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We're a global community for men with long hair, advocating, educating and celebrating long hair on men Since we are, in fact, two guys with long hair, we've learned a few things about longhairs: 1) men with long hair have things in common—like making it through the awkward stage. 2) almost everything for long hair (tips, products, advice, etc.) is meant for women. 3) men with long hair could use some hair knowledge, tips and advice from other men. That's where The Longhairs come in. We serve up hair knowledge, community and weekly freshness for guys with long hair: Get involved with the longhair community, or post a longhair comment on our page. But if you don't do anything…don't cut your hair. And when you see other longhairs out there, give 'em the head nod. And keep lettin' it ride.



1 month ago

Watch the drama unfold as The Longhairs complete our scouting mission and deliberate on a location for The Great Cut. Will it be the Port...



2 months ago

We have just over one year to plan the largest gathering of men with long hair for a charitable purpose since the dawn of time. Watch as ...


Road to Shark Tank - The Longhairs

3 months ago

It was no short or easy path to make it on Shark Tank. But we got our shot. We walked down that hallway. And we pitched. See what it took...


Long Hair Morning Routine - For Men

5 months ago

How do you deal with your long hair every morning? Your boy El Rubio is here to break down his long hair morning routine, for men. And he...


The Longhairs Soft Lids Launch

1 year ago

Your boys El Rubio and El Moreno break down what we’ve got cooked up for ya in the long-anticipated Longhairs #softlids launch. Get you...


How to Twist a Side Braid for Men

1 year ago

Your boy El Rubio demonstrates how to twist a side braid, in yet another dope hair tutorial for men. This technique will help you master ...


Vaporize Split Ends and Baby Hairs

1 year ago

Watch the harrowing suspense unfold as El Rubio walks courageously into a salon to deal with split ends and baby hairs. - Hair Ties For...


A Christmas Miracle

1 year ago

The long awaited V2's finally arrived and what better day than Christmas! Follow El Moreno on his journey to pick up the stash, stock up ...


Awkward Stage Hair Tips With Gus

1 year ago

Gus made it through the awkward stage, but he’s still pretty awkward. Even so he shares his best awkward stage hair tips and what it ta...


Trying Dry Shampoo

1 year ago

I had heard about dry shampoo a lot, most of the women in my life rave about it, but I’d never given it an honest shot. So I thought it...

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