The ‘No Way Am I Leaving My House Today’ Solution to Hair Management

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The Hair Clip For Men

You wake up on a numb cheek and a drool-soaked hand, rub the goop from your bleary eyes, and immediately regret the “final final” from last night.

The clock reads 9:49 AM. It’s Sunday. You’re feeling a bit murky, but mostly thrilled, knowing you have just one responsibility today: sit on your couch and watch football.

Pure relaxation. It’s a wonderful thing. Only there is a problem – your hair is a grease-filled rat’s nest.

Sure, you could throw up a quick high ball and be done with it, but that becomes an obstacle when you lean your head back against the cushions, not to mention the tension headache you’ll have by late game kickoff time.

You could throw on your favorite longhairs lid, but do you really want to wear a hat inside your house all day?

You could just leave it down, but eventually you’re gonna have to eat something, and hair in your food is well-documented in #longhairproblemsformen.

Now kickoff is in four minutes, you haven’t even had coffee much less prepared any food. To add to your frustration, a thick bang just fell down from the top of your head and slashed open your cornea. What. The. Hell.

Fear not, friend. We have your solution.

It’s not rocket surgery – a standard hair clip for men is the perfect way to keep those pesky bangs out of your face. What makes it a hair clip for men? The fact that you’re wearing it.

The clip is virtually tension-free, so you won’t get those dreaded hairline aches after 6-12 hours of having it in. Plus, a pack of five is only a few bucks at your local drug store.

The real magic of the clip is that it works in any situation where you don’t need the formality of a proper hairstyle, but you simply don’t want hair in your face. It works great after the shower, surfing, walking out of the gym and pulling out your sweaty hair tie, even sleeping. Be creative. It’s a versatile tool.

One thing to note – don’t expect any style points from your dog or the postman after you throw the clip in. But who cares, it’s an instrument of utility, not a fashion accessory.


Here’s how to implement the hair clip for men

Step 1

With one hand, acquire the desired amount of hair you wish to subjugate, usually whatever tends to fall in your eyes, and pull backwards (not too hard; a little slack ensures all-day comfort).

Step 2

With your other hand wield your clip, your trusted weapon against the tyranny and oppression of morning unkemptness.

Step 3

Entrap the wretched tendril of unruly hair between its jaws, a couple inches forward from the crown of your head.

Step 4

Relinquish the clip, fully confident it will serve you dutifully, through touchdowns and turnovers and slices of cold pizza.

Step 5

Bellow a mighty war cry of victory over the forces of gravity and natural cranial secretion! Hoorrraaaaarrrgghh!

Great, got that out of your system? Then get your ass back on that couch, son. It’s kickoff time.

Big thanks to guest contributor and fellow longhair Will Spellman for sharing this tip.

Got any tips of your own? Share a quick tip in the comments, or if you’d like to be a guest contributor, send us a message here.



  1. Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the article, hopefully you’ll see my comment since this is an oldie. Probably a stupid question but where can I get a clip or where is the best place to buy one? Yours for example.



  2. I exclusively use hair clips and have for about a year, I’ve been well out of the awkward stage with fully long hair for about 6 years. They’re superior to ties in comfort and ease. Don’t get the goody brand, spend a little more (like $4-5).on the Karina brand, you won’t regret it. The goody ones break off in your hair. Karina has some really nice, masculine designs (all I mean by that is that they don’t have flowers or rhinestones, just simple, subtle, functional).

  3. Thx for the advice guys, im rocking the clip right now!! Continue with the great work guys, greetings from Uruguay!!!

    1. Yo Gaston! Pumped to hear from you in Uruguay. We have not shipped any hair ties to South America yet, hope you or your mates order a pack soon. Thanks for writing in man!

      1. Hi El Rubio! I would love to get a pack of them soon to power me up in my akward stage!! For the moment i am the only one of my group trying to grow an awesome mane, but my confidence is pumping up right now even if im alone in this path cuz i belive i have beaten the worst of the akward stage. In the near future i will send some pictures for the ManeUpdateMonday! Have a great day n sorry for my rusty english!!

  4. They’re great! I use ’em all the time; much kinder on the hair than most bands. Pony tail, man bun, hair-out-the-eyes grab etc.

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