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Insider’s Guide to Our Best Deals This Black Friday

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How to Get The Absolute Best Deals at The Longhairs From Black Friday Through Cyber Monday

This Black Friday we’re launching our biggest sale of the year. Here are the deals you can expect, how they work, and a strategic approach for getting the maximum value on each.
WARNING: these deals are valid while supplies last. When inventory sells out the deals are over. Shop early to ensure you get the products you want.


Spend $50 to qualify for free shipping on U.S. orders all weekend long.

Spend $100 to qualify for free shipping on international orders all weekend long.


Two free packs of hair ties when you spend $30.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

How It Works
  1. Add $30 worth of products to your cart.
  2. Select your two free packs.
  3. Proceed to checkout.
How To Get Max Value

You can reach a $30 cart total with any combination of products, but this is your chance to get the most bang for your buck on hair ties.

Essentially it’s buy three packs and get two free, netting you 5 packs for only $30. In this scenario that’s only $6 per pack—50% OFF the regular price.

The best deal on Hair Ties For Guys this year.

Ends Saturday 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

Ideal Gift For
Knock out the perfect gift for all the long hair on your list: moms, aunties, sisters, cousins, the pretty girl at the holiday party, and all your longhair bros. They make great bracelets and everyone loves hair ties!



Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

How It Works
The entire store will be 25% off. No exceptions, no exclusions, take no prisoners.

How To Get Max Value

This is your best shot on headwraps, headbands, shampoo & conditioner, apparel and more. The more you buy the more you save on whatever is remaining in inventory.

Hard Lids$29 $21.75
Only 12 remaining!
Headwraps$14 $10.50
Headbands$9 $6.75
T-Shirts$25 $18.75
Sweatshirts$44 $33
Shampoo & Conditioner 10 oz set$30 $22.50

Best site-wide deal this year. Last chance for all your holiday shopping.

Ends Tuesday 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
Ideal Gift For
Anyone left on your holiday shopping list! Or maybe a little somethin for yourself...somethin really nice.


Deals are optimized for maximum stoke! It’s only a matter of days, get ready to rake it in.
Take a quick stroll through our shop in the meantime to work up a pre-game shopping plan.


Stay tuned for a special blog post for Giving Tuesday on December 1.


    1. Yes man! The wait has been painful, but we should have back in stock before the end of December. Thanks for hanging in there!

    1. Author

      Shampoo and conditioner will be back in stock. We have a lot of hair ties, headbands and headwraps all available. What are you looking for specifically?

  1. that sounds absolutely awesome bros… I was thinking about grabbing some ties for my mom and she loves leopard print… I think a lot of people would love leopard print ties, also o think you could probably do them in different colors too because it’s just leopard print, not leopard colors, and they look cool I was thinking about getting some ties when my hair gets long enough.

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