is pumped to know that our products have helped get your hair looking DIALED. The hair ties should not pull out, tug, tear, or crease your hair, so they are WORKING! All great to know. Let us know how you like the hair serum.🤘

  7. Love, Love my Hair Ties. Was in an accident November 2020. Fractured 5 bones in my wrist. A little challenging using the ties at first with my limited range of motion but I’m getting the hang of it. Have shown off my hair ties to other dudes with Long Hair and got them to pull out their phones and just directed them to the website.

    1. Author

      You are the man Tom! Hope the wrist is healing up. Happy New Year and keep letting it ride!

  8. I’m 66 and rocking the salt and pepper long hair. A little spice brightens up things! Your hair ties are the best. I keep on on my wrist for “tie up emergencies “. I never know when I may need to check under the hood. I love your bands. I’ll be handing out your cards here in Deep East Texas to all the long hairs that live here and all the university students.

    1. Thank you for your support, Ivor! We are stoked to have you repping the gear out there in East TX! Keep lettin’ it ride.🤘

  9. Wondering if you guys have beard band’s The hair bands are good not losing tension.

    1. We don’t but next year we will have xs hair ties that could work for that function.

  10. I’ve talked to a few flow-bros about these products everywhere I go. I’m gonna hand these out faster than Halloween candy.

    1. I got my first batch of your hair ties as a gift. After 30 years of long hair they are the best !

  11. Just gave my 16 y/o longhaired son some bands and a quick rundown of the site. I am hoping he can utilize the available resources to help take care of his mid to lower back locks.

  12. Went to the ER with a hand injury. The radiologist had long hair to his chest. I asked him if he had ever heard of the website, and told him about He had NOT!! He chuckled and went on his way. I’ve ordered the cards and will be handing them out as I talk to others.
    I’m only about 15 months on the journey, but have used info given on the website. You guys are great and provide a good service (and entertainment).
    Oh yeah, my hand’s gonna be fine.

    1. Author

      YO DAVE-O! You let us hang for a minute there with the hand! Glad it’s gonna be fine, but that’s BADASS on your radiologist. Thank you man, glad to have you here and out repping the flow!

  13. Just received my hair ties and they are awesome. I have always been proud of my longhair days young (1971) and old (2021). My pleasure to share my joy.

  14. Got me first 3 sets today. I’ve been using one for the past few hours and love how it holds my hair night and firm but not in the way the elastic rubber band type hair ties would give me a headache and be super uncomfortable for extended periods of time. Love em! Ordered some card to give out too. Everybody deserves to know about these.

  15. I got my first hair ties for guys weekend before last, went right to the website after using them for a day and ordered more. I have already referred two coworkers and one random skateboarder who has been enjoying the 9% to 22% grade of my street the last couple of days (in fact, gave him one of my pony tail holders).

    Need a digital referral card!

  16. Believe or Not. If you want to keep your long beautiful mane, but your work says there is a dress code, join a Unitarian Universalist and ask for a religious exemption. I did, and we had a compromise of tying up my hair. I am using the Longhairs tie. Thanks, El Rubio et al.

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing Tim, stoked to hear it! Super interesting, would love to hear more. Keep letting it ride man!

  17. Just ordered 2 packs of hair ties for my Longhair boyfriend. We’re both super excited to try these out. Its hard to find ties that work with his ridiculously curly hair. Hope these do the trick. Thanks for offering cool products catering to guys, its awesome!

  18. I ordered the cards! Who does not love a reason to greet complete strangers? But…WHAT IS THE HANDSHAKE

  19. This is my fourth tome growing my hair out. Wish I’d known about you guys sooner! Can’t wait to share with other dudes on the journey!

      1. You guys are the coolest company that I’ve heard of yet really enjoy doing business with you guys keep on growing

  20. Over the course of 2 1/2 years of growing long hair, it’s been a journey and have found it to be symbolic in its own way. Over the course of time you don’t realize it daily, but you change as a person not only physically as in hair growth but as a individual as well. I started with YouTube how to tie the “high ball” and haven’t looked back since at anything other than the longhairs following. I still have my original 4 pack over the last year of the floral selection. Love the positivity of the community Rubio!!!

    1. Author

      Trystan, hell yes man! Stoked to have you here. I have to agree…you really do change as a person, and I’d have to say for the better.

  21. I’m excited to join the longhair fraternity. This is my first time growing my hair out. After not seeing a barber for a few months (thanks covid) I decided to look at long hairstyles and found your site. I laughed and then I watched the video of last years donation and seeing the kids made me break down. The least I can do to make a difference is to give my hair to a kid in need. So at that moment I fully committed to every awkward stage. Because that will be a reminder to why I’m doing it. So I just ordered the hair length tracking shirt, a hat to get me through some awkward stages, and of course some hair ties!! (I had an undercut so the top is already long enough for a small knot) so here’s to a good cause and a fun new chapter in my hair life. Cheers 🍻

    1. YES Kyle! So stoked! Pumped you found us. We are here for you for your entire journey. Keep it up, before you know it you’ll be rocking full flow.

      1. I also had an undercut it was like 8 inches but I cut it and wanted to grow it all to the same length.

  22. You guys rock! Funny as hell. I stayed laughing the whole time threw the site. Love it btw. Def gonna gran some ties. Can’t wait to get my cards! I Rome Dallas, Denton, and Fort Worth streets all the time so I’ll be giving out a BUNCH. Will probably need a restock soon! Going on 4 years of growing. It’s almost to my bellybutton. No chance of scissors Getting close to the mane!

      1. Just ordered the cards, haven’t had the cash to try any of the amazing products you offer, but I’ve been a long time fan of the community. I’ve pretty much swapped long hair to short hair and back again my whole life, always cutting it for stupid reasons and regretting it the next morning(most of my hairmurder happened at night time while trying to sleep and getting frustrated with hairs on my eyes nose mouth etc and chopping it in a fit of rage.) Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself as a long time fan and likely the first and only rep in the woods of lassen county in norcal. LLTL(Long Live The Longhairs)

        1. Author

          YO MICHAEL! Glad to have you here man, hopefully your referral cards have arrived by now. Make sure to sign up for our email list for a coupon on your first purchase. Repping NORCAL amigo! Thanks for being here, KEEP LETTIN IT RIDE!

    1. I’ve already received a couple order of these packs of hair ties and I love them
      The cards you sent with my orders, I’ve handed out. It’s cool to see the look in their eyes.

        1. I’m a mom with super-short hair but I came across your ad while scrolling through Facebook. I showed it to my 20 year old university student son who’s rocking the long, seriously curly locks. He was intrigued! So I ordered him a couple sets of hair ties. He’s anxiously awaiting delivery. Thank you for the fun!

          1. Author

            Hi Tammy, was so happy to read this! Hope your son loves the hair ties!

  23. Love the website! Ordered 2 packs of Hair Ties and can hardly wait to try them!
    This is the second time I’ve grown my hair out. 1st time was for a year in my 20’s but a corporate job opportunity robbed me of going longer (had to cut it for the “corporate culture”.)

    That chapter of life is over and I work for myself so 2 1/2 years ago I started growing it out again.
    I’m rocking full gray to almost the middle of my back and digging it!
    Finding your website is a huge help for care tips and obviously for the Hair Ties!

    I will gladly hand out cards for your products, it will be easy.

    I get the “Longhair Nod” from other longhair guys when in public now I can give them a card!

    Representing you in the Desert Southwest – Phoenix AZ.

    1. Author

      Yo Rick, super pumped to have you here man! Thanks for the comment and stay in touch, we are down for the grey hairs and the silver foxes!

  24. Hair ties love them
    Headband keeps dreads out of face
    Wife wears them, brother in law got us on to them

  25. Just received the hair ties and the fresh green hair serum. Got to admit after applying in my hair I really like the scent.
    Been growing my white hair for 18 months. Growing for”wigs for cancer” my wife passed 3 years ago.
    I was at my barber getting my beard trimmed and one of the guys at the barbershop challenge me to grow my hair out. He’s been doing it for about 3 years. So I took him up on the challenge. Glad I could contribute to the good cause that the long hairs are doing for children with hair loss. Keep up the good work

  26. Seems to me the Longhairs UK chapter needs some representation, so Im smashing it out, the cards I got with my ties are long gone, still spreading the good word though, needing a Longhair following on this side of the pond!!

  27. Had crazy long hair in college. Was gone for 20+ years, but it’s back. Don’t intend to lose it again. I love your company and products. Keep up the good work! I’m happy to represent in Mississippi.✌️

  28. Hey fellow longhairs, I’ve had long locks for quite a few years. First thing you learn is you gotta know how to take care of your flow, and the correct way to do it. In fact many ladies will give you compliments on your hair. So wanted to say thanks from Knoxville,TN. Keep up all the good work, great products. Let the flow grow…

  29. May I please have more than 5 cards this time? I unloaded those in an afternoon.
    Because you are encouraging men to step it up and be great (something I see as truly necessary) I want to do what I can to support The Longhairs.
    Passing out these cards is easy and fun, as the guys get really excited both to be introduced to a group where they belong, and to be asked about their long hair.
    The town where I live is lousy with longhairs…since I have no cards, I just ask guys to give me their phones and I pull up your site for them. As I walk away they are smiling and laughing as they dash around the content.
    So just go ahead and send me a fat, healthy stack and let me be your Marin County cheerleader, ok?

  30. Absolutely loved finding this and reading the intro. I have long hair and so does my wife and she LOVES my long hair. Always get profiled like I’m a person of interest.

  31. Just want to say you are ROCK!!! i already grow my hair around two years. let it be 🤟🏻

  32. Got my ties, serum, and cards heading to Texas. Been growing my hair 2 years now and thanks to y’all I know how to take care of it at least, glad y’all are here to stay.

    1. Author

      Michael, hell yes man! Lotta longhairs in Texas, believe it or not, especially round Austin. Glad to have you here amigo, stay in touch and keep lettin it ride!

  33. I work in for a community college in Kansas. I just ordered some cards to hand out to our students with long hair. They are super stoked!

  34. So excited to get these! Just started growing, and many years to come!

  35. Check-in from Asheville, NC spreading the longhair love. Hope the refer cards I give out send business and brotherhood your way.

  36. selamat petang from Brunei!!! **where in the hell is Brunei?! thats a typical question haha.. its just a small coutry near malaysia.. ive been growing for a year now and havent thought on cutting it anytime soon.. i have watched all your videos on youtube, awesome stuff man.. and i showed my longhairs the hair ties, and they ordered imediately! haha sick man.. the secret handshake, we do it evry time we meet haha awesome.. id love to share the cards and maybe promote the hairties, cause its sick! and hoping to increase the longhairs population here in Brunei!

    1. Author

      Selamat Petan Judin! Been to Malaysia several times, have yet to cross over into Brunei.

      Thanks for writing in mate, and for repping The Longhairs in your fine region of the world. Keep lettin it ride man!

    1. That would be cool but could not give them away for free at that point. Or do you just mean printed on the card?

      1. Yea I suppose that’s a good point then some people would just be ordering the cards to get the free ties.

  37. Hey guys! Got by first order of hair ties; so far, working well and looking good.

    I’m 62 years old and a veteran of the early Hair Wars of the late 60s and early 70s.

    At age 23, I joined the Army (the barber was almost salivating when it came my turn under his clipper.) After my discharge, I went to work for the Las Vegas municipal court which, while it had no formal rules on men’s hair length, was very much a short-hair culture with much pressure by our judges to conform…
    Fast-forward 25 years. I retired out of the court and began working select gigs in the private sector. About this time it dawned on me that I no longer had pressure to conform to any dress code but my own. That was when my journey back to Longhair-dom kicked into gear.

    Since then my hair has been as long as my lower back, yet no shorter than shoulder length. (Summer in Las Vegas!)
    Finally, in the last 2 months, I discover you guys on Youtube. That’s when I got busy educating myself on the right way to maintain my flowing, graying locks.

    So Thank You! for your work and your products, guys… Just one thing – I didn’t get any referral cards with my order!! Please reply as to whether they are still available and how I can get some to lay on my fellow Silverback Longhairs in my city…

    1. YO! El Canoso,

      Awesome to hear man. So glad you found us and thanks for sharing a bit of your story, love that you are holding it down for the older guys. You probably did not get any of the referral cards with your order because we ran out. If you want to share your info to our support line at [email protected] I’ll make sure we get a stack of cards headed your way.

  38. Ordered!

    4 months in to growing out the mane. Just reaching the eyes (longest it has ever been!). Going for the shoulders at a minimum. I was pretty determined to start growing it out at the end of 2017, but then I found The Long Hairs and it set my goal in stone!

    Starting the awkward stage and received my first compliment! lol. Ive been sending anyone I know with slightly long to long hair links to the site or bringing it up in conversation. It will be great to have these cards to pass out in the Indianapolis area!


  39. Just ordered some, will spread the word here in Portugal! Do you ship your products here as well? I’m thinking of using my 20% discount on the Spy, the full grey hat.

  40. I was on a college trip travelling all around Morocco and realized that it has been 4 months from my last haircut. The reality is very different from what I was used to. People didn’t have a lot, but they made the most from whatever little they had, and they were still happy nonetheless.

    After the trip I decided to not cut my hair and swore to myself that I would reach for a year without cutting it. Even against the occasional haters I would remember that the awkward phase would be nothing compared to the harsh realities I witnessed back there. I would do things my way this time.

    Until that 12 month goal was reached, there was this lost 20 year old googling around who by accident discovered “TheLongHairs”. Granted my journey started without knowing this community, your blog and the videos really kept me motivated during my quest and the reason I was doing it was becoming clearer every day: More than a destination, it’s the journey that I’m going trough.

    It’s easy to compliment a guy with nice hair down to his waist. But ultimately only he knows how hard the journey was, and he was alone for a great part of that journey, probably until he found this website, where people who once had these same struggles form a real community.

    I am now at 38 months of growth with about 20 inches of reasonably healthy hair. I’m going for 6 years now and the longhairs is part of that inspiration, along with those sick 80’s hair bands. I’ll put those cards to good use I promise.

    Off topic: have you ever taught about launching your own line of flat irons? I love my waves but sometimes I wonder how I would look with El Rubio/El Moreno silky, smooth, bone straight, badass locks! Cheers!

    1. Author

      Yo Rui! Fantastic story man. Thanks for sharing it here, and very glad you found us what sounds like quite some time ago.

      Hope you will consider joining us for The Great Cut. We will be glad to have you there.

      We’ll look into the flat irons. Need to start w/ trying them out ourselves first.

      Thanks again amigo, and keep lettin it ride!

  41. Ordered my pack. I don’t normally do this, but if I’m doing this it’s because I’m a Longhairs advocate. Keep up the good work guys!

  42. I bought 4 packs of hairties for my Longhair spouse. He loves them. Has been growing out 4 years. Long, flowing locks. He always wanted to do it, and has been happy with his new look.

  43. It’s time that Pennsylvania learns of the Longhairs. I’ve been rocking it for years, but now I can help my fellow lengthy-haired-gentleman learn how to keep their stuff in order. We’re making the world more handsome, one head of silky strands at a time. Thanks for the awesome videos and products for guys that just didn’t know where to go when it came to long hairstyles and advice for men regarding their manes. The women’s aisle can be a dangerous place for one’s ego.

  44. Great website and company! A good friend of mine pointed me in your guy’s direction. After reading about you company and watching a few of the videos I was on board and got my locks the missing attention they need by swooping up some “Hair Serum” and two packs of “Hair Ties for Guys”. Thanks dudes!! I started sporting the merch as soon as it arrived and have already educated a few of my fellow longhair Hotshot bros. I use to say longhair don’t care, but I know now that was never true. Cause longhairs do care and I’m gonna do what I can to spread the longhairs gospel. So keep it rocking in the free world bromosapians, and let it ride!

    1. Maddog!

      So awesome to hear man and stoked you’re rocking it hard. Thanks for spreading the word man means a ton!

  45. Just started growing my hair out a little over a year now out during my senior year of high school, stoked to hand these out for real. Peace from Texas.

  46. When I was younger I used to have long hair but everytime I go too long my girlfriend would say just cut the ends off and just split ends. Well I’m 45 years old now and loving my hair long I’m on my third and a half year and it’s just getting to the right length now. Halfway down my back feels just great on a bareback with your hair rubbing on it. I’ll never cut it again. Ever. Thanks for the cards that you’re sending.
    PS. My best friend has longer hair than me is it down to his ass I’ve known him for 2 years he was inspiration. Look forward to the cards ciao for now.

  47. Hey, I love you guys and what you stand for. I have always wanted long hair but my school’s rules said it couldn’t be past the ears or collar but now I’m home schooled. Soooo f#ck you school I am letting my mane free forever now. I am somewhat young(16 yrs. Old) and just discovered you guys last week. I was just wondering if I could have some cards to hand out to some long hair veterans that I see. Please and thank you if you send some. If not, I still love yall.

    P.S. I have been growing my hair out for 8 and 1/2 month from and undercut, 2 inch on top and 1/4 inch to bald fade on sides.

    1. Nice River, did you fill out the Referral card form? If you did that we will for sure send them your way.

  48. I’m in Ohio and just ordered my cards. Will most definitely hand them out. 16 and been growing for about 9 months.

  49. Well I got the longhairs covered in Ontario Canada too, Windsor to be more exact. Gotta share the love for the longhairs!!! Definitely going to pass out the referral cards. And I work in a clinic so I meet a lot of longhairs!! <3

    1. Author

      We see ya Krystal! Thanks for being an advocate and sharing the love!

  50. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT ! I can”t wait to hand these out to,family,friends,co workers,and to the fellow church goers!

  51. El Rubio, I’ve been a proud subscriber to your channel on the Youtube’s for a few months now and I’ve been a proud longhaired guy for roughly 5 years, had it shorter and across my face for a few years but recently decided I was going to grow it out, and man that’s the best decision I’ve had in ages. I just wanted to thank you for all the tips and tricks you’ve shared, they’ve really helped through the tough times of finding an appropriate style, and good work on the website here, a few points on your website made me giggle, like when I was pressing a button it said ”yes, click here” great professional and friendly website 🙂

    1. Author

      Yo Daniel! Thanks for the comment man, we’re pumped to have you as part of the community. Also love hearing your feedback on the site. We put a lot of energy into it, so it’s really great to hear the appreciation. Keep lettin’ it ride man! And if there’s ever anything we can do for you give us a holler.

  52. Cant wait to get these cards and pass them out to any long hairs or any aspiring long hairs. Been growing my hair for about 2 years and have never looked backed!! It may be annoying and a hassle but nothing beats the feeling of having long flowing hair 😀

    1. Author

      Yo Aaron glad you found us and pumped up on the cards man! They are coming your way. Keep the stoke.

  53. I just discovered this dope fraternity today and I’m already on the list for referral card., I started growing my hair out a little over a year ago and haven’t looked back. I’ve also encouraged a multitude of my friends to grow their hair out and I don’t think one of them has regretted it. Keep up the good work!

  54. Hell yeah! Super stoked I found you guys! You’ve actually helped me out a lot with your videos. I’ve been a long hair for almost 2 years now and I’ve been trying to teach myself how to braid my own hair and trying different styles other than the low ball or high ball. Can’t wait to start handing out some referral cards in the big Ak so I can show other fellow longhairs the light.

    1. Author

      Chris, we’re equally stoked you found us, and glad the videos have been helpful. Welcome to the team, more longhairs action coming your way.

  55. Big ups to you guys from North Cackalacky. Finally decided to let it flow just over a year ago after a lifetime of buzzcuts. Proud to say I’m saucin around town these days with my silky red mane blowin in the breeze, and my lady loves it. I’m most definitely psyched to share the love with my boys out here on the East side. Keep up the good work my dudes.

  56. Spreading the love out on the East Coast of MD!

    Every Wednesday is a hair whip Wednesday and I can’t wait to pass the cards out.


    1. Author

      Hell yeah man they’re on the way! In the words of Dazz Band…Let it Whip.

  57. You’ve got yourself another advocate for mid-Florida! Two and a half years strong here and no plans to cut this beautiful man-mane any time soon!

  58. Longhair here 16 years and counting. I’ll represent and do my part to hand these out here in Tennessee. Keep up what you guys are doing, and keep the manes long and flowing.

    1. Straight OG! 16 years in the game! That is impressive. Thanks for handing out the cards! Longhairs in Tennessee will be fired up.

  59. Congrats to you Chris and Crew. I ordered the referral cards and I’ll hit up the guys in the Omaha, Nebraska area!

  60. Hey guys, I really appreciate what you guys are doing. Ive cut off my hair in the awkward nstage twice before but im about to reach ponytail length now and you people keep me going. You’re real to the fanbase and active on the website. just know I appreciate you bros!

  61. Just ordered a pack of your referral cards. Can’t wait to get them! However, it’s a shame that my eyes rarely get the joy of seeing long haired men. But I’m quite positive that I’ll find a way to hand out every card.
    P. S. I love your logo, would be glad to use it in one of my paintings, if you don’t mind?

    1. Author

      Yo Eglé! Glad to hear from you all the way from Lithuania!

      Do you want to use the logo for a single painting, or something that is going to be reprinted/reproduced? Send us an email at [email protected] we can talk further.

  62. I’m lucky to have found this brotherhood.

    I’ve been growing my hair out for almost two years after I realized how much money I can save annually from avoiding the barbershop. $15 per cut per 2-3 weeks! I’m good, I. Am. Good. Especially as a college student, I can use that extra dough!

    I almost gave in to my mom’s constant nagging about cutting my locks until I found my fellow Longhairs. Its great to to know there’s others sharing the struggles.

    I also ordered some cards to spread the love in Norcal. Until next time Longhairs. =)

  63. Well you know damn well that in the land o’ Skynyrd we might have a longhair or two. Pleased to rep your fine organization below the Mason-Dixon.

    You’ll be putting up a plaque in my honor at the office, yes?

    1. Author

      Jett you should know we already have a plaque in your honor at our office.

      And we’re thrilled to have you reppin for us! Thank ya gal!!

  64. To locks of love. It takes me a little over two years. But it’s worth all the grieving I get about having long hair! Lol. Especially when I can get some one else to do it as well.

  65. Have donated my hair once and doing so had to go threw that awkward phase twice! Smartened up this time and decided to go 4 yrs instead of two. Truly awesome site and will gladly be handing those cards out here in mid Tennessee bro!

  66. Just ordered my cards here in Eastern WA state, I’m in the marketing business and know a ton of guys over here in the Spokane area with long hair, plus we got a Dads convention going on sometime soon cant wait to get others involved in the longhairs! Keep on keeping on guys, and I cant wait for the hair tie line to come out!

    1. Author

      Nate we got a hot pack of referral cards heading out to Spokane, are you talking about WSU dad’s day or what??

      Get those guys on board man, we’re trying to gain some ground in the longhairs-rich environment of the Pacific Northwest!

      Hair Ties coming soon, count on it.

  67. I have been a long hair on and off for 35 years. My hair is down to my shoulder blades now and will remain that way because my wife loves it.
    I am 66 years young and have 3 boys who are toying with long hair as well.
    I am from Ontario Canada. Lots of longhair up here. Glade I found you and your great web site. Just waiting for my longhair card pack.
    long hair for ever brothers.


    1. Author


      Gotta say it’s great to hear from a wise longhair veteran like yourself. Also glad to know your wife is down for the long locks—if you haven’t seen it already, share this little gem with her:

      Equally thrilled to hear about the longhairs contingent to the north, we’ve got a hot pack of referral cards headed your way. Thank you for following along, and for leading the way for our longhaired brethren the past 35 years!

  68. Alright, just ordered my cards. Once they get here I’ll be starting (or expanding) the Denver chapter of our longhair fraternity. Let it ride brothers!
    -El Meechlay

    1. Author

      Dude hell yeah! We need serious representation in the the Mile High City. Longhairs hotbed.

      Thanks man good luck out there!

  69. Really digging everything you bros are doing. I’m about 6 months out from tickling my shoulders. Can’t wait to spread the word to my fellow longhairs. Keep fight in the good fight.


  70. I wish someone gave me a longhair card. My hair was well past my shoulders and my longhairs up here in Boston didn’t even bother to try and stop me when I chopped off 6 inches a month ago. I will never let a fellow brother down like mine did to me, thanks for reminding me that long hair is the shit. Love you guys!

    1. Author

      Joey, Dude! Let’s just be thankful it was only six inches, could’ve been worse. Stoked up you finally found us, we got your longhairs cards going out to you ASAP (actually, truthfully, our fulfillment department is on vacation this week so they probably won’t go out until next Monday, but you’ll have them in your hands by the end of next week). Thanks for following and keep lettin it ride!

  71. Lifelong longhair here, also representing the Sunshine state – Tampa to be exact, I’m visiting San Diego next month, love to meet you guys!

  72. Hey Duders, fantastic stuff you’re doing, it’s a real honor to be a Longhair with you guys! El Duderino reporting in from Serbia, I just signed up for your (or may I say “our”) cards, I hope they get here, it’s gonna be a looooong ride.

      1. Packages arrived safe & sound to Serbian El Duderino HQ, moving on with phase 2, distribution.

        1. Author

          ROGER THAT! El Duderino you are cleared to initiate distribution sequence.

  73. I’ll start with the hubby, and then all his retired Army buddies, most rock the longer styles, and then finally to the M/C . Thank you.

  74. I got you covered in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas! Every time a longhair comes into my Starbucks I comp their order! I’m only 4 months, but my hair is growing fast. For the first time in my life I feel free and in control of my own life! I’m going to start handing these cards out as well! Thanks brothers!

    1. Author

      John, hell yeah man! Love the feedback, love that you are giving the homie hookup and that you are feelin free and in control. Cards are coming your way, let us know how it goes passing them out. And thanks.

  75. Finally, I feel accepted. Been a longhair all my life, just hate having short hair. Now, I can share that love of long hair with a group of friends who understand the beauty in the ambiguitousness of the hair.

    1. Author

      Glad you found us Zach, you’re the reason we’re here. Welcome.

  76. Great job on the company website; interesting blog posts and instruction videos. Congrats to you Chris and crew! I will be happy to approach good looking long hair men here in sunny south florida to give them a referral card:)

    1. Author

      Thank you Debbie! We needed an advocate in the Sunshine State, thanks for repping the Longhairs!

      1. Now you have another advocate in the sunshine state. Just into my 6th month of the growth journey and looking forward to many more months to come.

          1. Perfect way to let longhairs know we appreciate their look , Without getting reeeal personal 🙂

        1. Make that 3!
          I’ve been growing since august. Not turning back anytime soon!

          1. I shall start with my son, who has been growing his hair out for over a year. His hair is super curly but still qualifies as long. I think he’ll really appreciate what you guys have going on here!

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