Settling In

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Can We Finally Get Some WORK DONE Around Here??

As we are settling in at the new warehouse we’re taking a minute to see if anyone is ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING AROUND HERE!


Chuck is settling in, working at his computer looking very focusedChuck firing off a hail storm of hair whips as he's settling inGustavo smiling behind his desk as he settles in to his new office.El Gnarstavo droppin a bomb of a hair whip with his max length hairEl Rubio on the phone trying to figure out where the hell our new bottles are, probably settling in at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.El Rubio working the hair whips control and precision in the newly established lounge El Garvinski settling in, super pumped in his labEl Garvinski whipping it up while bracing himself on the office plant.El Moreno looking stunned as the land lord sends another cryptic message that has to be decoded as we settle in at the new warehouse.El Moreno fed up with the roadblocks fully sending a circle whip on the deck of the warehouseEl Sicario getting the orders out with ninja like focus. He's settling in.El Sicario quite possibly giving himself a concussion with extreme hair whips that are literally shaking the buildingElefante comfortably settled in, sketching out the plan for the new beard oil drop on his iPad Pro Plus MaxElefante completes his task as throws a fury of hair whips causing him to collapse and break the banner stand
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