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We're a global community for men with long hair, advocating, educating and celebrating long hair on men Since we are, in fact, two guys with long hair, we've learned a few things about longhairs: 1) men with long hair have things in common—like making it through the awkward stage. 2) almost everything for long hair (tips, products, advice, etc.) is meant for women. 3) men with long hair could use some hair knowledge, tips and advice from other men. That's where The Longhairs come in. We serve up hair knowledge, community and weekly freshness for guys with long hair: Get involved with the longhair community, or post a longhair comment on our page. But if you don't do anything…don't cut your hair. And when you see other longhairs out there, give 'em the head nod. And keep lettin' it ride.


Success Growing Your Hair Out

2 weeks ago

You don’t have to be miserable growing your hair out. Here’s how to mitigate the suffering and set yourself up for success through en...


1 Month of Hair Growth

2 months ago

We’ve written about it, we’ve given our best advice, we’ve shared tools, tips and tactics, we’ve offered encouragement and inspir...


Finding Flow With Mike Bidwell

5 months ago

In December we published a podcast episode with Mike “The Spider Ninja” Bidwell, lifelong martial arts practitioner, content creator ...


Jaw-Dropping Hair Ties Strength Test

6 months ago

Featuring hard-to-believe hair ties strength test results, this action-packed quick clip will bring you up to speed on what’s new with ...



8 months ago

Long before The Longhairs...There was Creative Friday. A weekly gathering of creative minds and kindred spirits who came together to pres...


Get to Know The Longhairs Team

10 months ago

Go behind the scenes and get to know The Longhairs team on another level with an ultra-exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview with each m...


The Longhairs Lift

1 year ago

El Chuckarino gives us a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into his punishing training regimen before joining professional bodybuilder Jesse...


Road to Shark Tank - The Longhairs

1 year ago

It was no short or easy path to make it on Shark Tank. But we got our shot. We walked down that hallway. And we pitched. See what it took...


Long Hair Morning Routine - For Men

2 years ago

How do you deal with your long hair every morning? Your boy El Rubio is here to break down his long hair morning routine, for men. And he...

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