6 Tips for Guys With Long Hair

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Longhair veterans know all the ins and outs, but most novice longhairs don’t know where the hell to start. There are a few things every guy with long hair eventually figures out. The first thing you learn is that long hair comes with challenges. But you get wise, establish some best practices, maybe devise some crafty tricks of your own. Here’s a few essential tips for guys with long hair we’ve learned along the way.

This Helps When Brushing Your Hair

Sometimes I’m trying to brush my hair and it’s so tangled it really sucks. You can’t start from the top and go down or you’ll rip the hair out of your head, so you need to start with the ends.

I’ve found it helps to wear a hat while brushing out the bottom half of your hair. The hat helps secure the top half of your hair while you gently brush out the tips. Once you’ve got the bottom half done, take off the cap and brush the rest out with ease.

Bonus points if you can brush your hair backwards.

Long Hair and Helmets

If you ride, ski, snowboard or whatever else may suggest the use of a helmet, I’ve found my hair just gets all over the damn place. It’s really a pain in the ass, especially if I’m sweating and it’s sticking to my face and everywhere.

So I started using a bandana, all the way around the top du-rag style. It keeps everything in place, absorbs moisture and makes the helmet more comfortable. Huge difference.

Then you can tie your hair at the bottom or not. If you’re going mach speed like I usually am you probably want it to look pretty bad-ass flying behind you. But long hair at high speed is a whole other topic.

Blue skies hair flies.

Always Carry a Hair Tie

When you’re a rook it’s easy to not know this. They might seem lame at first and you would rather not wear one around your wrist or carry one in your pocket. Huge mistake. Fact is you never know when you’re gonna need a hair tie and you should always be ready for when the moment requires one.
Have you ever asked another man for a hair tie?

Get Deep With the Shampoo

Long hair can get nasty quick. A couple days without a wash and your head looks like the bottom of a greasy popcorn bag. Trust me, people notice. You got to go deep with the shampoo, it’s not like short hair where you can just slap it on and scrub it around a little.

You need to get your fingers in it and get down to the scalp, break up that grease and pull out all the dead hair. Look at it as giving yourself a head massage, take the time it requires and enjoy. Your girlfriend will thank you.

Yes, I am completely naked.

Try New Things

If you always wear it down, wear it up. Try a side bun, top bun, low bun. Do some weird shit like pony tails or a french braid. You got this awesome mane, you might as well explore the different looks you can get out of it.
New Mens Hair Styles

Not sure? Go bro w/ the high samurai.


I’ve found that replacing your hair tie with the garter belt you just caught at a wedding is not only highly functional, but also carries the collateral benefit of getting everyone else on the dance floor extremely stoked. Be advised some people might get a little too stoked.

Got any sweet tips for guys with long hair? Let’s hear ’em in the comments.

Chris Healy

Dance Floor Destroyers use garter belts for hair ties.


  1. Main & tail
    shampoo and conditioner
    My opinion though…
    Also beard oils and balms
    Are not just for your beard
    But put it in your hair too!

  2. I don’t wash my hair at all. No shampoo, no conditioner, nada. Literally never anymore. It’s been about 5 years now. It started out uncomfortably full a bit oily, but after a while it calmed itself down and is not overly oily at all anymore. When I get in the shower, I turn it on a bit hotter than I typically like it, and then just lean back a bit and let my hair soak in the hot water for a while. I use my fingers to scratch and massage my scalp just as if I had shampoo in there. Then I turn the heat down and shower. I’m not saying this would work for everyone, but it works amazing for me, saves me money on expensive hair product, and keeps unwanted harmful chemicals out of my body.

  3. Whenever I shampoo and condition my majestic mane I hunch over so that the hair stays dangling while I massage the product into my scalp. This allows the hair to separate naturally and allows my finger tips to get to the scalp easily and it wont cause your hair to knot up while massaging/working product in or create a thick mess of hair that blocks product from getting to the scalp. Then, I return to a normal standing position and run a wide tooth comb from the scalp all the way down to the tips to #1 work out any knots and remove loose hairs and #2 make sure that the entire length of my hair is receiving a sound amount of product, not just my scalp. You guys rock! Keep up the good work and long hair advocacy because let’s face it, if tattoos are acceptable in business nowadays then long hair should be too, no exceptions!

  4. i’ve been around the world with shampoo and conditioner. the problem is that it gets nasty if i don’t wash it enough and it acts badly if i wash it too often. naturally, your hair would oil itself, but if you have long hair, it takes days for the sebum (natural oil from your scalp) to reach the ends of my hair. by the time it’s righted itself, the scalp is gross. so, after a lot of trial and error, i wash it twice a week (on sunday and friday nights) and after it dries, i oil it with jojoba oil to simulate the sebum, starting at the ends and working my way up to the scalp (where i use very little, since the scalp gets naturally oiled quickly). the first day, it still isn’t happy, so i wear it up, but it gets right pretty quickly.

    i’ll wear it up on day one in a bun or something, braid it on day two, wear a loose ponytail on day three and leave it down on day four. that progression lets it absorb and distribute the oil effectively.

    1. Brush your hair before showering and washing! This allows your shampoo and conditioner to move around the strands of hair more freely. Also, it removes the most of the dead hair, preventing your shower drain from getting clogged every other day lol.

  5. I translate you the 14 haircare commandments of the capillary French blogger Mini włosy: http://www.lescheveuxdemini.com/
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    heating devices you will avoid
    during the sleeping , your hair will protect
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  6. Thanks man for the post! Yo David to help you out man about the hair products for long hairs, I use head and shoulders full and strong shampoo and conditioner. I don’t brush or use product, mainly because my hair is thick, wavy with the ends slightly curled and using a comb on it can make it frizzy. To take care of any tangles, I will use my fingers. Running your hair under hot water can make your hair brittle and lose its moisture, so what I like to do is wash my body with warm/hot water and when its time to do hair I switch to a cooler setting. My hair goes to about my mid back, and when it is wet feels like I have a huge mop on my head haha. The head and shoulders full and strong keeps your hair healthy, doesn’t have a girly scent, and leaves your hair good for a couple of days before needing a wash again. Anyways, sorry for the long post man just wanting to help.

    1. Anthony thanks for chipping in man! Do you want to write for us?

      1. El Rubio! Yeah man I am down with writing for the Long Hairs, ask and you shall receive! Sorry about the late response, I didn’t check back in the comment section for almost two months.

    2. Dude mine goes down to just above my butt imagine what feels Like when wet

  7. I would really enjoy to see an article written specifically on hair products you guys recommend, use, etc. I’ve always had short hair and washing my hair every day was not an issue, now that my hair is a bit longer, it dries out quickly and I have to wash it every 2-3 days, but I still haven’t found the right product. Some advice on what you guys use for shampoo and conditioning would be great!

    1. Yo David,

      Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll definitely keep that in mind for a future post. I believe you’ve already signed up for the Quick Tips drop, which will have more substantive info, although we still haven’t touched on exactly what you’re looking for. So, future blog post idea! In the meantime I’ve had really good results using Argan oil-based shampoo and conditioner! Thanks for the feedback man.

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