The Jaw-Dropping Hair Ties Strength Test Results

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What’s New in Hair Ties For Guys™ V3.0?

If it hasn’t been abundantly clear to this point, we whipped up this little number to bring you up to speed on what’s new with Hair Ties For Guys™ V3.0.

From classic features to the recent design upgrades, including the jaw-dropping updated strength testing results, this action-packed quick clip will tell you everything you need to know about the new Hair Ties For Guys™.


Special thanks to the local iron factory, Performance360.



Have you already gotten a pack?


  1. Got my first pack for Christmas the shockers and I am in love with the designs I want an autographed pack of shockers from el Moreno I won t use them I’d have them only for display but the shockers hair ties are my fave and its sorta hard getting used to the difference between the crappy hair ties but I’ll get the hang of it I’m gonna be wearing a shocker hair tie tomar all day at work can’t wait try this out I’m excited please Moreno if your reading please send an autographed pack of the shockers please

    1. Hey CJ that is awesome man! Stoked you are so pumped. Let us know how the ties work out for ya. I’ll work on the autographed pack 🙂

  2. I’ve been a customer for some time now, and while I am not as active as El Rubio, I do need a strong, quality hair tie. Since learning about Hiar Ties For Guys (on Shart Tank), I have never turned back. Now that I have tried my new V3.0, I can say that “the best just got better!” The fit, finish and now the ultimate strength cannot be beat. I’m a forever customer and fan of your products and team. Great job – rock on…

  3. Epic production. I nominate it for the El C award. Best Starring Role – Hair Ties For Guys. Best Supporting Actor – El Rubio. Best Designs – El Gustavo. Best Suspenseful Musical Score, Best Editing, Best Everything! I’m sure El Moreno was Best Something (Drone Flyer?) El Chuckarino – Best Boy? 🙂 Love to see this on IMAX. *****

  4. it would seem that El Rubio, after the shooting of this video, had to take a sick leave while waiting for his appointment at the chiropractor … lol

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